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Pixel 4A SIM card

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    • I've been pretty impressed by T-Mobile's network performance lately in Long Island. It looks like they're slowly but surely pushing n41 into the suburbs. As a side effect, n71 and LTE performance as a whole have increased quite a bit. I'm assuming this is because T-Mobile is increasing backhaul at a number of sites in anticipation of these n41 upgrades happening.  These are indoor and outdoor n41 speed tests from the same site in Flower Hill/Roslyn, NY on n41. This is eNB 45048 on Cellmapper. It's near a strip of stores that have pretty high foot traffic so the ability to get these speeds is awesome. I also spent some time in Ronkonkoma and got these speeds indoors on LTE and n71. You can see that the speeds are pretty similar but the main benefit of 5G is the ~15Mbps increase in upload speeds. I beleive this is eNB 42322.
    • I had a similar screen on my OnePlus 8 after switching to TNX yesterday afternoon. I wasn't sure if it was real or not, so I sent a report to you. It did have other stuff though, so maybe it was real.
    • I've seen n41 in rural-ish areas already, plus some B41 on sites that were 25/26 only a year ago. They seem to be getting better about not just deploying a single band in places, though from what I've seen the more rural setup appears to be whatever B/n71 they have, plus a 5x5 B2 carrier to use as an NR anchor. Narrower bandwidths go further, hence running 5x5 when they definitely have the spectrum for more.
    • So, my home connection has changed, and NOT for the better. I can hope this represents some temporary status during a changeover . . . Update: back on Sprint B26 with download of 15Mbps
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