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  1. To be fair, this latest update added night mode for the Note 9.
  2. July Security patch is out and needless to say, still no VoLTE ๐Ÿ™„
  3. Texas joins states' suit against Sprint/T-Mobile merger
  4. Yeah, I get that whenever I'm roaming internationally. I just open up Chrome, go to google.com and then enter my search there. It always works. I don't understand why it always says offline when using the Google search app.
  5. That's understandable. It's not really an option for me as I'm a fan and frequent user of the S Pen. I had honestly planned to skip the Note 10 and just rock the Note 9 until next year's Note 11. However, if they haven't released the VoLTE update for the Note 9 by the time the Note 10 drops I may have to rethink that plan.
  6. Indeed. I don't know if the holdup is Sprint or if it's Samsung and at this point I honestly don't care. It's beyond ridiculous that the S9 & Note 9 haven't gotten their VoLTE updates yet.
  7. June security patch is out. Still no VoLTE ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ™„
  8. Indeed. Their Las Vegas launch coverage is hilarious . I guess if one is staying at the Luxor then they're probably in good shape...
  9. Galaxy S10 5G set to drop for Sprint on June 21st for $40.28 per month on Flex lease with pre-order. Galaxy S10 5G
  10. I'm currently in Montego Bay and Sprint Global Roaming has been pretty decent thus far. We seemed to jump on Digicel when we first arrived, but our phones have been preferring FLOW since then. Coverage has been quite good even indoors. I imagine that the network(s) are quite dense, at least in this part of the island. I've remained on the free low-speed data option on my Note 9 while my wife eventually opted for the high speed data pass for a week on her S9+. The difference in speed can obviously be seen in the screenshots though they are from different locations. Despite the unimpressive speed test numbers I've found the low speed data to be surprisingly snappy when doing mundane tasks and even viewing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc take longer but isn't too terrible. Data intensive jobs such as trying to upload pics or video is somewhere between painful and futile though. People who do a lot of uploading/streaming to social media will definitely want to shell out the dough for the high speed data day or week pass. One interesting thing is that despite the high ping times Sprint Direct Connect Plus still performs very nicely including during the time before my wife bought the data pass.
  11. https://www.telecompetitor.com/att-t-mobile-verizon-35-others-are-qualified-bidders-for-24-ghz-millimeter-wave-auction-102/ Not terribly surprising, but Sprint is sitting out the 24 GHz millimeter wave spectrum auction after also sitting out the 28 GHz auction.
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