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ATT trying to copy Sprint

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I guess we shouldn't be surprised. Their list of cities is sure smaller than Sprint though.


Their list is shorter but it looks like they're still doing plenty of work. Right now it looks like they have more planned for the future than Sprint. Just look at the Indianapolis area. It's lit up.

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AT&T's looks more comprehensive than Sprints. Sprint needs to counter to show NV updates instead of just backhaul.


I agree, but I don't think they will until after they announce at least 1 completed market.

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No, that's the second time att copied Sprint. The first time was when att started offering any mobile any time.


Actually, this is the third. 1st was the any mobile any time, 2nd was the new loyalty program, and 3rd is the Network Enhancements page. Hopefully at&stinks won't lower their prices to below Sprint's level. That would be a disaster.

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