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  1. I hope that we get the option of no contract plans like overseas for a decent price. If you bring your own phone, most US carriers discount only $10 a month off $100 plan, which is pretty much not a savings at all after you buy the phone. I hope 2 year contract plans get cheaper too. But to have the ability to go no contact, bring my own phone, and pay a reasonable amount a month; oddly enough I would be more loyal to Sprint than I already am (more loyalty without the contract, see how that works there).
  2. Also if you are a new At&t subscriber, you can potentially qualify to get the phone for free. I believe the promotion is $100 off phone and accessories for new subscribers. Plus if you pre-order online, you will get it April 6th (the first ones ship out April 5th), before the introduction date of April 8th. Though it is a great phone from the little time I spent using it, it is not enough to convince me to switch to At&t at the moment and pay a lot more a month, but there is a chance we might have to get a new contract since our phones are falling apart and Sprint's current lineu
  3. pyroscott, it was in the news I read a few places that most At&t stores have at least one employee that have them, the one I went to had at least 2 (I only talked to two employees there), one black and one cyan. They were employee phones. I recommend you check one out at least, but I suggest calling first, there is no guarantee the employee with the Lumia 900 is working when you go in to visit. The two employees that had it didn't seem that excited about it, which could be a problem at launch, they thought it was nice, but neither had really used it much even though they had had it a few
  4. I went to an At&t store to check out the Lumia 900. I am used to the HTC Hero's smaller 3.2 in screen, so the 4.3 in screen made the phone seem massive to me. But I cannot overstate how great the screen was, probably the best I have ever seen on a cell phone. Very responsive also. But At&t's plans are way overpriced. It would be hard to buy that phone at the moment due to At&t's ridiculous price for plans and the knowledge that S4 processors with built-in LTE modem will significantly be more efficient are coming soon. Sprint needs to get a Nokia 4 to 4.3 in S4 proc
  5. Yes sir. We all want smartphones and no one is interested in the iPhone or Android at this time (I have asked them). I have been a community member at xda forums and involved in the hacking community there for over two years and Android has lost its Mojo in my opinion, so when I tested around and decided on Windows Phone for my next phone, they all said they wanted to go with that also. They are all adults and it is their choice.
  6. Thank You God. We have been eligible for upgrades since October, but aren't impressed enough with any of the phones to add an additional $50 a month to our bill for 5 lines of premium data (our current contract was before the charge for all smartphones for premium data). I hope they get this one and it is 4.3 in screen (would prefer Nokia for high-end phone, but am fine if it I'd an HTC) and a cheaper smaller one too for those who don't need the better one (a newer revised version of the Arrive with LTE would be perfect for a few family members)
  7. Crap... Well let's hope the phones that use the Snapdragon S4 will be able to support LTE in both 800mhz and 1900mhz (LTE is built-in to the chip, so much more efficient than other LTE and Wimax devices that have separate chips for 4G). Hopefully the WP7 released in August/September can have LTE support for both
  8. S4GRU, you know I would love for one of those articles that come out in the next several weeks to be about Central Illinois and specifically Peoria, IL timeframe, if in 2012 at all
  9. I understand JPSmith, I am in Peoria area and the speed of data here is abysmal. I know from talking to the a store manager back in December and he said at the time Springfield would be the first place that Sprint would launch LTE in Illinois. With the info from S4GRU regarding the importance of Central Illinois, I imagine we can't be too far behind.
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