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  1. Haven't had 3G all day, I hope it's NV-related. Although I imagine it's too windy to be working on towers.
  2. That probably explains why I had less than stellar 3G speeds in Jamaica, pings were in the 100's though. I was near the dark purple LTE area on sensorly in between Hillside Ave & the Grand Central.
  3. Long Island is huge, everyone's experience will vary. Speaking in general, Long Island does fair a bit better than the boroughs in my experience, but service isn't uniform across entire markets. Some places I frequent in Suffolk County tend to be just as bad as what I get at home in Queens, which is nothing at times.
  4. Depends on the location, some parts of Long Island are just as bad as anywhere else. Most of the highest pings I've seen (1000ms and higher) have been on Long Island.
  5. Whoa, LTE is in my area....but still a few miles away from me, although it's of little use to me considering I have an iPhone 4S. I just hope NV continues creeping south. These sloth-like data speeds need to end, once and for all.
  6. I just passed through the little LTE blob near Jamaica Hospital, didn't get any NV-esque 3G, the ping was near 600. Then once I got past Union Turnpike I got a ping of 92.
  7. Wow, NV in Jamaica. Getting a little closer to me, I'm in South Jamaica. I hope this means the towers near me get NV soon, I know it doesn't, but one can dream. I'll be keeping my eyes open.
  8. I believe I passed by my first NV site(s), one in the NYC Market and one in the Long Island Market, both a couple of miles apart along the LIE. The first 3 (at the bottom) were in Little Neck, it dropped to 0 Mbps before reaching the Nassau County border, then my phone got 5 bars again (which is uber rare) in the Rosyln Heights area and I ran speedtest.net again and got even faster speeds (the top 3), they topped 2+ Mbps while I ran the test. My phone has never seen 3G this fast, I can't wait until NV hits Jamaica, it's in dire need of relief.
  9. Wow, NV is getting closer and closer to me. I wonder if the signal came from a tower in the NYC market or the Long Island market since Valley Stream is a border community.
  10. I really hope this storm doesn't have an effect on the NV progress here.
  11. Wow, that's only 4 miles away from me. I hope it spills southward....well the NV 3G anyways.
  12. Where does the fiber come from? Is it already wired under towns/neighborhoods/etc.?
  13. It must suck to have an LTE phone and not be able to use it lol. I wish I had LTE to look forward to, I have a 4S but I'll be happy with some of the 3G speeds I've seen people post around this site. I hope the new iPhone comes earlier since my upgrade is in July, if not I'll have to wait until the Fall for LTE. I've never called Sprint but I have my eyes peeled for any tower work.
  14. I was curious about that, considering that they go to whichever tower's ready to be upgraded, no matter the location (I think?), it's interesting to see that the vast majority of those towers are in The Bronx. The NV rollout in other markets seem to be a bit more random. If this pattern continues I wonder which borough (or Westchester) is next once The Bronx is completed.
  15. Wow, I wonder if the signal is coming from The Bronx though.
  16. Which sucks, and then we have a Nor'Easter on the way which is gonna make it even worse. At this point I just want things back to normal...not that normal is much better than the current conditions but it's better than nothing.
  17. Sounds like my service in Jamaica, I hardly do anything except browse the web, other tasks are either a hassle or impossible. I think the tower near me is overloaded, it was a recipient of a data speed upgrade (not related to Network Vision) but even when I'm within 100 feet of it my DL speeds are generally around 0.3 Mbps (while upload speeds are just under 1Mbps), it's better than what I get closer to home but it's still slow. I'm don't plan on leaving Sprint though.
  18. When you don't receive phone calls/texts and data speeds are literally 0.00 Mbps (on both 3G & "o"), it's ridiculous, I can understand why some are getting impatient. I'm a very patient person but I'm annoyed. I'm just eager for Network Vision to hit the towers near me. I don't have LTE to look forward to, but I'm hoping the improvements can hold me over until next Fall when I get an LTE phone (most likely the next iPhone). I don't know if I can take another year of this service, it feels like my iPhone 4S is running on the same network my Samsung SPH-A660 (my 1st phone) was running on back in 2005....which sucks because it has 7543389 more features lol.
  19. Does anyone know if the improved 3G will roll out around the same time as LTE? If my 4S starts seeing speeds above 1Mbps I'll be a happy camper.
  20. I can't wait until Network Vision is in full effect, especially in Jamaica, because... I know speed tests don't really tell the whole story but my speeds are normally very slow. I don't need 4 Mbps speeds but I'd like to not feel like I'm on dial up.
  21. My highest was 1.7Mbps back in April, I don't think my phone has come anywhere close to that since.
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