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  1. I snapped a photo driving home last night (yes, it was sunny in Seattle) and figured this maybe a 4G buildout tower. This has been the second tower I've seen with a crane working over a tower. I believe Seattle is in the second phase of Sprint's deployment. I've attached a photo, how can I confirm? Go up and ask what they're working on? Look at their cell boxes? Photo Link: http://i1265.photobucket.com/albums/jj518/drlovety/SprintTower.jpg
  2. I notice a lot of post regarding the markets in IL,FL,TX,PA,NYC.... but how about about the Los Angeles market? I THINK it was samsung doing the set up for the L.A market? Not sure though.... I'm not a sponsor member of the site so I can't really check... if I had a job I'd most definitely donate! Couple of months ago the local towers were all down and being upgraded to NV I assume since Larry from Howard forums said there was NV work being done my zip code. The speeds were better for a bit but now they are awful again. Can anyone (most preferred Robert) make a comment on if there is any LTE activity near 90255 area code? Thanks, great site by the way... I'm a Lurker.
  3. i wanted to know what round will maryland be in and is nv going underway in this market right now i have seen speeds 1.5 to 2 megs down consistantly before it was under 600 kps so i wanted to ask
  4. I'm here looking for answers to a simple question. Where is this mystery Sprint signal coming from? For the past few weeks I've received a signal on multiple Sprint devices, two Sprint devices with roaming turned off, and two Virgin Mobile phones and Virgin Mobile phones can't roam, the other rate plans might be able but I'm talk about Virgin Mobile devices from before they introduced all those other plans. What I'm making clear is these devices have to be picking up a Sprint signal, plus I've downloaded the SignalCheck Pro app which has indicated two different signals 1XRTT and 1X800. The signal only last for about 8 hours each morning and begins coming in and out towards the end of each morning. I try making a call and it fails, and it doesn't get any data at all. I try each device and they all do the same thing they have a signal and very strong signal with no data, and voice doesn't go threw, I haven't tried sending a text figured no data, no voice then there must be no text. I read about some "projects" that Sprint has going on Project Ocean and Project Cedar. Since Project Ocean is suppose to be taking place in Missouri and I live so close to the Iowa, Missouri line, I figured if there is a tower going up maybe it is possible I'm getting a signal from it, in the early stages. I really don't know what is going on, if Sprint is launching service, putting up new towers and that signal finally comes, and stays, and works. I'll be back full time on the Sprint ban wagon. Unfortunately, I live in an area not served by (according to experience and coverage map) Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Not even the two Iowa carriers i Wireless or Chat Mobility serve my area, go 10, 15 or 20 miles in any direction your good, here, wireless dead zone, no choice of carriers. And if Sprint puts a tower here if I finally get an answer and learn that signal will soon come and stay and work I'll finally have a choice. So if anyone has any ideas, has experienced this in other parts of the country or has any idea what could be going on please say. Any information is better than not knowing, and together maybe this will be answered.
  5. I was in the zip codes of 33993 and 33991 today and did some speed tests on speedtest.net I got speeds of about .8 Mbps with peek rates of 1 Mbps. I tried to upload pictures but the uploader said files were to large but even though they were below the maximum file size
  6. Here are the Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) Network Vision equipment for Sprint. Their equipment consists of 2x base stations, 6 or 9 Remote Radio Unit (RRU) setups, and 1 standard NV antenna of with connectors on the bottom (4x PCS, 2x SMR). Below are images of Alcatel-Lucent equipment. In these images, you will find Alcatel-Lucent base stations, Sprint Network Vision antennas, PCS 1900 & SMR 800 RRUs, and their configurations. Alcatel-Lucent 4x40w 25 MHz PCS 1900 B25 RRUs (Panasonic) [old] Alcatel-Lucent 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU ALU 2x50w B26 800 MHz RRU [KMW Communications] Older Panasonic Setup [4x40w 25 MHz B25] Standard Alcatel-Lucent Setup Utilizes 2x50w 800 MHz B26 RRU and 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU and compatible antennas. Closer Look at the connectors on the bottom of the antennas Special Case Mexican IBEZ Setup Note the lack of 800 MHz RRUs though the antennas are capable of 800 MHz. High Capacity Setup High Capacity no SMR 800 IBEZ setup * Credits go to those whom took the images of these equipment. You know who you are."
  7. I'm sure everyone remembers the free night and weekend minutes we had years ago. This morning I was thinking what if a carrier took that same idea but instead made for it data. I think that if a carrier was able to implement this that it would be big and a game changer. What do you guys think?
  8. With the introduction of the new plans Sprint has announced. I told one of my friends about the $60 unlimited plan and she was shocked yet happy about it. She currently has T-Mobile and there has been times where my Sprint service has out performed her service even in the city with puling up information and out of town...well... you already know how that went. She was talking about switching and stuff but then she sent me a typical article bashing Sprint and I got irritated by it and I had to explain to her that Sprint is not bad at all. These articles are based on past experiences from 3+ years ago. I told her I'm pulling 60+ mbps on LTE but she's worried about Sprint being slow ( because of what she read). Guys give me some advice on persuading her to give Sprint a chance. I feel like articles that are being posted is what keeps away customers. It makes no sense that T-Mobiles 2g network is not spoken about when they are in the news for changes to plans and such. But good ol Sprint makes changes and articles that get posted rips Sprint apart for filth.
