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  1. The Sprint Customers surely have a lot of value. Nobody would allow them to fade away. Something will be done. The best option is for Shentel to continue somehow with this area. They built a killer network. Much much better than any other network in this area. Things will go downhill real fast if Shentel is out of the picture. Actually, the Shentel network is so good that the Shentel sites need to be the backbone of the new network. Add t-mobile spectrum to the Shentel sites. Shentel is near perfect here and T-Mobile is very very poor. Shentel can fix that real quick.
  2. Your area must be unique. I NEVER see dense T-Mobile coverage. T-Mobile is actually the worst carrier by far in my eyes. They normally do not know what dense means. To make a good network, it is going to be very very expensive because they are starting with a very poor network. T-Mobile was a great marketing device, but not a great cell phone carrier.
  3. They are trying to get two different results with the upgrades. The 600 Mhz upgrade was to get more range from the site to cover fringe areas. The 2500 upgrade is to get faster speeds & capacity in major population areas.
  4. They seem to be totally intent on killing Sprint band 41 and activating T-Mobile 5G on band 41. This does need to be done, but I seem to see quite a few people complaining about the result being bad. Some people need to actually turn off 5G on their new phones and use 4G. So, if this is true, they are not getting it right at least in some places. They do need to somehow get band 2/25 straightened out. In many cases,Sprint has loads of band 25 that T-Mobile has not touched. This is a massive job and I have some doubts that they will do it and not cause lots of issues. in my area(Shentel) T-Mobile is nowhere close to being up to Shentel's standards. Shentel's Sprint service works very very good. T-Mobile is a disaster here. If T-Mobile has service like this in other parts of the country, we are using the wrong network for the base network.
  5. I got the message a week ago. Have a Samsung S9 on Shentel.
  6. Ahhhh, A couple of times I saw t-mobile band 41 in my neighbor sites and I knew that was wrong. It was coming from a known t-mobile site but the site only has band 2 & 12. Had me guessing. I saw this on a Galaxy S9. When it shows this, it does not have a valid receive level. Shows some level like (-190325643) Yes weird.
  7. Foreign visitors can grab a cheapie Prepaid phone for their limited time visit.
  8. I hope you are wrong about that. T-Mobile has some real crazy people in the organization, but that does not mean that they would not be good people. There has to be some really smart people there or the company would not have survived. Some of the crazy people will be smart and some of the smart people will be crazy. The organization has many people that are just crazy over cell phones, data and wireless. Anyway, maybe we will be lucky enough to have loads of info become available. We sure do hope so. Sprint had some crazy people too and some smart people also. Many of them are here on this site in some way.
  9. You are almost in the same class as I am. Actually I date back before the 70"s. I have seen antenna technology change quite often. This is exactly why I asked the question. I am too old to be involved with designing or installing cell sites anymore. However, it just may be possible to find somebody smarter than me that could figure it all out. You have to start thinking less about the physical size antenna and more about the electronics at the antenna. Some laws just can not be broken with RF, but who ever thought those big radios on the ground could be made much more efficient, sized way down and become part of the top mounted antenna. In the 60's, I never dreamed that fiber would be between the base station cabinet and the antennas. We did not even have cell phones.
  10. Yes, things might get sort of messy. The best talent might depart and it could be from either side.
  11. Is it possible that somebody might come up with a way to do MIMO on band 71 with some kind of antenna magic? Consider how small the antennas are for band 71 in the phone. Any company that can come up with a MIMO antenna for band 71 would probably have all the market to themselves for awhile. I do realize the antennas in a phone are not going to ever be the same at a base station. But we can hope that the base station antennas can be improved.
  12. What I liked about S4GRU was that the site drew the technical people rather that the ones that had phone problems from drops or water issue and billing issues. Technical issues got discussed here and solved. Problem children were on REDDIT or similar sites with crazy issues that they often created themselves.
  13. If they have to borrow money to do a high amount of upgrades, now is the time to do it with interest rates so low. They still have to pay off the loans at some point, but very low interest is sure attractive. Sprint might have been borrowed to the hilt, but T-Mobile has loads of debt too. I am not sure how much more they can borrow to do massive upgrades.
  14. If I was responsible for managing US Cellular and wanted to stay in business, I would try to get a very good new roaming agreement with the new T-Mobile. Even that may not be enough to survive, but that is their best chance to remain in business.
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