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  1. I like this thread. I have U-Verse because I spent many years waiting for my Comcast modem to connect. U-Verse is definitely more reliable but the speeds are so much slower. From time to time it just crawls. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2866449659 Pay for 18/1.5. Also, This video is funny if you guys haven't seen it. I'm really considering switching to Comcast though because I can get 50Mbps for the same cost but the story goes that U-Verse is going to be upgraded soon but I don't know how long I'll wait.
  2. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how wind affects installing towers and stuff like that because there has been a ton of trouble with my connection on campus, a few blocks from my house but on a different tower. The weather hasn't been too bad other than some icy rain sometimes but wind has been gusting up to 25mph or so. I know I wouldn't want to get up on a tower in it but to that effect I wouldn't want to get on a tower at all. The Sprint support folks on Twitter confirmed a tower being down a few weeks ago when I had some trouble but it has been very fickle ever since it came back up.
  3. Yes. Those speeds will cause a lot more stuttering. The worst thing about that sort of speeds is it's often just an overloaded tower and your pings skyrocket. If you're waiting nearly a second for a server response you can just imagine what that does to data transfer, god forbid you drop packets. My experiences with tower upgrades are mixed. It seems like every time one gets fixed up, everyone realizes at once and forgets they have WiFi and not long after the speeds drop again. I live in a college town so it's great when the students leave but right now when it's in full swing, anywhere near campus is abysmal. This is rather different from Bloomington IN, home of Indiana University where my speeds on campus rarely go under 1.8Mbps or so on 3G and 5 or more on WiMax. I have never tested LTE there. I think Sprint's on the up and up but I just complain about the contracts. Two years is fine for a flip phone but smartphones become worthless much sooner. Softbank can't get here soon enough. I was on Dish Network's team with the Viacom/Comcast thing but if they keep blocking this deal and strengthen American telecom's duopoly of net neutrality hating beasts I will not support them.
  4. I don't think you're lying. I think that you are getting way less than .5Mbps if you can't stream. Also, I'm all for Sprint discounting its customer's bills if they use, let's say, less than 500MB of data per month. My BS calling was saying that if you got .5Mbps then you should have no Pandora trouble. I was saying you must be getting much much less or have a problem with your phone... I really could have said that better. In fact, I was way more negative about Sprint than you.
  5. I'll dust off the old s4gru account and get in on this. I'll call BS on your comment here. One part, at least is wrong. You definitely can stream Pandora on .5Mbps (credit where due for proper capitalization) I do it all the time. Also, I've streamed Pandora on the road driving through sections of the country filled with hills where even Sprint says I wont have service. Popping between 3G, 2G, and roaming, I had to wait up to a minute sometimes for a song to start but it totally did. But this isn't just for you Glenavo34, I'm not trying to be too mean. Bloomington IN didn't have 3G in 2009 from Sprint and I streamed Pandora on my Samsung Instinct. Granted, it was horrible quality but worked for when I forgot my Zune. A bit more insight with a colorful embedded graphic, I have this (http://alpine-usa.co.../view/cde-135bt) receiver in my car and streamed Pandora over bluetooth the whole way. A lot of fields and woods on that trip and no problems. I by no means worship Sprint, I really hate some of their corporate moves but I'm with them and don't think they deserve half the criticism they get. At least criticize for real problems they have.
  6. It'd be different if it was an addition but it is a removal. And I'll have whatever umbrage I want, however there was none to be found. I'm one of the few people on here that understands that Sprint is a corporation with competition and financial responsibilities. You don't always need to be so defensive.
  7. I doubt it. The future upgrades were fairly uncertain promises and the past upgrades are like a commercial stunt. It went from a tool to see if you were going to get an upgrade soon enough to stick it out to a place where Sprint can tell you how much they've done for you. Transition... useful tool -> marketing crap.
  8. Maybe I can help support this a little (sorry been busy and my traffic to this site has plummeted.) Anyways, recently on Reddit.com/r/sprint I had a guy tell me that he got LTE in Muncie, IN at Steak N Shake. That is very near to a tower that has recent "speed upgrade" tower. Link to topic. Tower nearest there I can see. It has very many panels on it and must serve many different people. This is the tower that I'm pretty sure serves my apartment so needless to say, I'm now in the market for an LTE phone. It's taking all I've got to hold out for an LTE 800 model. Hope this helps and maybe you network wizards can pull more data out of this than I can. Cheers. Edit: Here are the coordinates if you want them.
  9. Oh yeah. That... thing. One of those products that was a fantastic idea that just didn't work out. Logitech should just stick to mice and keyboards... and speakers.
  10. After sitting through a power outage streaming videos and plowing through megabytes of data, I came to a realization. Sprint has never really failed me. I've had to restart my phone a couple times a year to re-establish connections but anyone that's used Comcast is used to that. I had it go down for about 2 hours last year and then come back with much better performance. This is since 2009 Christmas time when I got my Instinct. I just thought I'd say that among all speed complaints and LTE expansion impatience, Sprint has never really let me down like Comcast and to a much smaller degree ATT Uverse. The only one that comes close is when I had Insight BB cable. I'm a brand loyalist. I only buy Asus computer parts, Logitech peripherals, HTC Smartphones, and Corsair power supplies. Sprint for my phone. Just thought I'd share that thought.
  11. "26Mbps on my new ATT iPhone is better than your 19Mbps on Sprint." Fuck off, you don't even know what those words mean!

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      MEGA BYTES PER SECOND. The day someone measures in bytes per second I may go crazy.

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