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  1. My M8 and M7 can get LTE. My Evo LTE and friends SG4 cannot. I get it all over Natomas ????????
  2. Okay so for real this time. I have LTE at my house off of Northgate no way it's the tower at the airport.
  3. I got LTE for a brief moment at the Sleep Train Arena. My brother said he gets a constant LTE signal off of Club Center in North Natomas. Is July still a possible switch date?
  4. I just saw LTE pop up on my phone for a few seconds while on Northgate! Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk
  5. So this weekend I was plagued with lots of 1X and roaming phone signal. Battery life suffered pretty bad because of it. I stayed primarily in Natomas and downtown. Wondering is this is a prelude of something good to come. My understanding is that coverage becomes a little worse before it becomes a lot better.
  6. Okay. I was only stating that question because of this statement. I figured that, but only wanted clarification. But thank you for the explanation.
  7. Just spent the weekend in SF and Oakland. I got to say, it was pretty awesome getting 4G and not dial up. Blazing past 10 mbps . Man makes me miss Wimax. Just wanted to share my first experience with Sprint LTE.
  8. July and August is not that far away, but still too far. Where do you get any dates from? I have not once seen our region even mentioned next to a release date. Just curious. The way I try to deal with anticipation is to suppress the excitement that one day I will have LTE on Sprint in my neighborhood. :-)
  9. I work a couple miles from that Target. I've had very solid 3G speeds as of recent. 6 months ago, it was pitiful. I couldn't even stream radio on my phone. Not LTE but getting me by. I guess.
  10. http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/01/16/sprint-announces-28-new-lte-markets-going-live-in-the-coming-months/ Man, I was crossing my fingers before reading this article. I'm impatiently waiting. I would love LTE ASAP in my home town with Sprint badly. I know I'm not entitled. Would be nice though. This is just a vent. Don't take it the wrong way... Okay I'm cool. Back to patiently waiting. I'm glad there are at least a few people on this forum that seem to be in the know. It keeps other people like myself a little more hopeful and willing to wait it out. Thanks for the forum.
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