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  1. Apparently BRANDED Sprint Samsung S9 and S9+ have all the new Carrier Aggregations if I understand it correctly. But the UNLOCKED S9 & S9+ do not. Anybody know why? Can it be fixed somehow? So far in al my searches, nobody has a good answer.
  2. I am starting to think that I will never buy another Samsung phone. Locked or Unlocked. First of all, the reception levels on the phone are not nearly as good as my old S-7. Why should a new phone have worse reception than a 2 year old phone. I had hopes that HPUE would allow me to use band 41 more. NOPE. I lose band 41 more than I did with the s-7. I find that I am on band 26 more than with the S-7. This is horrible. Now, many of the various Carrier aggregations are not available. Activating the UNLOCKED model with the correct SIM does NOT totally activate all the Sprint features and it may not optimize the phone to use the Sprint bands. I would suspect a Sprint banded phone would be somewhat tuned to work with the Sprint Frequencies. Maybe they are, but if they are it sort of looks like the UNLOCKED version may not be.
  3. Here is mine from my new S-9. Does not have all the newer Carrier aggregations available.
  4. I was under the impression that a UNLOCKED S9 and other newer phones would configure with the Sprint Software when a Sprint SIM was inserted and activated. Apparently this Carrier Aggregation sure does not???? If I am understanding what I just saw in this thread, A Sprint Purchased s9 has much better aggregation capabilities that a UNLOCKED s-9 purchased at Best Buy? Would there be some secret hidden menu that needs to be accessed to make an UNLOCKED version update properly.
  5. My new UNLOCKED Galaxy S9 does not seem to support it.In the ##DATA# menu and then the LTE CA ENABLED menu. I have various band 41 entries showing and then only 25 A-25A. No band 26 anywhere. I have had this phone for about 2 weeks and it has updated several times. It has the Feburary update. Is the UNLOCKED version different?
  6. Just took me 10 seconds to get any action after I clicked on PythonFanPa's post above this post. Normally when I have this issue, it is only the first thing I try to display when I enter the site after clicking on unread posts at the top. Kind of acts like things are in a "sleep mode" and it takes 10 seconds to wake things up. After it displays the first item, generally any following requests are responded to in a normal matter.
  7. Clinking on a existing thread to see a new comment is sometimes slow. Might take 10 seconds to get a response. Might even have to click on the new comment the second time. This is the only site I have with this issue. This issue started for me over a week ago.
  8. Galaxy S-8's are still expensive. I hate to drop back to a two year old model to get a reasonable phone. I had hopes that the S-9 would get cheap quickly, but the S-8 sure is holding its value. I will look quite favorable on the new "A" series when it becomes available. I would like to have band 71 capability but not pay almost $1000 to get it. Will have to see if the "A" series really do have band 71.
  9. This is exactly what I am going to be doing. I have 2 galaxy S-7's both with deteriorating batteries. When the S-10 hits the shelves, surely the S-9 will go on sale somewhere. I either get a new S-9 at a good discounted price, or I get one on Swappa, or maybe buy the new "A" series Samsung phone. No S-10 for me. If the S-7's had HPUE, I would probably just get new batteries in the S-7's.
  10. There are ways to get around the political bull. T-mobile-Sprint would not ever totally pull out. Just go with t-mobile, quietly move all Sprint subscribers to T-mobile, close sprint stores or re-name them. You can bet it would get done somehow. Sprint would just disappear.
  11. Sell all the Sprint cell sites and stores to some type of holding company. Then start quietly moving all customers and employees over to T-Mobile. Surely there would be away to get around some politicians.
  12. Well, Sprint sold Embarq, United Tel, CenturyLink, Qwest, whatever you want to call it. CenturyLink makes a bundle of cash from selling backhaul to all the carriers. It would only be in parts of the country, but at least the cash would stay within the complex if Sprint had held onto some of these local carriers. They could have installed fiber for both fast DSL and cell sites all in one project. Ask Shentel how easy it is to connect a cell site to backhaul when they already own the fiber cables in their neighborhood.
  13. Trip, could you be seeing the start of a 5G site by one or more carriers?
  14. This really does not make any sense at all. If any manufacturer can not put out a phone with reception that is at least as good as their last model, they have failed and deserve to go bankrupt. I also see changes to radios when a software update is done. Many times you have bad reception for a month or two until another update is pushed that restores good reception. Why push out an update that makes a radio work worse? Just stupid, but it happens all the time.
  15. SHENTEL 25X25 BAND 25 AGGREGATION PROVEN See 3 screenshots From Chambersburg, PA 12/30/2018 SCP showing connection to 8140 EARFCN 10X10 and (8615 in the Neighbor list) Service mode showing 8140 primary PCC and 8615 15X15 SCC Total of 25X25 Speedtest- Slow considering the level (-96) and the 25X25. I do see the receive levels being quite different on the PCC and SCC ????
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