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Found 6 results

  1. It's official: Google Fiber is coming to Austin. AT&T has also said that, provided they get the same incentives that Google does, they'll run gigabit as well. I trust AT&T about as far as I can throw one of their VRADs, but we'll see what happens between now and when Google connects its first customer, over a year from now.
  2. CricKet now has a reasonable amount of LTE, up significantly from the two cities that they had before (Las Vegas and Tucson): http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=11513 They have a version of the LG Connect 4G (they call it the Optimus Regard) and will have the GSIII soon. Data cards aren't yet available in the new markets, but tethering on a phone is available. As usual, all plans include unlimited everything-except-data; data speeds are throttled past 2GB, 5GB or 10GB, depending on whether you get the $50, $60 or $70 plans, and tethering is allowed on $60 and $70 options. Now if only CricKet had an inside source that provided information similar to what S4GRU has for Sprint...then I could figure out just how overblown CricKet's coverage maps are (I'm right on the edge of LTE coverage here, according to their map)...
  3. What 3g speeds do you guys average?! please I am a long time AT&t customer, looking to switch to sprint when i preorder the iphone 5 tonight. I tried sprint on the iphone 4s last year, my speeds were on average .2 mbps - .3 mbps. I couldnt use siri, send pics, spotify, etc. I know LTE is on its way in the next couple of months (*crosses fingers) and i would looooove to have true unlimited LTE.. i just worry service will be spotty in my area/lte will take longer than expected to deploy. In the mean time i would be stuck with the 3g.. so i'm considering going with verizon. Thanks a lot *edit* really not just austin tx, anyone can post!
  4. Working right now on getting a Clear Spot to test out WiMAX in areas near home (using "near" in the Texas sense...so draw a circle with a radius of 2.5 hours' driving time around my location). I would use my phone, but Robert has my OG Epic now I'll likely be making use of Clear's limited-time passes (day and two-hour) to do my testing, since I have a cable connection for my main 'net access that clocks in well above what I expect to see from Clear (50M down, 5M up vs. <20M down, 1.5M up). Location #1 will be my apartment, roughly 1000 feet from a Clear monopole in NW Austin, as the crow flies. I'll test indoors and outdoors to see how much a wall or two attenuates my signal (probably a fair amount, since we're talking about 2500MHz here). Fun fact: this site is backhauled via microwave, according to AntennaSearch. Two 18GHz radios on three channels, plus one 23GHz radio on two channels, according to AntennaSearch. Wonder whether that will impact throughput... Location #2 might be pretty much under the same cell site, to see how wide the vertical beamwidth of Clearwire's antennas are. Oh, and downtilt. Location #3 will be in Kerrville, somewhere where Clear shows they have service via their Protection Site there. It may take a little while to find such a place, but I'll look for one with a good signal and do some testing. Since the site is the only one in the area, Clearwire doesn't have any wireless backhauls to elsewhere, making it harder for me to easily find the site. They also don't tell me where their tower is in that city, though it looks like it's somewhere toward the south side of town. Locations #4 and above will be elsewhere where Clear has service, either in Austin (likely) or San Antonio (less likely). I may or may not test more than the three above locations, but who knows. If I do test in San Antonio, it will be on the north side of town.
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