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  1. Today I’m my city I saw where Sprint and T-Mobile were on the same tower. T-Mobile came in and removed the Sprints equipment and the entire rack off the tower. First one I’ve seen so far.
  2. What’s the perks of switching to a T-Mobile sim? I currently have ROAMAHOME active on my account.
  3. I just called into customer service and had ROMEAHOME applied to one of my lines. So far T-Mobile speeds varies a lot. Still seems to load webpages and videos faster. I’ll continue monitoring the service before switching my other lines. Also in my market it seems that b41 LTE has gone from 3 carriers to 2.
  4. I just got a Speedtest result of 346mpbs while on Band 41. Has T-Mobile increased the backhaul on Sprints sites?
  5. Does T-Mobile plan on integrating the 2 LTE networks or are they going to move all Sprint subs to 5G and repurpose Sprints bands for 5G afterwards?
  6. I still don’t understand why T-Mobile has to shutdown Sprints 5G when they are using the same technology.
  7. It’s crazy because years ago when Sprint had all this 2.5 spectrum. All the other carriers talk so bad about it and how it can’t penetrate a paper bag. Now it’s considered the spectrum of the future and now it’s Mid band and not high band.
  8. I just received a carrier update on my iPhone to 41.1 anyone’s knows what changed?
  9. I came to Sprint after the Nextel merger. I opened a line of service with Nextel back in 2005. I originally went into the Nextel store with a buddy of mine who was getting a phone serviced. The rep at the store ask me if I had service with Nextel the answer was no and I wasn’t interested in Nextel. The reason being 1 I was broke and 2 I had just finished high school. In those times Nextel required down payments some as high as $500 down and I had no where near that amount of money. Most people I knew at the time had paid those high prices for down payment. So the rep says you may quality for service and may not need a down payment depending on your credit. Which I didn’t have any credit at the time and I just knew I would get declined. I let her run my social security number. She came back and said you qualify for service with $0 down. I was like SWEET so I signed up and receive I think it was a Motorola i265 or something which was free with a 2 yr contract. So I used Nextel for 2-3 years and converted my line to Sprint in 2007-2008 and purchased the Product Red Moro RAZR. I’ve been with Sprint ever since.
  10. This is one test I was able to screenshot. I’m not sure which band I was connected to because it was jumping around quite a bit.
  11. This place used to be a Sprint weak area. Dropping calls and unusable date. Now I’m connecting to multiple T-Mobile bands 2,4,12,66 and 71. Here’s a few screenshots of what I could capture.
  12. I was having issues inside of Grocery stores. I was using an iPhone XS MAX. I’m now using an iPhone 11 Pro it seems to have better reception than my old device. I’m having a better experience now. Those same stores instead of my phone placing calls on a weak LTE signal it would switch to CDMA which doesn’t bother me because I could then use the stores WiFi for data. I was also having issues with my calls when driving on the highway. My calls would get really choppy and I could only hear like every second or third word.
  13. I thought they were going to use DSS which allows them to run LTE AND NR on the same bands simultaneously.
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