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  1. at the airport today in phx... i connected band 41 got some ridiculous speeds... at a site that has been pre network vision with no lte upgrades... and i have connected to all three lte bands, as well as some 1x800... i knew that it was getting close sprint and alu have been here nightly working on the site... for the past week I posted an engineering screen and speed test screen shot link while on 41 its on the phoenix building permits page... YAY PHX...
  2. If you used the same avatar here as in sprint id realized who i was talking to lol
  3. So how does it know when using hands free? I love replying with my gear live...
  4. I have a metawatch now...it gets the job done the best part is being in a meeting, get a text or other notification and im not grabbing my phone a flick a glance to the watch, i know the info i need. and if i need to respond i can make that decision. i dont have to look like im not interested in what my boss has to say by looking at my phone.. all the freaking time... I want a more feature filled one than what i got now, it does what it advertises and it does it well but the idea of google wear operating system has me sold, i really like google now, and having it on my wrist is even bett
  5. http://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2014/06/13/report-sprint-will-lose-its-name-if-it-wins-t.html grrr i was worried about this... cingular keeping AT&T's Name... made sense.. but grrr i dont want to be TMO lol
  6. you should look at the people that are wanting to do it.. that being fined wasnt a big enough risk... and that its worth it... amazing the responses its sickening...
  7. the seachickens are getting bashed? oh nos
  8. factory reset your phone
  9. the S4 and the Note 3 already have it, im surprised that the S5 didnt have it out of the box. It works really well... it will certainly remove the need of an Airwave altogether I imagine it will be on OTA update really soon for the S5
  10. AJC1973

    Wifi calling

    i posted that before i really tested it... i thought it was working, but later on i noticed that i had a notification saying that i had an error in activation, i clicked on it, it said it was activated and working on my phone(like it did the first time) but when i tried to use it the notification came up again... i tried a couple things i saw on android central but nothing worked yet... figured id try it again when i got home after work... but as soon as i get it to work right ill let you know
  11. AJC1973

    Wifi calling

    Just got my uupdate so far it works OK... Does this mean I can scrap my airwaves now lol
  12. whats the question? Who is taking down the nextel equipment in each market? The people that are putting up the Network Vision equipment are taking down the old nextel/sprint equipment when they do the build out, so it varies from market to market city/city
  13. oh yes i see why you had problems... just south of the old Chevy proving grounds yes down there is challenging hell till just last week i didnt have any 4g data in in my house just a few miles away... williams field and power got 4 g recently but the two sites near eastmark are NV complete just not 4G yet... we havent seen any 800 in the east valley yet... there were a couple in west mesa though
  14. well living here... i can most definitely imagine it being worse... the differences between now and just a couple months ago are night and day. I dont know where in Mesa you were but i get 4g on the 202 almost the entire trip between AJ and the Airport as well as on the 60 and the airport... in fact last week i was watching youtube videos while my car pooler drove. and bringing down at worst 7megs at best 17 just a couple of months ago that wasn't possible.. in fact a couple months ago it was near impossible to listen to sticher and drive to work... without constant buffering
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