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  1. Older post but I can confirm, all of the Meijer stores around my area in KY have a small cell on the roof with an antenna down inside the store also. Cellmapper has first seen dates of March and April 2019 on all of the ones I've checked so far around here.
  2. Here's a little humor for the day... Looks like they told the rookie to loop up the excess at the pole. I've seen many figure 8 service loops before but damn...
  3. I keep forgetting that they are running 1x800 and LTE on the same radio. Both AT&T and Verizon use Ericsson equipment here also and both have been adding B5 everywhere with their recent upgrades, so I wasn't sure if Ericsson had developed a newer 4x4 capable radio for them. Given the number of LTE bands AT&T has deployed here I wouldn't think they'd want to accommodate the weight and space of a 2nd radio to get 4x4 MIMO if that was the requirement. But I'm also not sure if they're even doing 4x4 on low band. I was going through some of my old tower pics and that's what got me thinking that these are the same radios that were deployed on the original NV installations 5-6 years ago. And for some sites they're the only remaining original equipment as the B25 RRUS11s were swapped out for the RRUS31s and a lot of the original antenna panels have been swapped out also for newer models with the B41 installations and modifications.
  4. That's what I was thinking. Do we know if there is a new B26 RRU coming anytime soon? We have a decent number of the 16 port antennas around here from the Ericsson B41 installs.
  5. Anything new for Ericsson B26 or are they still using the old RRUS11 model? All the sites around me still have the old RRUS11s up, most even still have the old filter attached though it was bypassed years ago. I saw where some of the markets are going to 2T4R for 800, but since these only have 2 ports per radio I'm assuming these are limited to 2x2 mimo only, unless I'm misunderstanding how that works.
  6. What is Sprint's site density like near you? And what kind of RSRP, RSRQ, and SNR are you seeing on B26? Even around me where Sprint is much more spread out than the other carriers B26 (5x5) performs well. Like Robert reported in his area around here the network is well optimized so that I am not on B26 unless necessary. Also, what does Sprint have deployed for B25 around you? If they are having to use B26 for capacity instead of coverage that could be contributing to the slowness. And another thing I just thought of, I'm not sure which modem your iPhone has, but I recall seeing several complaints on HoFo in the AT&T threads about how subpar the Intel (I think) modem was at lower signal levels compared to a phone with the latest Qualcomm hardware. The differences really seemed to show at weaker and dirtier signals.
  7. I've ran into this issue several times in my area. It looks like the Nokia 8T8Rs were the only setups to use the +1450 offset around here. The Nokia Mini Macs, Ericsson B41 8T8R, and Ericsson M-MIMO sites all use different GCIs. I've ran into several cases recently of a site pulling the wrong note for B41, and also the reverse where a previously logged B25 site pulls an incorrect note from a B41 site I logged. A lot of the B41 GCIs in Louisville are pulling notes from the Evansville IN, Owensboro KY areas. When I changed the site note for the B41 site it was also changing the notes for those B25 GCIs. Made for an interesting trip when I was out in Evansville/Owensboro for work last week. Would it be possible to put a switch in the app to turn that feature off? Also, I've noticed a difference in TA values at roughly the same distance while on B41 compared to B25/B26. I'm also seeing odd number TA values on B41, which i didn't think was possible with the correction factor applied. I can provide more examples of each scenario if needed. I haven't submitted a diagnostic report yet but can if you think it will be helpful.
  8. I'm seeing a lot of new small cells in my area using these Nokia Mini Macro radios. Both Sprint only sites and Crown Castle small cells shared with Verizon. They are removing a bunch on these radios from macro sites with the M-MIMO installs, looks like they are putting them back to good use. I've been very impressed with the range on these, most of them are usable at least a mile from the site. The screenshots are from a different small cell location, the first one I found in Louisville this morning wasn't in a good location for taking pictures, there was a tree between it and the parking lot next to it. I found the one pictured below on my way home from that one. Another note, at least around here all of the small cells are using a different EARFCN than the macro sites, making it easier to locate by SCP logs and looking at your neighbor cell list. Here they are all using 40072/40270. Macros are using 41094/41292/41490. Shared site, on this particular small cell the bottom two radios are Verizon B13 & B4. Looks like a JMA antenna. I'm assuming these are tapping into the existing fiber at the base for backhaul, I didn't see the wireless backhaul receiver on the pole. Sprint only site:
  9. I've been noticing in my area that these don't seem to following the same +1450 GCI offset the 8T8R installs did. All of them seem like random assignments and its making my SCP log interesting. Is this consistent for other markets as well or is this the exception rather than the rule?
  10. At the rate they're throwing these up around here I wouldn't be surprised if they try to launch 5G here first half of next year. Three weeks ago I found 4 site conversions in one week. The new GCI makes it easy to notice the change even if I don't directly drive by that site.
  11. Massive MIMO popping up all over Louisville, KY. This is Ericsson territory but these look slightly different than the one on the first post. Possibly newer hardware revision.
  12. I noticed when I made it home a little bit ago that my home site in Bullitt county was still the old configuration. Just since I've been home its been reconfigured.
  13. Looks like the 3 B41 carriers shifted to a different EARFCN today in Louisville, anybody else notice this in other areas? It was 40978, 41176, 41374. Now it's 41094, 41292, and 41490. I wonder what the reason for the shift was?
  14. Negative, West KY is a Sprint Corporate market. To my knowledge Shentel isnt anywhere around here, except for the far eastern parts of KY. That would fall closer to East KY market which covers Lexington and most of eastern KY.
  15. West KY Market. Louisville, Owensboro KY, some southern Indiana, and southern Illinois. Mostly Ericsson territory but a handful of Samsung sites in Illinois and Indiana. I spent most of this week out in Illinois for work.
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