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  1. You could be right, however, most of us members on S4GRU have used Sprint for years. We were not users of T-Mobile. Do we really know how many screw-ups they had combining other networks? We were not there using it.
  2. I just have that "GUT" feeling that it is not going to be as easy as they think to combine the TMobile and Sprint sites. I hope they do not cause issues due to mistakes when they attempt this. I just see some problems jumping up.
  3. T-Mobile has some low band but because of poor site spacing, inadequate numbers of sites, etc, the low band gets overloaded. If they had enough correctly located sites, more traffic would flow to the higher bands. The merger gives them more and better located sites.
  4. Sprint's 800 will still be in service, Not going to Dish right away.
  5. However, T-Mobile customers may be able to use Sprint service at the same time. If we are lucky, somebody might actually see better service. This might terrorize some and actually help others.
  6. They have had a couple of years to get that right, and it is as bad as ever. Companies that do not fix their issues get bought out or otherwise eliminated.
  7. Hopefully they would STOP holding Sprint Customers onto LTE at extremely bad levels and allow the connection to T-Mobile LTE if it is better. Holding onto poor LTE at -120 to -130 levels does nothing but aggravate users and raise their blood pressure.
  8. I might question this statement at least slightly. My question is: if t-mobile subscribers are given access to Sprints PCS sites, will the T-mobile VOLTE work? If Sprint subscribers are given full access to T-Mobiles Band 2, will Sprint's VOLTE work? Maybe it will, but I would question it. Also, adding Sprint's band 25 channels to a T-mobile site could even require more radios at some sites. I just have a gut feeling that some locations may be easy to deal with, but others may not.
  9. Mike, Yes, this did resolve the missing CDMA data on my S9. Thanks. Great job as usual.
  10. VOLTE may sound much better if you are in a good signal area and it works correctly. The issue is poor signal areas. VOLTE does not work well there and everybody knows it. Walk into a well built building when on band 41 and watch VOLTE start crashing. The phone may transfer to band 25 or even band 26, but even still, the LTE just does not have the range as good ole CDMA. My s9 is still on CDMA and will stay there probably for a long time.
  11. Same here. Shentel has a very good network and handing it over to somebody else would not be wise. Allowing Shentel to combine the two networks and then totally manage the resulting network will result in one "KILLER" network. Nobody will beat it.
  12. I turned on VOLTE long enough to give it a good test. It was not satisfactory. People would tell me I was breaking up, or that they could not hear all of my conversation. This was because I was being held on Band 41 at very poor levels mostly inside buildings. VOLTE will not work on Band 41 at levels of -115 to-130. I will never understand why Sprint decided it was a good idea to use band 41 down to -130 levels when nobody has a phone that could transmit back to the cell site. I have an S9 with Android 10. Most of the new aggregation options are checked. Some aggregation is happening, but not 25 or 26 with 41. When they fix that, I will try VOLTE again. Now using old reliable CDMA 1x and SCP is not showing the CDMA stats.
  13. If there is a problem with VOLTE, you discovered it. Volte will work sometimes with a crappy signal, but other times it will not. Does not work as good as the old CDMA in very weak areas. I am still using CDMA and will continue to do so because of this issue.
  14. If they are smart, they will snuggle up to Shentel and have them combine the two networks. Then have an agreement for Shentel to manage and operate the new network. Shentel sure gets things done and it gets done right.
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