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    We should probably make an iOS 12 thread, but since this is related to iPhone X, I’m happy to report that, at least in beta 1, Field Test appears to finally be updated for the iPhone X. http://imgur.com/JMvEmDH http://imgur.com/5AWjiJQ -Anthony Edit: it’s definitely still broken though lol http://imgur.com/PxlHpkQ
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    The DAS in the new section of Penn Station this was at 4:30 on Friday. wasn't crazy packed but still crowded. Really wish the rest of the station didn't have only 3G
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    I enjoy the geek chatter but can we find another thread to continue it? A ton of people follow this one for app-related stuff, and it's long enough as it is. Thanks -Mike
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    thank goodness. lets get this merger approved.
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    Well one tower in Alamogordo has B41. Not sure why they did the Holloman AFB Tower first. But love the speeds Then I got back into town. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sprint is FINALLY rolling out 8.0 Oreo on the G6. Got mine this morning.
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    Updated the list tonight. Here is a summary of the changes. Justen moved up several places on the list. JohnHovah moved up 4 spots. jlbattagli moved up two places. Dkoellerwx, Turas, lb124 and Trip moved up one spot. No one bumped off the list this update. And no new members added. There are quite a few members within striking distance to get to Honored Premier. You can send me a message to find out how close you are now. Thanks for all your support! Robert
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    There are not many sites left with no LTE left on them. Of course, there are still lots of areas without LTE. But that's different than the site itself not having any LTE.
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    Man this is what I wanted! Always connected laptop! Too bad I already purchased a much more powerful Surface Pro..But regardless nice to see Sprint performing GREAT in NYC using one of these badboys! The future is looking sweet on the laptop Front!
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    Sprint performing awesome on the new Always connected PC here all over NYC. Its unfortunate that this model is only running a snapdragon 835 CPU (which is kinda weak for non native apps) But, big big ups to Sprint performance and giving away free data with purchase of any Always connected PC for the remainder of 2018.. BTW, really nice video preview by Jaime and the pocket now team..
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    Not sure if I caught this in testing or if this is supposed to be live, but looks like AT&T is starting to fire up B14. This is the first of it that I have seen. SCP correctly Identified it.
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    Sprint Awarded $26.9M In Cell Phone Trafficking Suit http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-awarded-269m-in-cell-phone-trafficking-suit.htm?linkId=52549886
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    Yuma getting some upgrades on most of their towers.. [emoji106] Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    The first three things that come to mind are a faulty radio, loose jumpers or a site config error… I would tweet Marci Carris on twitter and include all of the details you know of—that’s probably the best way to quickly get in touch with a local engineer.
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    I'm thinking that Sprint has made a deal with Meijer to put roof top small cells on their stores because I passed by a Meijer on the west side and went into a Meijer on Lake Lansing and SCP showed small cell each time. My signal peaked at -54dBm at times around the store on Lake Lansing.
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    For folks in the south Texas part of IBEZ: https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-18-542A1.pdf - Trip
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    The backhaul is connected to the SFP backhaul ports so that's fiber! (left 2 = ethernet 802.3AT, right 2 = SFP)
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    Well holy shit look at this Installing now.
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    I believe so. I live in Barberton Ohio and there are quite a few of these things around town, some of them have the tops off without a power box yet. Again, I don't think they're active yet. I saw these in a post on here about spotting Sprint Alpha wireless concealed antennas and a few weeks later they popped up. I work in Canton Ohio and I'm originally from New Philadelphia Ohio. I went to visit my parents the other day and I'm pretty a network vision site was just put up from their original tower about a mile or so away. I'd have to get a better look at it to double check but it looked like NV equipment at the bottom, no MassiveMIMO on it though.