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S4GRU Member Ranks and Groups
May 03 2013  ATTENTION ALL S4GRU Members! We have now created membership ranks and groups for all S4GRU members to obtain. Ranks are determined based on the number of forum posts you have mad...

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Nationwide Sprint Market Map is here!!!
Mar 10 2012  Finally...what many of you have been waiting for. A National Sprint market map, by county (or parish for y'all in Louisiana!). The map file is very large (full resolution versi...

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Sep 09 2014  ABOUT S4GRU Under Construction... What is S4GRU? Who are you people??? S4GRU is a wireless network enthusiast website. It was founded in 2011 as a means for our Site Administrator...

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Evidently I am a 13-Year Old Hacker whose Dad works for Sprint, now...
Mar 25 2012  Nothing like a good deep belly laugh at 1 AM to rejuvenate ya! I came across an article today in IT World (yeah, I never heard of it either) where the writer says of our site,...

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Guidelines about Posting Articles from Outside Websites
Feb 28 2012  ATTENTION S4GRU MEMBERS! :rulez: Uh, oh! He's brought out the Rules Emoticon! I really appreciate all the links that our members provide to news article and rel...