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  1. This is intriguing to me and my address is eligible. I'll definitely look at it harder once they have B41/n41/n71 enabled modems available.
  2. Yes. Note 9 received the VoLTE update almost two months ago: https://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7835-note-9-rumor-thread/?do=findComment&comment=551039 And the S9/S9+ received its update a week before the Note 9 did.
  3. Don't think that's the theme of this thread. 🙄
  4. I'll miss Sprint. I've had them since 1999. Maybe I was simply lucky, but I just didn't have the problems with them that other people reported throughout the years so I never had a reason to switch.
  5. Though they've been dragging their feet, I imagine that the city of El Paso will be taken care of sooner rather than later. License Acquisitions, on the other hand, has been a constant PITA throughout the rebanding process. I'm guessing that they've been hoping for some financial windfall from Sprint in exchange for their cooperation. They've been stalling for years. Whatever it is that they're looking for, they need to just go away at this point.
  6. FINALLY the Sprint Note 9 gets Android 10 and VoLTE!!
  7. That's over two years ago though. Who's to say that say the Son is still willing or even able to do that in 2020? The business world isn't static, things change. There's a thread in this very forum questioning whether Softbank is in "deep doo-doo" due to the all of the money that Son has spent and investments that he's made.
  8. I thought that it was pretty interesting too. But using Signal Check Pro every so often if I wasn't actively doing anything, I would check to see which carrier and frequency band I was using and often it would be different. I have nary a clue as to the rhyme or reason why it was switching between all three carriers on the fly.
  9. I've spent the past 8 days in Costa Rica and have found the service pretty decent. My experience was limited to Liberia and the Guanacaste province so I can't speak to the rest of the country. My phone was on kölbi & Movistar for about equal amounts of time. It also parked on Claro, but for a much lesser amount of time than the other two. Being able to access all three networks meant that coverage was excellent. I don't recall a time that I saw 'No Service', but to be fair I never went all that deep into any rain forests. If memory serves, I was accessing B7 LTE with kölbi, B3 LTE with Movistar and W-CDMA with Claro. Speeds were typical of Sprint's free slow data 0.02-0.03 Mbps and pings a little above 350 Ms.
  10. December security patch is out and still no VoLTE... 👎🏽
  11. November security patch is out. Still no VoLTE...
  12. October security update came out yesterday. No VoLTE yet...
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