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  1. Hopefully soon for San Diego. A lot of areas and indoors are often only 3G or 1x. Still waiting for those small cells and micro sites to show up while we wait for 800 MHz.
  2. I'm so sick of getting 3G in San Diego. I hope we get hundreds of these going up soon here.
  3. I cant wait to see the San Diego market get above the 90% complete level. The estimated completion must be in 2017 at this rate,
  4. RichardXy

    north san diego

    screen caps and pix from the san diego market
  5. Well any market that is not 100% complete by now probably will not benefit from densification for years to come. The best bet to fill in the gaps is a lot of low end spectrum. The lower the better. Either these markets have suffered from poor planning by Sprint or because of Nimby-ism and over-regulation but either way densification will only prolong the suffering compared to 600 MHz spectrum. Densification will run into every roadblock that network vision ran into. Upgrading existing sites with 600 MHz will improve coverage over a wide area and provide indoor data coverage whereas densification will only lead to more delays for permits etc.
  6. Sprint needs every last bit of 600 MHz spectrum it can buy along the IBEZ. We have already had a lost decade with Sprint's slow roll out along the borders especially in San Diego. Have we even hit 90% completion? Not participating in the 600 MHz auction may be the beginning of the end for Sprint. We need to blow up Marcelo's twitter and get him to change his mind immediately.
  7. I'm on the unlimited for life plan. Unlimited data is the only advantage that Sprint has over Verizon.
  8. I can't wait for this to Start. San Diego has been one of the fastest growing areas in the country and Sprint just hasn't kept up. We need so many new towers to fill in the gaps. Even Verizon with their 700 Mhz spectrum has needed to add several new sites where I live. I hope Sprint doesn't put San Diego on the back burner again.
  9. They finally updated the coverage maps to show that there really are gaps in LTE coverage in Oceanside. Use the sprint zone app to report a coverage problem every time you find one. I hope someone at Sprint actually is working on the problem here.
  10. I hope a good deal of these new sites will be in markets that don't have Clearwire sites. I know a lot of markets have already benefitted from the added density.
  11. At what point does the government step in and take back that spectrum? Seems like he's spectrum squatting.
  12. It varies a lot. I have the iPhone 6 and I am also in the San Diego Market. I am in Oceanside about 1 block from a 4g Accepted tower. FCC App 11.02 Mbps down and 1.48 Mbps up - 85 ms latency with server in L.A. Sensorly 12.53 Mbps down and 1.55 Mbps up - 228 ms latency Speedtest 15.22 Mbps down and 1.27 mbps up - 75 ms latency with server in S.D. Rootmetrics 11 Mbps down and .9 Mbps up I think this is a San Diego issue. With Qualcomm here and Broadcomm in Irvine you would think we would have the best networks in the world.
  13. Saying you have Sprint in San Diego is like saying you are on welfare or kick dogs.
  14. Does Sprint have to pay a break-up fee and if so how much is it?
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