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  1. New update on my T-Mobile S20+ this morning. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  2. Its right next to I64 as soon as you get across the bridge in New Albany Indiana.
  3. I was able to go back to this area today to track this site down and do some testing. The site is also broadcasting a 20MHz B41 carrier, using a different GCI than the rest of the LTE bands on the site. B2/B66 are on 0064C0xx, B41 LTE was broadcasting on 01A539xx. B41 only speedtest: Some other notes, this site is only mapped as 2/4(66) on cellmapper. I didn't think to test but I don't see the typical 600MHz equipment on this site. Not sure why they wouldn't have added that as well, not sure if B12 is present or not either. I did see other B41 neighbors with PCIs different than the 3 associated with this site, so likely there is another site somewhere nearby. B41 LTE did not aggregate with anything else, I had to force my phone to B41 only to connect to it. No B41/N41 at least yet.
  4. I thought the site looked a little different than what the street view shot showed, looks like the site was reconfigured a little when they added 600MHz. I was able to get a picture when I drove by it again today. It was broadcasting N71.
  5. I believe so, I have a -54 RSRP for strongest in my log right next to that structure. Thats right on the water front and next to the KFC Yum Center so I can see why they need the capacity. They also have those huge panels around Churchill Downs as well.
  6. I found a pretty cool looking high capacity T-Mobile site in downtown Louisville, looks like it has at least 9 sectors across B2 and B4/66. https://www.google.com/maps/@38.2591959,-85.7509151,3a,34.5y,42.44h,97.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHs_imwR3nQkikZdtXp7Hfg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en https://www.cellmapper.net/map?MCC=310&MNC=260&type=LTE&latitude=38.25948364842094&longitude=-85.75111121744557&zoom=19.76557502675257&showTowers=true&showTowerLabels=true&clusterEnabled=false&tilesEnabled=true&showOrphans=false&showNoFrequencyOnly=false&showFrequencyOnly=false&showBandwidthOnly=false&DateFilterType=None&showHex=true&showVerifiedOnly=false&showUnverifiedOnly=false&showLTECAOnly=false&showENDCOnly=false&showBand=0&showSectorColours=true
  7. Starting to see the new signage on Sprint stores, this one is in Corydon IN. Now I wish I could connect to the magicbox I know is in there. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  8. One thing I hope T-Mobile has or will add is DAS at areas of large gatherings, sports venues, expo centers, etc. Sprint has B41 inside the KFC Yum Center but every time I was in there it would be completely unusable. Sprint did not have any kind of DAS inside Rupp Arena or Bridgestone arena when I was in those earlier this year. In both of those my Sprint phone was completely unusable while AT&T and Verizon were fine on the DAS. I switched my Sprint line to T-Mobile after the pandemic had started so I haven't been out to any games or large events yet to compare how T-Mobile performs.
  9. http://wirelessestimator.com/articles/2020/arrest-made-following-theft-of-sprint-network-routers-that-took-down-carriers-service-in-texas/
  10. That makes sense, I've had some show up in only a day or two and some take weeks.
  11. T-Mobile is pretty dense in the Louisville metro area, close to matching AT&T as far as macro sites go in most parts of town, both blow Verizon and Sprint out of the water here. This is also a pretty mature B71 & N71 area. When I previously had T-Mobile service back around 2014 they were horrendous here, but they did a ton a work between then and when I switched back in April of this year. What I hope they focus on here is rural coverage, as they are pretty even with what Sprint had and both lag far behind AT&T and Verizon in rural coverage here.
  12. Looks like CellMapper is still either extremely backlogged or having issues mapping NR coverage. I went through Nashville twice over a week ago and none of my AT&T NR mapping is showing up from that entire trip. It was from two different sessions, I went down to Linden TN on Friday afternoon and came back on Monday. Uploaded all points when I got there Friday. Looks like my T-Mobile mapping is showing, I don't think there was any NR showing in Nashville previously. I do have the paid subscription for Cellmapper, which is supposed to prioritize uploads over non-subscribers.
  13. Nice! Haven't seen any changes in PCS here yet, new T-Mobile owns 30x30 + the G block in Louisville. I just forced my phone to B25 and still see both of Sprints usual EARFCNs live. Looks like both are still operating their original 10x10 carriers for now. I wonder if they'll do something like 20x20 LTE and 10x10 NR when they reconfigure it here.
  14. Several updates have been posted to the top of the megathread over on Reddit. Now the FCC is getting involved saying they are launching an investigation.
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