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  1. I hope mine doesn't change, I have 51098 on my 5S. I'm not within range of any LTE, but when I am I'd like to experience it.
  2. I don't, I fear a merger would just create another AT&T/Verizon monster, and there'd be no real competition. I like how T-Mobile and Sprint kind of keep each other in check, and while they're not as strong as the "big 2", they're both serious competition, as evidenced by the way little ol' T-Mobile has been shaking up the industry for the past year or so.
  3. No thanks, I don't like the idea of less competition.
  4. Finally!! Closer to home I have a fringe LTE signal with legacy 3G speeds, but it's a start. I just hope I don't have to wait years for improvements.
  5. But if other apps support it, I doubt it's an Apple restriction. I'm actually surprised this restriction is exclusive to the iPhone, but if it was Google's decision I wouldn't be shocked if the restriction comes to Android as well.
  6. It is Google, it's their app. When you try to change the quality settings it says "manual quality selection over cellular networks is not supported", that isn't Apple's doing. Not that HD streaming matters to me, I can't even watch anything on 3G using the app, but the restriction exists. In my experience, the mobile site works way better (on both cellular and wifi), for whatever reason.
  7. And it sucks, but iOS trumps LTE 2500 for me. After having a severely bogged down 1x/EVDO connection for 2 years, LTE 800/1900 should feel like another world, unless our market ends up like Chicago. It'd be nice if a software upgrade enabled LTE 2500 on the 5S, but that isn't gonna happen.
  8. It sounds like the music is no longer on your iPad mini somehow. The opposite used to happen to me, songs in my iTunes library would have an exclamation mark next to them and wouldn't play, but the music would play on my iPhone via iTunes. I don't think restoring your iPad is necessary, I think removing the music from your iPad and then re-syncing the music would solve the problem, but I'm no expert.
  9. I know it's likely a coincidence, but my 3G has improved going into this "launch". DL speeds are generally in the 0.6 to 1.2 Mbps range with pings around 100. Not the greatest, but at least it's functional now. I hope this speed boost means LTE has arrived in time for my upgrade.
  10. So NYC is fully launched now. As long as LTE is fully functional in my area when I upgrade, I'll be satisfied, finally.
  11. I'm getting some nice pings here in Jamaica, Queens:
  12. Kind of surprised at the lack of LTE at Green Acres, on sensorly it's purple, but the phones in the Sprint store only had 3G.
  13. Would Wifi calling make the Airave obsolete? I'm not exactly sure how wifi calling works, but it just seems like it'd be less of a hassle.
  14. The Parallax effect doesn't bother me at all, but I have it turned off, along with other battery intensive features, like "background app refresh". iOS 7 itself is more battery intensive than iOS 6, and when coupled with a 2 year old device and poor network conditions my 4S's battery just gets annihilated within 3-4 hours. It looks way better though, our 1st gen iPad on iOS 5 just looks so clunky now. If only the battery life remained the same.
  15. Right. A lot of us don't even have LTE 1900 in our areas yet, so while Tri-Band-capability would've been nice, what good is it if you're still on the legacy network (or in an LTE 1900-only area). Don't get me wrong, I'm still slightly disappointed, it should've been Tri-Band, but who's to say when LTE 2600 will even be available. Just like the 4S, I was a little disappointed when it arrived without LTE, but LTE has yet to exist here, so I didn't miss anything.
  16. I still bounce back and between EVDO and 1x here in South Jamaica, Queens, even with a decent connection. The data speeds are virtually the same, although pings on 1x are slightly better. I just hope LTE is up and running here by the time the next iPhone comes out in Sept/Oct, I'm not even anticipating any 3G improvements at this point, that ship has sailed.
  17. I wonder if there'd be more LTE coverage in Queens if it was served by Optimum. If I remember correctly, Queens and Brooklyn began receiving LTE around the same time, but Brooklyn, which is served by Optimum, has outpaced Queens quite a bit. Idk, it's just an observation.
  18. Roaming was my first thought but my phone still read "Sprint" at the top as opposed to "Extended", and I was confused as to why it read "cellular" instead of "SMR". Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't know Verizon occupied that band.
  19. I believe I just witnessed 1x 800 in Jamaica, I dialed *3001#12345#* while in an elevator and the "Rx0 Band Class" read 800 MHz cellular band. Upon exiting the elevator, it immediately returned back to "1.8 to 2.0 MHz PCS Band".
  20. I see NV panels at the top of the tower on Middle Country Road on the border of Selden/Coram. No NV-like 3G speeds though.
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