  9. Hello, Can somebody test this fieldtest/netmonitor android app on LTE and tell how it works. Here is the link to Google Play: G-NetTrack Short description and screenshots: This is a fieldtest/netmonitor application for UMTS/GSM/LTE/CDMA/EVDO network. The application monitors the serving CELLID, LEVEL, QUAL, MCC, MNC, LAC, technology, cell serving time and neighbor cells CELLID/PSC and LEVEL.
  10. So, I am posting a suggestion as to maybe scheduling some times to get together in, "The Lounge" to discuss certain topics. I'm an amateur radio operator and we call these over the radio "Nets" You have one person as the control operator for the discussion, and each person takes their turn to discuss. (It doesn't have to be this controlled). But throw out a topic (Related to Topics within S4GRU) And we all get together at that time and discuss. We can have several topics to discuss through out the week. I know alot of us are on daily. Think It would be a cool idea. If anyone is interested, I can throw something together and present it to the admin/staff. Thoughts? Kris
  11. I'm in Houston where NV and Spark deployments are well underway. I'd say things have overall improved drastically in Houston, but I'm still displeased with the performance of the network. I bought the S4 L720T so I've been able to take advantage of bands 26 and 41 in some areas. Band 41 is awesome: 45/15Mbps+ pretty consistently, and band 26 actually tends to outperform band 25. I see about 18/7 on band 26 and about 8/3 on band 25 on average. I assume that's because everyone has a band 25 -capable phone on Sprint these days, i.e. - band 25 is becoming saturated. All this is fine and well, but my issue is how and why (in a market so far along in NV/Spark) I'm constantly still being booted down to 3G. Further, the wait time to get back on LTE seems to take forever, especially when I'm in the middle of something important and I'm dropped to 3G without (as it seems) any rhyme or reason. The only fix seems to be the whole Airplane Mode switch, but that's just not an acceptable solution. I would honestly rather have no connectivity for a few seconds than fall back to 3G and have to do the silly Airplane Mode switch when I'm inside a building or traveling throughout the city. I've been patient sometimes, just to see how long it would take to go from 3G back to LTE. After 10-or-so minutes of sitting on 3G, I just end up flipping the Airplane Mode switch and (strangely) I'm back on LTE with a decent signal. Doesn't make sense... There's a tower less than 500 yards from my house. At home, often I get bumped from 26 (strong signal, fast speeds) to 25 (weak signal, slower speeds) and then sometimes to the dreaded 3G (strong signal, slow speeds, high latency). I can't seem to figure out why. I should be able to jump in my car and consistently tell Google, "navigate to XYZ" and not have to wait 30 seconds for the 3G network to handle it (or do an Airplane Mode switch and redo my command), especially with a tower so close to my house! Is there a way to de-prioritize or disable EVDO while maintaining phone service capabilities? I've played around with the Data Programming menu (##3282#) and can't seem to find anything that does that. Setting the NextLTEScan Timer to 1 minute hasn't done anything in terms of at least improving the time I can automatically get back onto LTE when I've been pushed down to 3G. I've also set it to LTE Only mode, but of course, I can't make phone calls, unless I use VoIP, but then lose 911 capability, so that's not an option. Any other suggestions?
  12. So Verizon plans to turn off 3G by 2021. When is Sprint going to turn off their 3G? Personally I think 2021 is too late. Verizon can turn it off in 2016 or a little later. They have good LTE coverage and their LTE will cover all of the 3G areas pretty soon. The only reason to do it that late is to give people enough time to switch their devices to new LTE capable devices. There are also the cellular units for security systems. Those can also be switched out in a couple years. What else is 3G used for? Once 3G is shutdown, that spectrum can be used for LTE, so that would allow for more bandwidth.
  13. just to understand NV i want to confirm this and plese correct me if i'm wrong. 1x will be upgraded to 1x800 as well as upgrades to 1xRTT? 3G will be ugraded in the PCS band as well as 800? and 3G and 1x will NOT be running 2.6Ghz? as far as LTE, it will run off 800Mhz, 1900Mhz and 2.6Ghz. just want to make sure i understand this. thanks S4GRU members
  14. How have the coverage and data speeds been with enhanced 3G? I haven't heard anything on this subject. I see a lot of cities have been covered with it and was wondering if it has been better then the Legacy.
  15. I have a question, outside of the data issue, Why is it that people refuse to be on sprint? I have seen people talk bad about Sprint more than T-Mobile.
  16. Honest opinion, once sprint is near complete with the Network Vision build out do you guys think that sprint will still offer unlimited data? I know with lte comes increased usage and because of that do you think sprint may turn to data limits to keep the network from being hit to hard?
