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  1. I have an iPhone 12 on Sprint but on TNX. I read a comment on Reddit from a person that said they did not get global roaming when traveling overseas. Anyone experience this issue here? I’m not traveling overseas anytime soon but when I do, I don’t want to encounter this issue. The person in Reddit said they had to revert back to a Sprint SIM.
  2. Thank you. The reason I ask is because I have yet to see n41 speeds and all I see is n71 for 5G and Band 2 and 66 for LTE. I have the iPhone 12 on TNX.
  3. How is T-Mobile n41 deployment coming along in Brooklyn, mainly Borough Park? is there map to keep track of their deployment?
  4. Carrier Update 41.1 just came out for my iPhone XS. Anyone knows what it could be for?
  5. Are Sprint users roaming onto T Mobile in NYC? Or what parts of the US can Sprint roam onto T Mobile? I ser Sprint’s coverage in Montana is still gray, rather than showing Extended LTE Roaming.
  6. I’ve seen improvements in the Bronx these past two weeks and in parts of Brooklyn where I had made the network report. Glad to know that Sprint really does look into these and fixes them quickly.
  7. Does Sprint really look into the network feedback comments? I’ve posted a few feedback comments through the app in regards to the network in the last week.
  8. Oh wow, you’re right. Mine now says PRL 55072. so now the PRL updates automatically, no need to do ##UPDATE#?
  9. Why are data speeds slow in the Bronx and around some parts of the FDR? I would think with some parts of NYC lit up with 5G, that Massive Mimo would helo increase speeds. Lately some areas of the FDR are getting really slow, I can’t even load Google Maps.
  10. I figured it out, I updated my software from iOS 12.4 to 13.3 and the PRL changed to 55071.
  11. My wife also has a XS that we bought through Apple but under Sprint. I would have to check her SIM card later when i get home My SIM card ends with SG10003a
  12. It shows the SIM card # followed by SG and a few numbers, is that what u need?
  13. Excuse my ignorance but how do I check?
  14. I saw that post on reddit and today I contacted Sprint via chat and they told me my PRL is correct but they can't explain why my wife's is 55071 and mine is 33046. She is under a family plan with her sister's and I'm on my own plan on the byod but all my services work just fine. I just hope it does not affect my roaming.
  15. I meant to say, will I still have the same coverage as those on PRL 55071 or will my phone not connect to the extended roaming towers if I stay on PRL 33046?
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