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  1. The main tower in downtown Peoria needs backhaul upgrades badly. My office is in the same city block and at the same level within 100ft of the tower. I did make it into to work on Monday and with a lot of people not going to work that day in downtown, I was only able to pull 800kbps down with a 3g phone. For that day, with probably as few people in downtown compared to normal, I think I finally determine it is a backhaul issue (I have suspected that for over a year) The Four Points Sheraton, where the tower is on top of the building, is being remodeled so I am wondering if Sprint is waiting till the remodel is done to upgrade the backhaul.
  2. Like I said, Central Illinois speeds are sporadic. My work today was 110kb/s download where it was 1065kb/s the other day (my work is downtown Peoria, but in the same city block as the tower, at the same height as it and within 150ft so I get 5 bars at all times). Tested at my house in Germantown Hills this morning with 567kb/s down and 605kb/s up, just tested at 9:30pm and got the fastest speeds I have ever seen at my house with 2153kb/s down and 890kb/s up. It was late enough in the morning where most people had left Germantown for work already so it is not congestion. I also have the HTC Arrive (older phone) which is 3G only otherwise I would post some other speeds and info Edit Ping speeds were the same in the morning and at night.
  3. I don't currently have a 4G LTE phone, but I am hoping the Metamora/Germantown Hills Towers are less sporadic. It will be nice when I get an LTE phone (cue Sprint getting a Nokia Windows Phone) and since I am at Five Points in Washington a lot. Also I hope the downtown (Peoria) tower gets upgraded to LTE since it is either on top of my work building or within the same city block, there is no where in that building I don't have 5 bars
  4. Any updates on Sprint and a Nokia phone?
  5. I hope that we get the option of no contract plans like overseas for a decent price. If you bring your own phone, most US carriers discount only $10 a month off $100 plan, which is pretty much not a savings at all after you buy the phone. I hope 2 year contract plans get cheaper too. But to have the ability to go no contact, bring my own phone, and pay a reasonable amount a month; oddly enough I would be more loyal to Sprint than I already am (more loyalty without the contract, see how that works there).
  6. Matthias

    Lumia 920 and 820

    Nokia Lumia 920, WHY U SO BEAUTIFUL? You can't be a phone, you are ART! Ohhh, for those who talk about Android running on a Lumia phone, that would look ridiculous and silly. Nokia worked closely with Microsoft to design phones that melded with the Windows Phone interface. Suffice to say Android and Windows Phones interface doesn't look anything alike. Same goes for running iOS on a Lumia, would look silly also.
  7. Does anyone know if the HTC Arrive will at least recieve the Tango update and in what timeframe? Thanks!
  8. what are your thoughts as a user and the service they offer?
  9. the s4 snapdragon in the new evo 4g lte has the LTE modem built-in to the silicon chip, opposed to separate like the galaxy nexus, so the evo 4g lte will get much better battery life on 4g lte networks in addition to much better performance than the processor in the galaxy nexus.
  10. FYI the Evo 4g LTE will have a 28nm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor (which can outperform the Quad Core Tegra 3 in quite a few situations) which will be much faster and get much better battery life (and most likely better signal with the newer radio) than the Nexus (40nm dual core, LTE modem on a separate chip). The new S4 will help 4G smartphones get nearer to the battery life of 3G only smartphones.
  11. If Sprint can get the phones out soon enough, 2 of my 5 lines prefer a physical keyboard, so this would work for them.
  12. I found this a few days ago and am finally getting around to posting it on here. "and a QWERTY landscape-slider with a traditional 4″ WVGA display set to arrive on Sprint. The rather interesting part here, however, is the chip these devices are supposed to be running on: the MSM8960, part of the Snapdragon S4 family." http://wmpoweruser.com/windows-phone-8-rumors-nokia-prepping-pureview-and-qwerty-devices-lenovo-and-asus-to-join-the-game/ There is also a possibility of more then one Sprint WP7/8 in the August/September timeframe, since they are rumored to be getting a hero device and the phone above does not seem to be a hero device with the specs we see (they are pretty good, just not hero device good in my opinion).
  13. Sprint get on these Nokia's I messed around with a Lumia 900 about two weeks ago, I would love to see a 4 in version since I thought 4.3 in was too big in my opinion, with S4 dual core Snapdragon with LTE.
  14. Also if you are a new At&t subscriber, you can potentially qualify to get the phone for free. I believe the promotion is $100 off phone and accessories for new subscribers. Plus if you pre-order online, you will get it April 6th (the first ones ship out April 5th), before the introduction date of April 8th. Though it is a great phone from the little time I spent using it, it is not enough to convince me to switch to At&t at the moment and pay a lot more a month, but there is a chance we might have to get a new contract since our phones are falling apart and Sprint's current lineup is rather pathetic in my opinion, through the HTC One series looks nice if we had to go with Android.
  15. pyroscott, it was in the news I read a few places that most At&t stores have at least one employee that have them, the one I went to had at least 2 (I only talked to two employees there), one black and one cyan. They were employee phones. I recommend you check one out at least, but I suggest calling first, there is no guarantee the employee with the Lumia 900 is working when you go in to visit. The two employees that had it didn't seem that excited about it, which could be a problem at launch, they thought it was nice, but neither had really used it much even though they had had it a few days already.
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