  17. Sprint is stepping up to the plate. Nice move. http://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=2602
  18. I have the signal meter set to display the dBm reading of my Sprint iPhone 5 connection. My phone appears to oscillate between two signal states. One is a strong connection which reads anywhere from -70 dBm to -91 dBM, and the other is worse, often showing -106 dBm. What bothers me is that it will oscillate between these two states while sitting in the same spot on my desk. It also sometimes drops 3G connection when cycling to the worse signal state, and data transfer speeds are much worse. My wife's iPhone 4S (iOS 6) displays a relatively consistent signal while sitting on the same desk and outside in use. It never oscillates or cycles as my iP5 does. Moreover, the iP4S signal is always -1 or -2 dBm better than the iP5 even in its better state. Are you experiencing similar signal cycles? I'm trying to figure out if there's something wrong with this unit's antenna or chip. When I first got it, it wouldn't hold a 3G connection for more than a second. Now it holds the 3G signal better, but has this oscillating or cycling problem. What should I look for in the Field Test panel to investigate this further? I've tried resetting network connections, tried doing a data profile update, tried resetting and restoring, I even tried activating a new ICCID sim card (which had no effect, went back to my original one). This is a replacement unit (bad bluetooth module on the first one), and I hate to be "that guy" going back again, but this is bothering me. Thanks!
  19. I have a particular problem with signal around my house. All sort of signals do not get to my house. I will lose all but the strongest radio signals even FM and OTA TV, cellphone is no different. I recently switched from iDen (which worked reasonably well - ~90db) to CDMA (which leaves much to be desired ~110db+ on a good day) So long story short I decide to get a booster for my house. I already have a TV antenna that I installed myself so I can attest to its proper grounding and stability. On my roof I get around 100db on my PCS phone so I will need to get a specialized antenna to be able to grab signals from my tower about 2.6 miles NE of my house. (My closest Wimax tower is 4.2 miles ~13degrees east of the first tower, I thought about getting a booster to pick that up but given recent developments I guess I can wait for LTE.) I have found this antenna: http://www.zdacomm.com/1900-mhz-grid-paraboilc-dish-antenna-series.html Now I want to match it up with a reasonable amp that I can also split to three internal antennas if necessary to cover my whole house with reliable signal. I was hoping I could get some insight from some of you about this idea and whether NV will make this whole effort moot. (I tend to believe not because all carriers have issue at my house) Also I was hoping you could give me some advice on whether this antenna will do the trick or its just overkill, I rather give the booster the best signal I can get to it so that I get the best signal possible at my house.
  20. I have been in the D.C area over the past few days. To be more specific Richmond, Virgiana. I know that the D.C market is a 1st round market for Sprint. During my trip I noticed great signal. I had almost 4 to 5 bars my entire trip on both my iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus. Also running several speed tests I was able to get constant speeds of 1-1.5 Mbps on both devices. During these speed tests I know I was connected to an eHRPD network on my Galaxy Nexus but I am unsure on my iPhone 4S. Will post pictures once I downsize them to smaller files. Forgot to mention that uploads speeds were about .8 Mbps on both phones.
  21. 3G version of the Nexus 7 expected in weeks. Probably not compatible with Sprint's network. http://www.modaco.com/page/news/_/android/asus-prepares-nexus-7-3g-variant-r690
  22. Does anyone know how Sprint and VZW is doing in Pre-Order Sales? AT&T: http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/17/iphone-5-pre-orders-set-new-sales-record-for-att/ http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/17/apple-announces-over-two-million-iphone-5-pre-orders/
  23. Since today is the first official day that the iPhone 5 has been released. Do y'all think the iPhone 4S is still at good buy for 100 bucks? What do you guys think? Since LTE is still rolling out, it will take sometime for people to really see what LTE is about......
  24. So, I live in central Alabama...I'm probably somewhere around half the distance between Birmingham, and Montgomery...two cities that I'm SURE will get 4G due to their size and population..but as for my area, I can't really say. I live on the south end of the county, but twice a year the north end of the county becomes the 2nd largest population-wise due to the Nascar track...(for those still wondering, I live near Talladega Superspeedway, but this is still a good 20 miles from me on the opposite end of the county)... I don't know if they'll light-up this county due to it's affiliation with Nascar or not, and if they do, then it probably STILL won't affect me because of my distance from the track (zip = 35150). With 4G being more than likely destined to come to Bham and Mont...I guess we'll have to deal with 3G Advanced here?? Question is, what exactly is the 3G advanced..and does this advanced 3G mean that eventually 4G will be present? I thought they said that every that was within a Sprint 3G area right now would be getting a 4G signal when they finish the roll-out/deployment...or am I wrong in that?
  25. On sprints website there is information about tower upgrades like data speeds upgrades and data capacity upgrades. he tower in my area is going to have (or already has) a data speed upgrade and I would like to know what that is? I doubt it is 4g because I live in a rural area and from what I have read, sprint isn't going to upgrade to evdo rev b. Also, my phone is connected to evdo rev a:8 and my dads is rev a:6 and I would like to know what the difference is and what the numbers mean. I am curious because my data speeds have been horribly slow the last few days, as apposed to the good data speeds i can usually get, and i would like to know if the slow speeds could be because of the tower being upgraded. I am sorry for the long post but 3g is my only internet connection at my house and I would like to know what is going on. Thanks in advance!
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