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  1. Greencastle, Pa does too. Shentel area 3rd party store
  2. The phone's uplink is the big issue. When Sprint activated HPUE, I got very little benefit. It looked to me like the phone could only transmit more power on a single 20 wide band 41 channel. I had aggregated band 41 service in my area and had great downlink but terrible uplink. The uplink was still the issue. I hope T-Mobile and the vendors figure out something. The real solution if to have another lower band to use as the uplink. Trying to transmit band 41 on a wide aggregated channel is not going to work well if at all. Too much power needed and the battery will not take it. I am STILL using Sprint service, but actually have band 41 disabled so I can access band 25 and have a phone that works.
  3. I am already looking at the alternative providers. Right now,I am still ok. But reading all thee posts over the last month or two about screw-ups and roaming issues, it has made me start looking around. If & when T-Mobile causes me to have issues, I will already be ready to flee.
  4. If they destroy my great Shentel service without providing equal or better TM service, they will lose my account. I own my phones and they will transfer to the other big two very easily. TM service in my area is terrible while Shentel service is great.
  5. I can not speak for the entire Shentel footprint, but in the areas I am familiar with, you would be much better off staying with Sprint/Shentel. Nowhere in my travels over the Shentel area does T-Mobile have any advantage over the existing Shentel network. I am sticking to the current Shentel network until I can prove 100% that any T-Mobile network is better. T-Mobiles press releases and claims are worthless in this area just like they were for many years.
  6. I am with "TRIP" on this one. T-Mobile COULD have had good coverage in the Shentel area in the past. Shentel/Sprint was a competitor. T-Mobile was not even trying to compete. Service most places was horrible. Shentel almost always had twice the number of sites to cover an area while T-Mobile done it the cheap way. Shentel had a network that was even better then Sprints network elsewhere. T-Mobile was not even competition. Just very very poor. So, this is the reason I have no faith that T-Mobile will step up and do it right. The Shentel network needs to be the base to build on. Add T-Mobile spectrum to almost ALL of the Shentel sites. What I hate is all the Shentel employees knew what they were doing and could be proud of it. If T-Mobile trashes the Shentel network, all the employees will see many years of hard work disappear. I hope the buyout price that T-Mobile has to pay is very high. It is a great network and it should bring a premium price.
  7. If you have service that works well, you might want to think twice before you make any move. Many people that get moved to TM by request or involuntary have issues. Unless you are sure TM is better in your area, I would hesitate to move to TM.
  8. Welcome to T-Mobile Trip. I hope the ride is smooth. Sorry to say that REDDIT is full of people that are not satisfied as they have a very rough road to ride on. Of course, it is REDDIT and many users are not technically savvy or have any idea of what is happening.
  9. Yep, Shentel has established a very very good network. If T-Mobile does not accept that network as the backbone and move their equipment onto the Shentel sites, things are going to go downhill real fast. I have no faith that T-Mobile will do the right thing here. Shentel has the right spacing, T-Mobile has gone the cheap route and only has about 1/2 of the sites needed. Since T-Mobile has a history of being cheap in the Shentel area, I have little faith that they will ever do it right.
  10. Yep, the FIRST thing that should have been accomplished is making the two networks look like one. Looks like it may be happening now, but it took way too long. If it was possible to do it, then T-Mobile looks very bad in allowing the havoc to start and continue. They had a long time to figure out how to make the two networks interoperate when permission was granted to merge. Putting all the effort into bragging about how quickly they were going to make 5G nationwide before anybody else was a wasted effort. It was simple. Immediately do what was necessary to combine the 4g networks so everybody could access the best signal between the two. Was NOBODY planning on how to do that for a year or more? Yes, customers are leaving and it is easy to understand why. I do not need immediate 5G nationwide service and most people do not. I did not ever think that T-Mobile was going to pull off the merger and not cause the average person some pain. What worries me now is how long the havoc is going to continue.
  11. looks nice for sure. I will be waiting to see if the folding causes a problem. Will something break when you fold it many times a day. How durable is it going to be? If it does stand up to years of heavy use, then it just might be a big seller.
  12. It has been acting badly for months. Probably started with Android 10. Very slow updates to signal levels. I do have the stale data workaround checked, but I am not sure it is helping anything.
  13. Yes, when SCP is running in the background and I bring it up on the full screen, I have a receive level that is bad. Maybe something like -118. If I leave it alone for 15 seconds or more ,it will correct and show a correct level of maybe -100. I do not have to force stop the app. I need to get into the menus to see if the phone is sort of going to sleep when idle or if SCP is not doing a query quickly or what. If I keep SCP displayed on the screen the levels have been slow updating and generally not dependable for months since a software update on the phone. I tend to blame the Samsung s9 rather than SCP. I THINK the phone is not reporting the level as often as it did in the past. Probably to save the battery or something like that. Not good for us however.
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