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  1. I'm in the EXACT same boat, my contract also ends in November and I'm torn between the two. I live in Queens as well, and I too have an iPhone 4S.
  2. Something odd happened today, I had 1+ Mbps speeds and pings around 100 for about 15 minutes, sucks it had to go back to normal lol.
  3. *$207, although I do agree. What's even more ridiculous is that there's only a $2 difference in production costs for the 16GB and 32GB variants, yet they charge $100 more for the 32GB version. That's just highway robbery. My iPhone 4S feels super outdated as well, 17 months is like a decade for today's phones. But I can't complain about the 4S's lack of LTE, it wouldn't have made a difference considering Sprint lacks LTE as well (well...in Southeast Queens), hopefully NV and the iPhone 5S will be here in time for my upgrade in July.
  4. I'm actually surprised to see that the NYC Market has surpassed the LA Market in terms of completion, although the difference is insignificant.
  5. I thought they were only in Brooklyn, The Bronx, & Long Island....at least it appears so on Sensorly. I never see those wifi areas anywhere else. If my area (Queens) had those I wouldn't be so thirsty for NV.
  6. I noticed my speeds were faster than normal (NV-like) so I ran a speed test, this was the result: I have an iPhone 4S, which doesn't have LTE. Sprint HSPA+? Lol.
  7. I really wish Google Fiber was available here.
  8. NV 3G is just great, the difference is very noticeable. Speeds remained fast (1.5+ Mbps) in Midtown during rush hour, everything loaded in an instant. Too bad I'm in legacy land 99% of the time, I hope they begin working here soon.
  9. I hope the progress in the Rockaways is a sign that Southeast Queens will see NV soon, but I'm not betting on it. Nope, the lowest I've seen was 59. Highest I've seen was 2663.
  10. I'm seeing "2 data speed upgrades" popping up in Nassau County, 3 near Port Washington & 1 in Carle Place. Of course, it may or may not be NV, but 3 in one area is an eye opener. Edit: I see some out in Suffolk County too, 1 in Babylon & another near Mt. Sinai.
  11. I was there earlier in the week and didn't get the stellar 3G speeds I usually see. Glad it's back to normal.
  12. :||| On another note, it's good to see Brooklyn beginning to rival the Bronx (on Sensorly).
  13. Does this appear to be Sprint? Or is it something else? Whatever it is, those taller panels weren't there before (I believe), so I assumed it was NV.
  14. Do they usually upgrade all panels at once? The tower closest to me appears to have one new panel, but then again I can only see it from one side. It looked like a NV panel to my untrained eye. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. I only ran one speed test, it's a dramatic difference. Edit: Nevermind, it appears to be more than one new panel.
  15. Times like this make me wish I had a jailbroken iPhone. If I had a computer I'd do it. It'd be nice if jailbroken iPhones had the ability to map LTE on sensorly.
  16. Pretty odd speeds this afternoon. I hope it's a sign.
  17. This is just insane compared to what I see at home. Hopefully it won't be too long before NV hits.
  18. Pings have improved dramatically, but speeds are still slow. Lol @ the grade being an A+ though.
  19. I get that all the time, I have it right now. I thought it stood for 1xRTT.
  20. Yeah there's definitely work going on in my area. A few minutes ago I couldn't even get a data connection, and now my phone is connected to what I assume is a NV tower, download speeds are around 0.70 Mbps and upload speeds just below 1 Mbps. Pings in the 90's & 100's. I didn't move an inch. Whether they just flipped something on or I got kicked to a different tower, I hope stays.
  21. I wouldn't call it wierd, that actually sums up the service I've been getting in my area for about a year now.
  22. Whoa, fastest 3G speeds my phone has ever seen. I'm surrounded by NV on all sides, it's closing in on me. I wonder if there's LTE here.
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