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  1. Yes, I have been finding this 10Mhz channel at quite a few sites. Been there for a month or so at least. Last time I looked at it, the 3rd carrier was not aggregated with the first two. Not sure if that is still true.
  2. chamb

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    It should have been enabled when it was sold. Suppose you are in a poor reception area and need to roam on Band 71?
  3. chamb

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    This aggravates the crap out of me. If you are going to build d phone with band 71, sell it to everyone.
  4. chamb

    Android Phone with Best Reception?

    I am considering buying one on Swappa. Much cheaper and you should get a barely used phone. Paying $1000 for a new phone does not turn me on either.
  5. The "Data Hogs" will start coming out of hiding. Good way to attract them and kill a bunch of cell sites.
  6. Trip, Sent via your rabbitears e-mail. For some reason, I was not able to attach them to a PM at S4GRU.
  7. NEW SHENTEL/SPRINT SERVICE Between Hancock and Cumberland, Md on Interstate 68. Found complete coverage on this route tonight. Previously there was only US Cellular roaming on that stretch. Now we have total Sprint coverage with no drops. Great job Shentel. Found both Band 25 & 26. No band 41 identified, but it probably is doubtful if it is needed. Found band 25 to be 10X10, "A" Block, EARFCN 8140. Did not see the G block, but it might be active. Only traveled to Exit 50, Rocky Gap, east side of Cumberland. Went inside Rocky Gap Casino, found Band 26 LTE at times and LTE from US Cellular at other times. Band 5 & band 12. When the Sprint LTE dropped inside the casino, I did have CDMA 1x but with a nTelos Sid(4379). Not sure why the nTelos Sid is being used. I lost $140 in the casino and went back over the same route towards Hagerstown. Saw some new flashing tower lights in the mountains near the interstate. Perfect LTE all the way. Another big Shentel win. This had to be difficult. Installing cell sites in the mountains should not be easy. Also, just a comment, the band 25 coverage was very good. Considering the weird mountainous terrain, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to hang onto band 25 and not be dropping to band 26 every time somebody sneezed. I hated to travel that road in the winter. Nasty conditions out there in the winter, and while there was some roaming on the route, it was at least questionable if it was going to be adequate if you ever really needed it. I did not travel into Cumberland City or to the west. Sorry I could not check this out any further. At least this is very good news even if I could not go further with it.
  8. chamb

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Unless you have an air conditioned attic, the high summer heat may kill the Magic Box.
  9. Apparently roamed on T-Mobile band 4 In Chambersburg,PA, south end. This area is normally fine with a great Sprint Signal. Shentel area. Do not know why I had this roaming and it was fine later when I went back the same way. No roaming on the return trip.
  10. Thanks for the verification. This is exactly what I found.
  11. Just probably found 25-25 aggregation on Shentel. Location, Rouzerville, Pa. See the attachment. Note the SCP Screenshot. On Band 25, PCI 245, DL earfcn 8140. This is 10x10 in the "A" block. Then note the neighbor cells. We have band 25 also with PCI 245 at earfcn 8440. This is probably10x10 also, but I can not prove it yet. Now look at the LTE engineering Screen. The PCI flipped on me to another sector(414) but still the same site. 8140 as the DL PCC, 8440 as the SCC1. I see a difference in the RSRP levels, not sure why. I am assuming we have TWO 10x10 carriers aggregated. For a speed test, I only get about 30 down and 5 up. Not sure what that proves. The 5 up may be about right as I do not think the upload will aggregate. I have been successful in seeing this about 6 times today. One thing strange, I can never catch it with 8440 being the DL PCC. Also, I posted a photo of the antennas. Poor quality. I have 3 antennas on each sector. I think, if my memory is ok, we only had 2 antennas in the past. The one on the left has a bunch of wires on the bottom, maybe 8 or more. Has several radios behind it. The center antenna might be a new one. Has only a few wires feeding at the bottom, maybe 3 or 4. Has a radio behind it. The right radio appears to be an older one, with some radios behind it. Has a curved front. This setup does not look like MIMO to me unless some of the antennas eventually get removed. Looking for anybody that can find something wrong with my thoughts & Data. Hard to prove this using only an old Galaxy S7. Band 25 Aggregation.pdf
  12. I have two band 41 sites near me. Waynesboro, Pa and Rouzerville, Pa. They both have 40978 as first carrier and 41176 as carrier 2. Now Rouzerville has 41324 as a 10 Mhz 3rd carrier. I will be checking on the Waynesboro site soon. It may have a 3rd carrier too. I have not seen it yet if it does. Strange how we have 10 Mhz for carrier 3.
  13. OK, the suspense got to me. I went back and got serious about tracking this down. Took awhile to get the 3rd carrier again. When i did , I drove toward the cell site. Signal got better, got worse when directly under the antennas, but that is normal. As I drove away in another direction, it got better again and the PCI changed. again this PCI matched the PCI used by the other 2 carriers. Then I stopped and did a speedtest and got into Service menu and then LTE. Results are attached. Conclusions, this is a valid 10 MHZ 3rd carrier in Rouzerville, Pa at a Shentel site. Hard to prove, but it appears it is not aggregated with carrier 1 & 2. Maybe my S-7 is the cause of this or maybe Shentel has not configured it to aggregate yet. I ran some data while trying to see if I had 3 carrier aggregation. I only saw 2 carrier aggregation and that never involved the 3rd carrier. screenshot band 41 3rd cxr.pdf
  14. Just caught another instance of 3rd 2500 carrier in Shentel territory. Note the standard 310120. I also note the 414 PCI that is one of the 3 PCI's for the local site used for carrier one and two. Saw this at a stop light and got the screen shot but had to start moving while going for the "service screen". I think I saw 10 mhz, not 20. I did not see any aggregation but I only got a quick glimpse of the screen before it rolled to carrier one and two being aggregated as usual. The 3rd carrier was gone. I do still have a galaxy S-7. I am not positive that it is capable of using 3Xca, but the service screen looks like it could show it. I did not get a speed test on carrier 3 either. I went back through the area again, and even hung around on a side street, but could not acquire carrier 3 at any time. I was surprised to see this as this local site is not congested. Anytime I check the speed it runs over 30 down and sometimes 60 down. I am not sure if it might be a magic box or not. I was told that Shentel is not supporting Magic boxes. The area has very good service even inside the big box Wal-mart and Lowes. I would really be surprised to find a magic box or anything else like that in this neighborhood. Location: Rouzerville, Pa.