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  1. I have something similar happen on my XS MAX. LTE goes away it only shows bars. I can call and text but no data until I cycle airplane mode.
  2. My wife and kids have the XR. They love it. The battery life is longer than any of the X series phones. Even the XS MAX.
  3. My iPhone XS MAX has VOLTE. Sprint hasn’t launched it in my market yet. I can go an hour and half south and BAM [emoji95] VOLTE. Just not available in my market.
  4. Speaking of VOLTE. Has Sprint said anything about the next round of VOLTE launches? I’m dying over here. [emoji20]
  5. Service seems to be restored on both my lines now.
  6. My wife’s 7plus is having issues also.
  7. Yes when I first purchase the phone in October. Everything was fine. With every update seems like things are getting worst.
  8. I’m having an issue where I won’t get a data connection. I have to power the phone off and restart it to get data.
  9. Maybe it’s deactivated on the tower I normally use T-Mobile on. I just went to a different location and it was working again.
  10. Has anyone’s T-Mobile roaming been deactivated since updating to 12.1.2?
  11. Still going to 1x for calls. So I guess until Sprint activate it(voLTE). Calls will continue on 1x.
  12. I have voice and data enabled. When I place a call it goes to 1x. I don’t know if the signal is too weak. I’ll try tomorrow when I’m in a strong signal area.
  13. VoLTE confirmed? Also do you have to be in a VoLTE market?
  14. Turns out these small cells belong to ATT. They have the one pictured and one closer to the Orange Park Mall. I have an ATT device but not sure which band it’s broadcasting.
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