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  1. Is it a Sprint branded SIM? Seems i have the SG10003a on my Pixel 3 XL
  2. Can you share the SIM Card number you are using for your Pixel 5?
  3. Are you using a physical SIM or E-SIM? hope its possible to remove the ROAMAHOME as T-Mobile service where I live is terrible.
  4. nexuss4g

    Pixel 4/4XL

    Im suprised that the Pixel 4 does not support Wifi Calling as Pixel 3 does. I guess we are going to have to check it out when it comes out.
  5. Nope not rooted. Completely stock. I will have to download the factory image but I dont want to delete all my stuff from the phone. I believe everything deletes if I flash the factory image from the settings right?
  6. Still havent been able to update to Android 10 on my P3XL as it fails to install.
  7. This is the one I have but is not rugged as the Spingen Rugged but it has sustained small drops with no damage at all. I have tempered glass as well. https://www.caseologycases.com/collections/google-pixel-3-xl
  8. According to reddit users, VoLTE is now live in OC and Inland Empire.
  9. Yes, I am able to make calls while on airplane mode on my Pixel 3 XL
  10. Have you tried using it on Airplane mode? Service is pretty bad in my work building due to cement walls and sometimes when calling it will use regular 1X and sometimes Wifi Calling. I have it set to Mobile Preferred but notice improvement in audio call when on Wifi calling. Also, when other devices are both on wifi calling the HD logo appears on the call and audio quality is great.
  11. New tower in Corona (Kellogg Park) on a decommissioned Nextel Site. This area had B25 which was very unstable, a few weeks ago B26 was turned on and it helped with LTE data but the addition of this site will provide better service for Sprint Customers. sprint tower.pdf
  12. Where in Socal were you located at the time of the call? I see you were on 800 1X
  13. B26 now reaches inside Chuze Fitness, was able to stream music but loads a bit slow. Better than before
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