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  1. That's interesting, Jamaica's LTE coverage is hardly healthy according to Sensorly, and there are large swaths of it without any LTE coverage at all. And Lol @ Queens neighborhoods being launched individually. 2 down, 764338 or so more to go.
  2. I really hope Apple includes the Qualcomm RF360 in the next iPhone(s). It'd make it a "world phone". Sprint's entire network would be supported.
  3. Wow, I really wish that was available here. There isn't anything remotely comparable to that in NYC, to my knowledge at least.
  4. Service in Coney Island was....interesting. My phone was on 1x for the vast majority of the time. And it died quickly.
  5. I'm not expecting Tri-band at all, at this point I just hope 800 LTE is included.
  6. I think it's funny that Sprint shows my area as having 'Best' LTE coverage when there isn't any LTE coverage to speak of lol. But idc, it doesn't effect me (yet), as long as they manage to have that level of coverage in place before the next iPhone comes out.
  7. It's wintertime in this video, I didn't know sites were being removed before June 30th.
  8. Why must they hold off on upgrading the 3G (EVDO) until nearby towers in the area see NV upgrades as well? For 1x, I can understand, but what kind of EVDO-related issues would anyone run into when traveling between NV and legacy areas, besides a dramatic drop/increase in performance? I never encountered any hiccups between Jamaica (legacy 3G) and Fresh Meadows (NV 3G), the transition is pretty seamless.
  9. I wonder if any NV work gets done at night, I had no service for over an hour last night, and then it randomly came back like nothing ever happened.
  10. I wonder how long they had to wait for backhaul. I'm not even surprised, if the Curiosity Rover can acheive faster download speeds on Mars than I can on 3G in NYC, anything is possible, although I'm glad I don't have to contend with 800,000 ms pings lol.
  11. Tower work is going on in Ronkonkoma at the moment. I saw workers at the base of the tower with thick black wires. Shortly after that, my iPhone switched to "Extended 3G" for about 30 minutes, I had a strong Sprint connection (4 bars) prior to that. I can't verify if it's a Sprint site as I'm not a sponser (yet), and I didn't get a good look at the panels (although I saw about 3-4 carriers on it), but it's located on Portion Road in between Hawkins Ave and Gatelot Ave.
  12. My connection keeps dropping in Selden, so I ran a speed test. DL speeds were at 2.5 Mbps during half of the speed test before settling at 2 Mbps. Pings were in the low 100's. Could be unrelated to NV, but I've never seen speeds that high in this area, nor have I ever seen peak 3G speeds that high on Sprint.
  13. I wonder if they work in these conditions. Heat indices in the 100's and random thunderstorms popping up with hail and tons of lightning. Sounds dangerous.
  14. I notice this as well, and it's even more apparent when I tether my iPad to my phone. I always thought it was the website's response to my slow connection (if that's even possible). But with apps like Instagram and Flickr, the pictures are always low quality unless I'm on wifi (even if the wifi is slow), whether 3G is performing well or not.
  15. I think the tower that went live with LTE (near Springfield Blvd in Queens) is the same tower my phone was connected to when I ran this speed test in February:
  16. Good to see LTE beginning to expand into my neck of the woods, still not in my immediate area but it's getting close, 3G still sucks though.
  17. I'm glad it's just Beta 1 and certain elements are likely going to be changed. The icons should look a little more sophisticated.
  18. I'm no developer, but lower fragmention sounds like a boon to me. Having to support older hardware in addition to outdated software sounds like a daunting task, especially as new API's and features come along, but I could be wrong. Never mind potential security issues that may arise with 2+ year old software, you're essentially a sitting duck for some sort of problem/attack, does Google issue patches for older versions of Android? Personally, when I had an Android phone, I found being trapped on 1.5/1.6, while 2.0 was available for quite some time, to be pretty annoying. But then again, Android was quite terrible/clunky back then. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like having the ability to update my device to the newest version of the OS the minute it's released.
  19. Let's not forget that Android has taken a lot from the iPhone as well. It goes both ways. Not really, it's virtually the same Yahoo weather app that's in the App Store, but with some minor differences. Not a surprise considering the iPhone's weather app has always been powered by Yahoo.
  20. I think I'll be sticking with iOS.
  21. Excellent service at Six Flags, data speeds were consistently fast, everything was snappy. I miss it already. And my phone's battery actually lasted all day without me having to dim the screen all the way and turn off cellular data.
  22. Both Sprint and T-Mobile have sucked for me in rural/lower populated areas, especially Pennsylvania and Virginia.
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