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Lenovo buying Motorola's handset business from Google for nearly $3 billion


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According to several sources Lenovo is nearing a rather stunning deal that would put Motorola's cellphone business in its back pocket for roughly $3 billion. Google snatched up Motorola in 2011 for $12.5 billion. Since then it's slowly broken the company up, scaled back its device lineup and added its massive pile of patents to its legal arsenal. Now, after losing money for several years straight, Mountain View is reportedly preparing to offload the division on Chinese computer giant Lenovo. 



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Nothing in the linked article discussing how many US jobs (and careers) will be blown to bits.

Lenovo has maintained and in some cases expanded its US employment. Hopefully this will be the same situation.

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Really sad to see this.   I can't help but think Google just wasn't aggressive enough with Motorola leadership.


Google never intended to do anything with Motorola so I am not surprised by this at all. Once Google bought Motorola, I was kind of hoping that a Motorola nexus was in the works but after Google made it clear they were letting Motorola continue with business as usual I simply assumed that Google really bought them for their patent portfolio and that's it.
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