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  1. This is great news for Sprint, great news for Virginia. NTelos has kept Sprint service to early 2000's technology for too long. Shentel has proven themselves to be ahead of the game in terms of Sprint LTE deployment. It's a match made in heaven. I'll give Shentel a lot of patience. Who knows what mess\dysfunction they are walking into.
  2. This worked btw, thanks. It didn't fix the ability to update through the handset but it was a workaround to get the update. The OE2 update fixed my drop call issue.
  3. Is anyone else NOT able to download the new update for the Galaxy S6? I get an "unable to update due to a network or server error." This is true for wifi, Auto, LTE, and CDMA only. My phone last checked for an upgrade 5/9/15. I have the dropped call issue when I'm driving bad. I see others have the same issue but I'm unable to find a solution. At last resort, I'll have to go to the dreaded Sprint store, where factory resets are plentiful.
  4. I'm still waiting on Best Buy to release the 128 gig S6 for pre-order. It kinda sucks it looks like I'm going to miss the wireless charger promo.
  5. I'm not a user yet, therefore I shouldn't be posting in this thread.... lol (edited)
  6. Eh.... The Galaxy doesn't have everything, but it does have enough to keep me interested. As far as its RF performance, I'm coming from a single band Galaxy S3. Band 25 looks comparable between the two so everything else is just extra! Source: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-243-updated-samsung-galaxy-s3-passes-fcc-muster-launch-imminent/
  7. Here is the official Sprint answer: http://support.sprint.com/support/article/Find_and_update_the_software_version_on_your_Samsung_Galaxy_S_III/WServiceAdvisory_542_GKB49847-2?INTNAV=SU:DP:OV:UG:SamsungGalaxySIii16gbNonsprintSpark:FindAndUpdateTheSoftwareVersionOnYourSamsungGalaxy"]http://support.sprint.com/support/article/Find_and_update_the_software_version_on_your_Samsung_Galaxy_S_III/
  8. The above list represents my list well. The only thing I'd add is: 1. A fingerprint scanner. - I think it's handy in certain circumstances. 2. Wireless charging - I had USB charging port issues with my current phone and will likely use this a lot. 3, The snapdragon 810. 4. A battery as close to 3,000 (units of measurement) as a 5" phone will allow, 5. Still has NFC. 6. LED notification. Things I care not to see - 1. 16 gig internal phones. 2. More phablet options. It's time to make a decent 5"ish device. 3. Heartbeat sensor. - Just the thought of paying for it to be in the device makes me cringe. 4. Anything more than 1080p. - This isn't a deal breaker but don't want to take the battery hit.
  9. The way I see it..... either you're going to deprive yourself now or later. You have two options: 1) Purchase now and deprive yourself when VoLTE, CCA/RRPP, and carrier aggregation are fully implemented - until you decide to upgrade AGAIN. 2) Deprive yourself now of all the goodies that are in the Note 4 and not in an Evo 4G LTE (I have a Galaxy S3 so I'm in the same boat) and wait for a phone that's compatible with the aforementioned wish list. Comfort yourself with the fact that either choice will leave you deprived. It's your decision and yours alone what is worth the deprivation. Although, the sooner you update the less you'll have to be without the wish list features. (You'll be able to upgrade sooner) I hope that helps.
  10. You could always become an S4gru Sponsor and see for yourself..... Check out the details here: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1195-information-about-s4gru-sponsorship-levels-and-how-to-become-a-sponsor/?p=23387
  11. Hmmmm.... this might be another reason to wait for the devices to be released later this year....
  12. Ugh. 16 gig, huh? I guess I'll be holding out for a Galaxy F.
  13. I'm somewhere in the middle. I don't see a problem in having a device that can satisfy so many needs and wants, my only point is that it should be done responsibly. People need to take control of their own data usage and limit it when practical. Sure, you get a notification that an update is available for a big app. Can't you update that on wifi before you leave the house or when you get home? Is it really that urgent? Daily I get a list of apps that need updates. I only update one or two from the whole list that I will actually use before I get home. Even if it's something I'll use.... I'll wait till I get home before I update a big app and "deal" with the old version for a few hours. It's that age old debate over personal responsibility versus (mostly government) mandates. People are unwilling to act responsibly so other systems have to be put in place to limit everyone. (In most cases) I do think a big problem that cell data usage is a symptom of is the lack of rural broadband options. I know I go to some areas and the cell network is faster than ISP options. People then are encouraged to use their cell as an ISP... which it isn't intended for. If we as network users, whichever the network, treat it as a public restroom it's going to be bad for all of us. Until people take that seriously I don't think companies have much choice than to protect themselves and their networks.
  14. Ever since the days of my OG Evo 4G and its 1 gig of internal memory, I have promised myself never to skimp on internal memory again. Also, having an SD card fail is never a good feeling
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