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Found 10 results

  1. It appears network Vision is ACTUALLY progressing in NYC. I just got great speeds from a tower where I normally get 600-800kbps. I can see the panels from my window, but I never noticed anyone changing them and I can't remember if there are any new ones. Do any of these look like NV? I think the two big huge ones (lower) might be new. This is at the corner of 70th and York Avenue, a tower that was supposed to go live this month.
  2. So, we all know about the lovely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User thread, and there are many different device focused threads across S4GRU, but there are none for us older iPhone users. So, why should they get to have all the fun? This thread is dedicated to anything and everything about our beautiful (Spark-less) iPhone 5's and 5S's. Discuss anything like jailbreaks, hardware problems, how much you love your device, how great it is to have at least one LTE band compared to the folks who still have 4's and 4S's, ask questions and maybe you can get some answers, etc. etc. Discuss! -Anthony
  3. so i went to apple today and had my iphone warrentied because it got bent... how does that happen!? lol has anyone heard of this or had this issue? apple was cool about it and swapped it out for a new one though
  4. I signed up with Sprint for 2 years with the iPhone 5. I've been an android guy since the OG EVO days and I must admit although many say the iPhone 5 is inferior to the quad core devices, I must agree, but at the same time the 5 is a great product and I have no reason to go back to android. I have been getting LTE near my home area, but the coverage is spotty and I have seen improvements in LTE coverage and it has only been a week! I still have 7 days to return to Sprint for a full refund. Tmobile's new plans for $99 iphone 5 + $90/month seems appealing considering I'll get HSPA+ or LTE. My question is in the long run which would be a better investment? I have limited knowledge when it comes to future deployments of either company. The only thing I do know is speed wise I was much happier on Tmobile. Coverage wise I am better off on Sprint. I know your answers may be a bit bias, but I'd like to understand why Sprint will be better than Tmobile for future LTE deployments.. Please convince me to stay! lol.
  5. I filmed this morning on my way into office. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://youtube.com/watch?v=aI0o6z7RRFI&vq=hd1080" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="1"></iframe>
  6. My wife's contract is not up until May she has a Moto Photon, but wants and iphone 5. I thought Spring offered an early upgrade program where I could buy out the remaining months of the contract and upgrade. I called customer service and the supervisor said it is no longer available. Is that true? Other than paying full price for the iPhone 5, is there another cost effective option?
  7. At least he changed his mind about Sprint banckrupcy risks... http://www.bizjourna...w-downside.html
  8. Today we found out that Sprint will start selling new iPhone 5 on Sept 21st and preorders will start on 14th. Do we know If new Iphone wIll play nIce wIth NV? WIll It support HD VoIce? How about SMR band? Most Important... WIll new IPhone play nIce wIth SprInt's LTE network? Now Idea for a thought. BGR.com mentIoned that new Iphone wIll support every band Known to mankind. WIll It support LTE on 800Mhz? Cross carrIer LTE roamIng could be possIble too, rIght?
  9. This is an alleged rumor coming from a major newspaper. http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-iphone-5-pre-orders-20120813,0,926655.story
  10. by Scott Johnson Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Tuesday, March 13, 2012 - 2:00 AM MDT Most of us have at least heard of NFC, the Google Wallet app, or the capability to use our NFC enabled phone as a wireless payment system, but do we know the power and uses of Near Field Communication? NFC has endured a slow start, with very few devices that contain the communication chip, but Sprint seems to be giving it a boost by including NFC on all its LTE handsets. Sprint’s director of consumer product marketing, Trevor Van Norman has said that “it is in our best interest to push the service” and he is right, as use of the payment system can bring in additional money for the carrier. Outlook is rosy for this technology, and its ability to facilitate payments, with Juniper research predicting that NFC payments will hit $74 Billion by 2015. Near field communication was evolved out of other work and accepted as an ISO standard in 2003. The way it works is that when two devices are brought within 4 cm of each other, the devices will begin to communicate if they are both powered, or the RF signal from the powered device will power the unpowered RFID and begin communication. This allows a NFC enabled cellphone to communicate with any compatible RFID tag, powered or not. This opens doors well beyond mobile payments. Most tech-savvy consumers are familiar with the “QR code” or quick response code. This allows someone to scan a barcode with their cell phone camera to display information or direct the smartphone to a URL. NFC can be used in a very similar way; in fact, the LG Tag uses this capability as a marketing point even though all NFC phones are capable of it. A store could stick a NFC tag on their entrance and allow patrons to “check in” with Foursquare or Facebook. Posters can have NFC RIFDs to allow those who are interested in more information easy access to predetermined information that will be passed to the phone or automatically load a website into the phone's broswer for even more information. The tags could also be used in such places as landmarks, art galleries and museums to allow access to more information on what is being viewed. Since the tags are relatively inexpensive and require no power other than what the reading NFC device provides, it can be adopted quickly once more devices contain NFC. A small RFID can also be placed on Bluetooth devices to instantly connect a Bluetooth accessory to a phone without needing to pair them. It can configure another faster method to transfer files, like WiFi, since NFC is not a very fast means of transport. Pictures and video can even be displayed on a NFC enabled television from the phone by simply holding the phone to the RFID in the television. The possibilities for this technology are grand, but will it be adopted for more than mobile payments? Mobile payments will most likely drive the train for this technology to be widely accepted for all its various uses. Even Apple is rumored to be including NFC in its next iPhone, which seems to be the last hurdle for a technology before it is truly accepted. Sources: Mashable, ars technica, Appolicious.com, Juniper Research, Light Reading
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