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Windows Phone fans on the Now Network may rejoice for this LTE Beast this Fall!




Danny Bullard

Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Monday, March 19, 2012 - 10:49 PM MDT


Any Windows Phone 7 users in the house? Are you getting tired of waiting for a new Windows Phone to replace your HTC Arrive? Well you might not have to wait to much longer. According to SprintFeed's sources, Sprint will be getting a LTE Windows Phone Apollo device this Fall. At the moment, we aren't certain who is making this device. Nokia sure would sound good to most of you!


This mysterious device is reported to pack Qualcomm's MSM8960 chip. This chip provides a dual-core CPU and Qualcomm's Adreno 225 GPU. Qualcomm's new chip has beat Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip in a few benchmarks. GPU performance also looks very solid. This would be Microsoft's most powerful Windows Phone device to date.


Hey Windows Phone fans! So, do you plan on holding out for this device? Or have you already switched to another carrier for more Windows Phone 7 devices? Sound off in the comments.







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I can't wait. I love the Windows Phone OS and will very likely get one for my next phone. My roommate has the Arrive and it is a great experience. He loves it.

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Its always nice to see that Sprint is still committed to windows phone 7 lineup. Hopefully a nice Nokia WP7 phone hits this fall.

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Windows Phone stepping up their game... This definately won't be a sleeper like the Arrive. Microsoft is positioning themselves to take a serious bite out of someone's market share.

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Thank You God. We have been eligible for upgrades since October, but aren't impressed enough with any of the phones to add an additional $50 a month to our bill for 5 lines of premium data (our current contract was before the charge for all smartphones for premium data). I hope they get this one and it is 4.3 in screen (would prefer Nokia for high-end phone, but am fine if it I'd an HTC) and a cheaper smaller one too for those who don't need the better one (a newer revised version of the Arrive with LTE would be perfect for a few family members)

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Matthias, you're going all in with the windows phone huh?

Yes sir. We all want smartphones and no one is interested in the iPhone or Android at this time (I have asked them). I have been a community member at xda forums and involved in the hacking community there for over two years and Android has lost its Mojo in my opinion, so when I tested around and decided on Windows Phone for my next phone, they all said they wanted to go with that also. They are all adults and it is their choice.

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