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  1. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just got "lucky" I had a cracked screen on this one two about 6 months ago but got that replaced. If the spare batter was still working I'd probably just suck it up until I was done paying it off. My wife wants me to get an iPhone, but I like Android better from just the little bit I've played around with IOS. And with all my stuff already in the Google ecosystem I'm not sure I want to make that move. Maybe I'll try to wait it out until the Note 6 gets here. Like the S7 but I prefer the bigger phone.
  2. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    Are others still using their LG G3? I don't see much discussion lately in this forum and i've not been hanging around s4gru for quite some time. I've got a G3 that I still owe six months of EasyPay that's barely hanging on. WiFi has stopped working along with the USB charging port. The second battery that I got from LG when I bought it isn't working anymore either (phone continually reboots with that battery in). I still have one battery working. The camera doesn't take pictures like it used to, the colors are off and the focus isn't very good. With all of this, I'm thinking of getting a new phone but still owing money on this phone is keeping me from moving. Jut not very satisfied with how long this phone has lasted. My son is still actively using my old Samsung S3 (even with a cracked screen). This one barely lasted 18 months. Anyone else have similar problems with their G3?
  3. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    Well, according to Sprint Care it's Google's fault. Not sure I'm buying it, I think it's LG's choice:
  4. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    Thanks, that works. But is that seriously the only way to do it? That sure seems like a dumb decision from LG in my opinion.
  5. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    I finally got the notification to install the OTA this morning and it went fine. Don't notice any huge differences so far but haven't played much with it yet. One thing I was waiting for in Lollipop was the built-in flashlight functionality so I wouldn't have one of those crappy third party apps. However, it seems like LG has kept a very similar look and feel from the previous version and I'm not seeing the new notifications bar functionality I was expecting. Anyone know how to access this on the G3?
  6. I didn't think I would ever switch away from my old unlimited plan, but needed to add another line and wanted a new phone for myself. So, switched from Everything Data 1500 to the family share with 20GB (plus additional 10GB with promotion). Added a line and got myself a new LG G3 on Easy Pay. I'm paying about $30/mo. less than before and that's WITH a new phone and an additional line of service. When the $25/mo with easy pay goes away I'll be saving more. And will get a $100 prepaid Visa and got a free battery/charger as well. In my opinion, Easy Pay is better than the subsidies since the additional monthly charge will eventually go away.
  7. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    I finally found this webpage: http://www.lg.com/us/support/product-help/doc-1403828818044-en-LGEAI But the most important part is this: LG G3 D850 KEYBOARD BASICS Change the themes, options, and settings for the LG Keyboard. To access the settings, from the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > General tab (if applicable) > Language & input > tap Gear icon to the right of the LG keyboard, and then tap Keyboard height and layout. Bottom row keys Allows you to change voice input, handwriting, symbol keys, and more. Tap Bottom row keys. Select and drag to add or delete keys or change the order. Tap to reset the keyboard layout to default.
  8. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    I may try the Google keyboard. I did figure out how to customize the bottom keys on the LG keyboard and get the microphone as the default so I'm happy with the LG keyboard for now.
  9. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    I was outside for a while last Saturday and it was a very bright, sunny day. The G3's screen was very easy to read even in the bright light. My old S3 could be very difficult to see sometimes when it was especially bright outside but the G3 was very clear and there was no need to use my hand to make shade.
  10. 4ginnc

    LG G3

    I've had my new G3 a little over a week now and love it for the most part. The screen is great and it takes way better pictures and video than my old S3, which looked great when I first bought it compared to my old HTC Hero :-). I have had a couple of issues, one of which is quite annoying. My phone has been freezing up at least 2 times a day. It seems to happen mostly when the messaging app is open, the phone goes to sleep, then I unlock the screen. I have to take the battery out to get my phone back. I've had ART enabled almost since I got it so I'm wondering if that's the issue. Just switched back to Dalvik to see if the problem goes away now. Another thing I dislike is the on-screen keyboard has a settings key right next to the space key. If you hold the settings key down it will pop up and let you pick the microphone for speech to text. I'd rather have the microphone be the main key and the others be on the popup since I hardly ever change settings but want to use text to speech almost every time I type. Has anyone else had crash/freeze issues with their G3 and, if so, were you on ART as well? Also, anyone know how to modify the layout of the on screen keyboard to change the order of the settings/text to speech button?
  11. So do we know yet whether the Note 4 supports the CCA/RRPP bands yet? I've searched but haven't found anything yet. It's time for me to get a new phone and hand my S3 down to my son. But I'm having a hard time deciding between getting an LG G3 now, waiting for the Note 4, or even waiting a bit longer and seeing what the next Nexus has to offer. The new iPhones look like great phones but I'm so deep into the Google/Android ecosystem that it would really be a hassle to switch.
  12. We already knew police departments in some places had these devices, now we know for sure that Raleigh and Durham are as well. Raleigh, Durham police using device that tracks cellphone data: http://www.wral.com/raleigh-durham-police-using-device-that-tracks-cellphone-data/13847158/#TlAv3hmi08ODdlWr.99
  13. I was having voice issues and called Sprint yesterday and they said there was a market wide outage. However, I was able to make calls from a few other places. Things seem to be back to normal today for me at least. I can't get LTE at the house so I can't tell if it's working out this way.
  14. I just talked to Sprint support through chat and they told me this: Isabella V.: I have determined that the problems you have described are being caused by a cell site outage in your area. We are currently experiencing an outage across the market. Network Engineers are working diligently to correct the issue. They estimate repair to complete by 07/24/2014 08:40:00 CST. The ticket number for reference is 3270799. Sprint network engineers have been working aggressively and they are trying to fix the issue before estimated timeframe. So, it looks like there is a known issue in the area.
  15. I've been having phone problems for at least a week now but haven't really noticed much until the last 2 days now that I'm back working from home. Calls from my Phone Connect 2, S3 and my wife's iPhone all drop after maybe 10 seconds or so. Cannot hold a call, very frustrating. I've noticed with SCP on my S3 that 1x800 which I usually hold pretty well will come on for a few seconds and then drop. Then I'll lose signal for a while and it will switch to 1900. Stay there for a while then drop and have no signal. Just bounces back and forth, sometimes roaming as well. I've tried making calls while roaming hoping they might work but it won't complete the call and will drop back to Sprint which of course drops the call. Driving me nuts. I'm about to try to talk to Sprint to see what's going on since I've got calls for work all day and can't get one to go through.
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