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  1. I found something interesting while looking through some AT&T site plans I found online, this is from a site in Connecticut. Looks like they have a SiriusXM repeater on the B30 antenna. I'm guessing this helps to eliminate the interference B30 causes to Sirius receivers. I wonder if they'll eventually do this in all of the markets they had to shrink B30 down to 5x5, or at least in the urban areas.
  2. I came across this site watching a YouTube video and looked it up on the sponsor maps and Google Maps. Is it safe to have people that close to these antennas? Especially the life guards and attendants that stay up there for hours at a time? This looks to be a full marco site as the site ID has an XC identifier and its listed as having all of the Sprint technologies active. It might just be a very low power site.
  3. Good news, borrowed 600 MHz spectrum extended through June 30th. https://www.tmonews.com/2020/05/t-mobile-extends-600mhz-spectrum-agreements-june-30/
  4. Its mostly south of Louisville, there's a large chunk where Bluegrass Cellular (Verizon's LTEiRA partner) owns the upper 5MHz of A block. In Louisville its 20x20 (A+D) (plus the 5x5 C4 block for a 2nd carrier), but south of the Metro area that's split into 10x10 and 5x5, plus the additional 5x5 on C4 block. Not sure if Bluegrass would be open to any swaps, I guess they could swap the 5MHz chunk of A block for D block or C4 block so they'd at least have one 15x15 or 20x20 carrier, but if they haven't already done that I'm assuming there is a reason. In Bullitt county where I live AT&T has lower and middle A block, D block, and C4 block. T-Mobile now has B, E, F, and C3 blocks in PCS for a 30x30 chunk plus G block. Verizon only has C5 for 5x5 around here in PCS. AT&T also has 3 AWS carriers here with Blocks A, C, and J.
  5. They turned on the 10x10 AWS-1 carrier and B30 overnight last night, as well as N5. Now I can play around with N5 and N71 from my house. When I went by the tower on my way into the office this morning there was someone up on the rack working on something again. Ill try to do a comparison with just B2 and B2+N5 overnight sometime when there should be minimal load on the site to see how much N5 is contributing.
  6. wow, phenomenal upload speeds! Do you know if that is using uplink CA?
  7. Here's all 3 B2 carriers showing around me. EARFCN 1125 is the 3rd carrier I should see soon on my home site. Its the old B2 HSPA 5x5 block and it only goes live on LTE after a site has been upgraded. Technically AWS has 3 carriers here also with the 2 AWS-1 carriers and J block AWS-3. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, I'm just comparing it to other sites around here. And since I've noticed them returning and doing more work on previously upgraded sites I'm curious if this one will be handled in 1 phase or 2. They just completely rebuilt the Shepherdsville site and used dual 12 port panels there for everything. It had already received the First Net upgrades and had all current spectrum active, including B5 before it was shut down for N5. Must have been a modernization upgrade as it had 4 or 5 antenna panels per sector before. It has the 5G indicator but is not yet broadcasting N5. IIRC it was B2/B4/B12 before being upgraded in 2018. It was one of the first sites around here to get the First Net upgrades and it needed it badly for capacity. I also found another new site this week up the hill on hwy44 past Shepherdsville. Mapped and located it on CellMapper. There's still a large dead spot on the other side of the hill close to Dixie Hwy. Verizon has a site that covers that spot pretty good, I want to swing by it sometime soon and see if there's any signs of AT&T co-locating there also.
  9. Yeah those are the new ones. Edited to add: those look like the skinnier 2 panel setups they were adding before where it was either the one large wide panel or the 2 skinnier ones mounted together, though in this case they are separated a bit. They did remove 1 old antenna per sector, might have been the old 1900 gsm/hspa gear since that was shut off 2 years ago. Once the site has a newer B2 radio running I should see the 3rd B2 carrier go live. We'll see if anything happens tonight.
  10. Has anyone gotten the May update yet? Both my phones are still saying no update available on the April security patch. Seems to be running a bit late, I wonder if the COVID pandemic is slowing them down also.
  11. Looks like they finished it up either late Friday or early Saturday morning. I went back Saturday afternoon and their hoist ropes were gone and I haven't seen any activity again until last night. LTE went offline completely for about 6 hours overnight. When it came back up this morning it's still 2/12 only but I now have the 5G icon on both B2 and B12. Even on N5 sites B12 is still 5Ge or 4G LTE. Not sure why the flag is on for B12 here. Looking at some of the pictures I took it doesn't look to have all the current radios either, so I wonder it this was the first of multiple phases. Maybe they cutover new ground equipment last night to come back later and remove the legacy radios/antennas and add the rest of the new equipment. The big 8 port B2/B66 radio is very distinct and easy to spot with the large heat sink fins around it, and I don't see it on there. Plus the 2 new antennas they installed are skinnier than the 2 panel comscope setups they've been doing and don't look to have enough ports for everything it should have. My guess is they'll be back later to remove the old legacy equipment and put up the remaining new equipment then fire it all the way up. I don't usually get to watch a site progress, I usually only notice it when new bands go live and I catch it in SCP so I'm not sure if this is par for the course or not. AT&T is dense enough here that even with LTE being down on that site I had usable LTE from neighboring sites even in my basement. HSPA stayed up on that site throughout and is still on. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  12. I'm out in Southern Illinois today for work and this is the first time I've seen the 2nd B66 carrier notation. They use a different GCI pattern here than in Louisville. It got me wondering, would it be possible to move those variables that define the carrier notations to a table in the database that could be manipulated? That way more advanced users like most of us on here could change if needed to match our home market structure. AT&T seems to be different in each major metro area I've been in for B14 and 2nd and 3rd carriers on all bands. I haven't traveled enough with T-Mobile yet to see if they're consistent. I have no idea how much logic you have in the background to determine carriers now, just thought I'd throw the idea out there. The notarions help to make things easier to spot while driving but other than that its not a big deal it if its too much to do. Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  13. Interesting, I'll have to check this new site in Louisville, this one went up about 8 months ago. Not sure if the one panel is M-MIMO or just an AIR type unit. That's Sprint with B41 M-MIMO on the top rack.
  14. Still up and running around Louisville. They're using 5x5 of their 15x15 PCS license here for edge and HSPA+. Well with the merger now they have 30x30 plus 5x5 G block in PCS. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  15. That's a good thought, I didn't think about it that way.
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