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  1. http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/05/08/sprint-will-begin-throttling-the-top-5-of-data-users-in-congested-markets/
  2. Worst nightmare would have been to come back today to the same spot and see the LTE signal gone but its up and seems better than yesterday. Speedtest showed 8.3Mbps down.
  3. JUST picked up LTE in Jurupa by Pyrite and Mission. Speeds were horrible the past couple days and I wasnt able to load anything on 3G. Checked my phone after lunch and did a double take because I saw the LTE in the notification bar. Just did a speed test 3.70Mbps, nothing to write home about but at least it's usable data now.
  4. In the Jurupa area, speeds are still atrocious. I remember Feb/March was the estimated time, I don't think theyre going to make it
  5. If you open a new line or add a line to your plan via Amazon the Note 3 is $112 right now That's the lowest I've seen it.
  6. ive had that a few times. also the camera wont work at times. its just a black screen and then the process stopped working message. Ive had to reboot a few times
  7. if your imei didnt work its because some posters on slickdeals started stealing other people's credits. one guy bragged about having 1000 in google play credits because he kept generating different imei numbers. i alerted the mods there but they dont seem to care. this is verified because my friend went to log in his note 3 and his wifes but the site said they were already claimed
  8. How would you not notice a difference? The speeds in a Spark location should blow away a LTE location.
  9. I think the issue is that HTC has already gone on record saying that they're focusing on low and mid range phones. I think they're going for bulk sales with this new approach. Hopefully they bring out a HTC one successor, but if the HTC Max (it's not top of the line and you can argue this but even HTC admitted it) is an indication then who knows what to think.
  10. While I don't agree with the "trolls" posting just to bash Sprint, I certainly understand the frustration that might lead them to it. If you're in an area that gets great LTE speeds, then you would see it as being baseless but there's countless Sprint customers that are hanging on in HOPES of what will happen. I have been with Sprint for years and continue to hold hope that this will be a great network and the only one truly offering unlimited. As it is, I currently get 24Mbps LTE a block from my house yet need an Airvana at home. At work, I get .20-.35 speeds which is frustrating, but I'm clinging onto my plan because of what the future holds. The folks that are bashing Sprint probably came on with the OG Evo or the Iphone and expected similar speeds or coverage to whatever it is they left from. My cousin had 4 lines on Verizon with unlimited plans. When he had to pay out of pocket to upgrade for 4 iphones, he said screw it and came to Sprint. He gets great coverage in LA on his primary line, but the rest of his family have useless data in the Riverside area. He plans to keep his line and cancel all the others when their contracts are up..so I certainly understand the frustration that some may feel.
  11. I was having poor speeds on 55016 so I went to 54016 and it seems better. I'm not getting a "roaming" notice though so is there a difference between the two in how "crowded" they are? sorry for these newb questions.
  12. Is there a difference between 55016 and 54016? One is corporate liable and the other is individual liable? Would Sprint see that I used the corporate one, and if they did does that present a problem since I'm not actually roaming? Thanks
  13. how are you guys doing in the inland empire/riverside area? im consistently getting .20-.33 down in Jurupa/Eastvale. data is currently useless because the speeds are so bad.
  14. No, but not sure why this is still up https://twitter.com/sprintcare/status/392020002091450368
  15. They took down: https://twitter.com/sprintcare/status/391735974381621248
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