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  1. I've had 3 LG phones in the last 10 years or so and was never particularly impressed with the brand. Radio performance always seemed subpar to other brands and Samsung in particular. Its a good thing the V20 had a removable battery cause it took me 2-3 to make it through a full day at work. I know people used to complain about bloat on Samsung phones but since I switched back in 2018 to Samsung I've never had issues with it. I used to have to factory reset my V20 every couple of months to keep it running smooth, something I've never had to do with my S9 or S20. I did love the knock on feature
  2. I've also noticed here that all of the N41 sites with the older Nokia M-MIMO gear is still only at 60MHz, but the newer Nokia gear is all at 80 MHz. Both have 2 20MHz LTE carriers as well. If this is some limitation of the old gear I bet we see them start swapping those out soon with the newer version.
  3. I've been noticing around here that EN-DC for NSA N5 has been a mess recently. I guess it has to be configured for each LTE carrier on each sector, as sometimes it only 1 particular carrier on one sector, sometimes its the same one on all sectors, and some sites seem to only have it configured for the primary carrier for B2 and B66, and the 2nd and 3rd carriers don't get N5 aggregation. It usually varies site to site. Some sites it works on all sectors/bands like its supposed to. Some that previously worked don't work now. Typically on those bands/sectors that it doesn't work you won't even ge
  4. Mike, I just turned the option to display location accuracy on, and it's bleeding over into the IP address and overlapping. I can't post a screenshot until I get home later.
  5. And I just got the March update on my AT&T S20 Ultra.
  6. I'm seeing quite a few keep sites around Louisville where T-Mobile had the superior network by a large margin. Far more than I thought I'd see.
  7. I've noticed around here that since B2 was widened to 15x15 that older non-upgraded sites are still only 10x10, even through they are using the same new EARFCN (Previously B2 was EARFCN 1051). I wonder if its a limitation of the older radios?
  8. Finally got the February update on my T-Mobile S20+, including One UI 3.1.
  9. Honestly I never realized those were buttons, I just thought they randomly turned off from time to time 😆. I always use the menu to turn it back on. Now I know.
  10. Well I have finally noticed an issue with the double NAT. I run Unifi Voice on my Ubiquiti UDM Pro and when I'm on my T-Mobile connection I can't make or receive calls on my IP phone. As soon as I switch to my Spectrum connection it works fine. Assuming this is because on T-Mobile it shows a 192.168 address for WAN connection. I'm hoping to port my existing Spectrum phone number to Unifi eventually and get rid of Spectrum all together and save about $100 a month, but I guess I'll have to find or build a cellular router that can pass though the public IP to my UDP Pro. If nothing else this prov
  11. The overlap is weird, I wonder if someone forgot to push a config change in that area. Here the lower Sprint B41 carrier was shut down about a month before T-Mobile n41 was widened to 80MHz. You'd think someone at T-Mobile would notice the noise and interference on their N41 carrier.
  12. Mike, I'm still getting this error on the newest beta. Change log indicates a fix was in the new beta. I sent a diagnostic report.
  13. Report sent. For what its worth I was able to reimport the current log with no issues. Every time I try to import it creates a backup of the current, so I tried one of those and it worked. But none of my older ones will successfully import. I don't usually switch things around on my phones very often so its been awhile since I've done this. This particular S9+ was used to map Sprint/T-Mobile data previously but since they finally killed my inactive Sprint SIM I'm going to keep it on Verizon full time (at least until they kill that SIM). I'm able to open the Verizon DB on my laptop and see
  14. Yeah, I still haven't gotten the February update yet on my T-Mobile S20+.
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