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  1. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    Yes when I first purchase the phone in October. Everything was fine. With every update seems like things are getting worst.
  2. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    I’m having an issue where I won’t get a data connection. I have to power the phone off and restart it to get data.
  3. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    Maybe it’s deactivated on the tower I normally use T-Mobile on. I just went to a different location and it was working again.
  4. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    Has anyone’s T-Mobile roaming been deactivated since updating to 12.1.2?
  5. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    Still going to 1x for calls. So I guess until Sprint activate it(voLTE). Calls will continue on 1x.
  6. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    I have voice and data enabled. When I place a call it goes to 1x. I don’t know if the signal is too weak. I’ll try tomorrow when I’m in a strong signal area.
  7. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    VoLTE confirmed? Also do you have to be in a VoLTE market?
  8. Turns out these small cells belong to ATT. They have the one pictured and one closer to the Orange Park Mall. I have an ATT device but not sure which band it’s broadcasting.
  9. My Unlimited Freedom shows 50Gb under plans and services. On the usage section on the My Sprint App it shows 10Gb.
  10. I’m sure T-Mobile is betting on it being theirs soon anyway. I think this is just a Plan B.
  11. I didn’t think so either. It was connected for a minute then switched to Band 26.
  12. Looks like Jacksonville has a little ATT roaming going on too. Band 14 (700PS)
  13. tybo31316

    iPhone XS Thread

    I haven’t installed the update yet. I usually wait. My biggest concern is the new radio. I’m loving the performance of 33 on my XS MAX. Don’t want to decrease the radio performance.
  14. Seems like in Jacksonville. T-Mobile has 20x20 band 2, 4, 66 5x5 band 12 I haven’t come across any band 71 yet.