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  1. Hands on look at the phone. Scroll down for pics: https://www.notebookcheck.net/The-LG-Velvet-appears-in-hands-on-images-as-a-demo-unit-in-South-Korea.463698.0.html
  2. Does anyone know if this phone will even come to Sprint? We didn't get the LG V60. I'm really interested in the Velvet but wondering if we can even buy it.
  3. mideastbeast

    LG G8X Thin Q

    Here's a silly question. I bought one without the dual screen. When I made a phone call the buttons at the bottom grey'd out and were not useable. The shade at the top would not come down. Only way I could make a call and go back home was to click the 3 little buttons top right and click on "Contacts" and that would let me get to contacts then back to the home page. I returned the phone for a refund. This might seem obvious but did I get a bum unit or is this normal?
  4. mideastbeast

    LG G7 ThinQ

    I got the G7 in late October from ebay for about $315. Great device overall. Was worried about the smallish battery but it lasts a surprisingly long time if you keep screen brightness down and use it moderately. Don't bother waiting for software updates. LG kinda sucks about updating but the G7 is smooth and hasn't been buggy for me. I had the G6 which had a bigger battery but worse battery life so it was a good upgrade for me. I think you'll like it a lot.
  5. Ugh that ridiculous assistant button that's placed way too low is still there. Always gets crushed in my car mount. They couldn't put that on the other side under the power button for symmetry? Yes I know it can be turned off (and it is) but that's not the point. Disappointing.
  6. I got a 707.3 MB Software update today. It says it improves camera features and Android assistant (google Lens). Optimizes performance & includes android security updates. After the update my phone rebooted then said LG G6 ThinkQ then went to a white screen and got stuck on the White screen with the word Sprint and the Sprint Logo above it. After 15 minutes on that screen I couldn't take it anymore and I held the volume down and the power button at the same time until it rebooted again. The update finished after the reboot and the phone is fine now.
  7. Is anyone interested in this mid range phone? 6 inch screen 5,000 mAh non removable battery 3GB Ram with 32GB internal storage and SD card slot. I'm wondering if it's HPUE capable?
  8. Ugh the display is soooo disappointing. Erica knows her stuff with displays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JjbMT_x6CM
  9. mideastbeast

    LG V30

    The Pixel 2 XL is capable of 3X CA and I've reached LTE speeds of 112mpbs on a 3X CA phone. It would be great to have 4X but those sweet Pixel dual front facing speakers and significantly larger battery have me on the fence. I'm leaning towards the Pixel.
  10. No not for less if you've upgraded a device in the past 2 yrs. For instance my sister has 5 lines. 4 of the lines upgraded using 2yr subsidized pricing. 1 line upgraded a year ago, 1 did it 8 months ago, 1 about 6 months ago and 1 did it last month. To change plans Sprint is charging those 4 lines an additional $25 per line on top of their normal plan rate. Only 1 out of the 5 lines isn't getting hit with this $25 fee because they are out of contract.
  11. Love the phone. Battery life leaves something to be desired but there are so many nice little features. You'll like the camera. I suggest setting the front facing Camera to 5MP and rear facing to 12MP. If you use your phone in the dark I'd download "Night Owl" app so you can make the screen dimmer as it doesn't get as dim as my Samsung Note 4 did. Updates seem to be fine but I'm used to slow Samsung Updates. "Knock On" feature is great and fingerprint reader is accurate. I suggest watching some tips and tricks videos on youtube. I'd watch a few different ones as you might learn something new from different videos. Overall it performs really well. Enjoy the phone.
  12. It seems like such a small thing to like but none of my Samsung phones showed the battery life of Bluetooth headphones and its very handy info to have especially when you use them for the gym. I don't have to worry about my music stopping half way thru a workout. I was pumped when I saw that the phone had this indicator.
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