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Weekly/Daily/Semi-Weekly Lounge Get Together (NET)


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So, I am posting a suggestion as to maybe scheduling some times to get together in, "The Lounge" to discuss certain topics. I'm an amateur radio operator and we call these over the radio "Nets" You have one person as the control operator for the discussion, and each person takes their turn to discuss. (It doesn't have to be this controlled). But throw out a topic (Related to Topics within S4GRU) And we all get together at that time and discuss. We can have several topics to discuss through out the week. I know alot of us are on daily. Think It would be a cool idea. 


If anyone is interested, I can throw something together and present it to the admin/staff. 





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(EXAMPLE) S4GRU - Live Chat - QnA Schedule: (EXAMPLE)


Monday 10/28 @ 6:00 PM EST

     -TOPIC: LG G2 - First Tri-Band Handset - First Thoughts


Tuesday 10/29 @ 7:00 PM EST

    -TOPIC: Everything 800MHZ


Wednesday 10/30 @ 8:00 PM EST

    -TOPIC: Everything B41 LTE


Thursday 10/31 @ 9:00 PM EST

    -TOPIC: Building The Map - Building your own map in your own territory




Hold polls to suggest topics too....etc. :-)





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Okay, let me give you a topic. The American Revolution was neither American nor a revolution. Discuss...


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The Lounge is open to our members.  If you want to set up a Lounge Meeting at a specific time, for a specific topic, you're more than welcome to do that.  I may even stop in the moments I have time.  :tu:


I am now starting to get settled into a routine here in South Dakota.  I was thinking about re-establishing a periodic S4GRU Lounge Chat, moderated by yours truly.  Probably once per month.  Could start in November.



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