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  1. Same, I've had the phone for a couple of months now. It's excellent!
  2. Are you having problems with missing calls or calls going straight to voicemail? Reading the reviews on the T-Mobile version a lot of people are having problems. I've heard it's better to keep the network on 4G, 3-g and 2G automatic rather than 5G while these upgrades are going on
  3. I talked with a Sprint rep who told me they won't be getting the LG Velvet. I asked if Tmobile will and they said yes most likely they will. Does anyone know how that works as far as Sprint legacy plans? In other words can we keep our Sprint plan and get the Velvet from T-Mobile?
  4. Hum, good to know about the bands. They offered me $12.50 a month but only with a phone trade in (my LG G8). I didn't get the $15/month offer you got. I might have missed that offer by a couple days. She did say if I waited till August 2nd they'd have other offers so I guess I'll wait. My phone is 6.1 inches and I see the A71 5G is 6.7 inches. I like that part. Plus my battery isn't what it used to be.
  5. Interesting. Thanks for the info. I thought the phone only worked on TMobile's network? I'm just going by what the Sprint site says. I'm used to the double-tap to sleep or wake that LG has. I'm guessing the Samsung doesn't have that? I'd use Nova Launcher (guessing I could get that feature back). Did they let you trade the GS7 to get that price? My father has an old GS7. I'd like to upgrade his line too.
  6. How do you like the phone JimBob? I'm thinking about picking one up. Any big issues you don't like? I was gonna wait for the LG Velvet but no face unlock on that one hurts. I know 2D face unlock isn't very secure but it's almost a must have for me.
  7. My LG G8 doesn't have never as an option. 10 minutes is the max amount.
  8. I'm guessing that's the case. I spoke with 2 different reps on 2 different dates (both were clearly American) and both told me the launch date was June 12th. The second time I called I asked the guy "are you sure about the June 12th launch date and are you sure that it's the V60". He said yes I'm absolutely sure. He said they wouldn't know anything about pricing until June 12th but he was sure about the launch.
  9. According Sprints loyalty dept the LG V60 will be out on June 12th.
  10. Hands on look at the phone. Scroll down for pics: https://www.notebookcheck.net/The-LG-Velvet-appears-in-hands-on-images-as-a-demo-unit-in-South-Korea.463698.0.html
  11. Does anyone know if this phone will even come to Sprint? We didn't get the LG V60. I'm really interested in the Velvet but wondering if we can even buy it.
  12. Here's a silly question. I bought one without the dual screen. When I made a phone call the buttons at the bottom grey'd out and were not useable. The shade at the top would not come down. Only way I could make a call and go back home was to click the 3 little buttons top right and click on "Contacts" and that would let me get to contacts then back to the home page. I returned the phone for a refund. This might seem obvious but did I get a bum unit or is this normal?
  13. mideastbeast

    LG G7 ThinQ

    I got the G7 in late October from ebay for about $315. Great device overall. Was worried about the smallish battery but it lasts a surprisingly long time if you keep screen brightness down and use it moderately. Don't bother waiting for software updates. LG kinda sucks about updating but the G7 is smooth and hasn't been buggy for me. I had the G6 which had a bigger battery but worse battery life so it was a good upgrade for me. I think you'll like it a lot.
  14. Ugh that ridiculous assistant button that's placed way too low is still there. Always gets crushed in my car mount. They couldn't put that on the other side under the power button for symmetry? Yes I know it can be turned off (and it is) but that's not the point. Disappointing.
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