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  1. 1. Samsung SPH-A660 (2005-2006?) 2. iPhone 4S (2011-Present) The first one was my first phone, I couldn't imagine having to go back to that.
  2. Sprint's speeds are suspiciously low.
  3. I agree, but I wouldn't rule it out, I believe there are a few European carriers doing 800/2600Mhz LTE. Not supporting it (again) would be a pretty stupid move.
  4. South Jamaica, Queens; surrounded by LTE on 3 sides lol.
  5. I typically see 0-350k DL speeds with 400-700ms pings, which is fine for web browsing, tweeting, etc. I try to avoid anything data intensive, it'll either stall or kill my battery quick (or a combination of both) or just not work altogether.
  6. Yes, I know it isn't. I was basically stating that being in an area with strong LTE coverage isn't always a guarantee of getting NV 3G.
  7. I'm aware, but I just fail to see how the NYC Market has had a "complete 3G overhaul" when only 50% of the sites have seen NV upgrades. If anything, it should be just that, fifty percent. But I'm no expert.
  8. How can the 3G upgrades be fully complete if only 50% of the sites in the NYC market have seen NV upgrades? And if a site has been upgraded but the backhaul isn't ready, I don't see how it can be considered complete. I'm also referring to just NYC (Queens/Brooklyn), it seems like I'm almost always connected to a legacy site, even if I'm in an area with strong LTE coverage (which, I know means little), but that's just my luck, of course. I'm not complaining or anything, I know the wait is almost over (hopefully).
  9. There's no way that's true, the NYC market is only 50% complete. Most places I frequent still have slow 3G.
  10. I don't really care who arrives here first since both should have LTE when it's time for me to upgrade/switch in the fall, I just expected Sprint to be first. My main concern is with the 3G. I live in Queens, but I'm in the Long Island market half of the time.
  11. I said the same thing lol, and it's looking like that will be the case. Not that it matters to me, since I don't have a phone capable of LTE, but still.
  12. I see T-Mobile is turning it's LTE on in parts of NYC, I guess a launch shouldn't be too far away.
  13. I noticed that I've been losing 3G lately along the Southern State Pkwy between exits 17 and 20, I wonder if work is being done around there.
  14. The lowest dBm I've seen was -42, the highest was -136 I believe.
  15. What a difference 6 blocks can make. Hillside Avenue: Union Turnpike:
  16. Cool, that's only a few miles from where I am at the moment, too bad my phone doesn't support LTE.
  17. I'm not surprised, AT&T's 3G was also spotty for me in Queens, compared to T-Mobile and Sprint anyways. And looking at some old speed tests, the 3G was in the same ballpark as Sprint's 3G. Definitely don't miss AT&T at all.
  18. That's the exact same thing I go through everyday, especially during rush hours, I've done the airplane mode cycle so much that I can do it without even looking lol. But today it just kept cycling between "Searching..." and "No Service" no matter what I did. If it's NV, I wouldn't even mind, they can keep the tower offline for as long as they need lol.
  19. I had no service for about an hour this morning, and when it returned, 3G wasn't usable until I left my area. As much as I want it to be due to NV, I doubt it is. On the bright side, I'm getting stellar service in Long Island today, in an area where pings in the thousands were the norm not too long ago.
  20. Is there something preventing them from having the downlink on 1700mhz?
  21. The Long Island market is nearly 1/4th complete. Whether there's LTE or not, idk.
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