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  1. This is great news for Sprint, great news for Virginia. NTelos has kept Sprint service to early 2000's technology for too long. Shentel has proven themselves to be ahead of the game in terms of Sprint LTE deployment. It's a match made in heaven. I'll give Shentel a lot of patience. Who knows what mess\dysfunction they are walking into.
  2. This worked btw, thanks. It didn't fix the ability to update through the handset but it was a workaround to get the update. The OE2 update fixed my drop call issue.
  3. Is anyone else NOT able to download the new update for the Galaxy S6? I get an "unable to update due to a network or server error." This is true for wifi, Auto, LTE, and CDMA only. My phone last checked for an upgrade 5/9/15. I have the dropped call issue when I'm driving bad. I see others have the same issue but I'm unable to find a solution. At last resort, I'll have to go to the dreaded Sprint store, where factory resets are plentiful.
  4. I'm not a user yet, therefore I shouldn't be posting in this thread.... lol (edited)
  5. Eh.... The Galaxy doesn't have everything, but it does have enough to keep me interested. As far as its RF performance, I'm coming from a single band Galaxy S3. Band 25 looks comparable between the two so everything else is just extra! Source: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-243-updated-samsung-galaxy-s3-passes-fcc-muster-launch-imminent/
  6. Hmmmm.... this might be another reason to wait for the devices to be released later this year....
  7. I don't think it's that simple of a decision. The S3 is so far behind the S5 that is makes sense to open that up to the "economy smartphone" market. The Note 3 versus the Note 4 might be more of an incremental upgrade. You don't want to take sales away from your flagship phablet. Could it happen much later to open the "economy phablet" market? I would think that is much more likely.
  8. I think the better question is, what is their options? Disable the function? Opt out of carrying the S5? Or accept the device for its pros and cons? The first two options would be a pubic relations nightmare. People would ask the question, "Why Sprint and no one else?" So, the "grin and bear it" option seems to be the best choice. I wouldn't infer that that choice means it won't have a negative impact on the network though. Of course, it may not be all that bad. This is mere speculation and reading tea leaves.
  9. This might be premature, but is it possible for the network to deny packages over LTE using "Download Booster" based on network conditions? Or at least make them a low priority? I would think this feature would be nice to have when network congestion isn't an issue.... although I would hope the network has some control over the manner in which it's used.
  10. I know it's impractical, but it would be interesting to be able to choose, SVDO\SVLTE or Tri-Band. on future devices. Have it be a feature like push to talk where not every phone has it, but there are some new ones to choose from if it's that important to you. For me, living in the DC market, it's a no brainer. How many more minutes a month will I have added LTE coverage versus the number of instances I'd need SVDO or SVLTE? I use both ---- but would use greater LTE coverage exponentially more. In another market the calculus might be different.
  11. To a Sprint customer that has his eye on the Galaxy S5.... this development is VERY exciting. IT CAN BE DONE! lol (By Samsung) Hopefully, by the release of the Galaxy S5, improvements to the design will be made and it will end up being a better product.
  12. I have the 32 gig Galaxy S3. While I'm somewhat out of the handset market until my upgrade in March, each new handset announcement gets me more and more excited. With the expectation that each handset in the future will only get better. In the meantime I guess I'll have to enjoy my SVDO and SVLTE support while I have it. Although I have the feeling that, by the time I'm due to upgrade, there will be so much gained I'll hardly notice its absence. I'm not at all pressed to upgrade right now though. I couldn't say the same for the Evo 4G at the same point in my contract.
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