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  1. Anybody have any idea when SA N41 will be turned on?
  2. They just added N41 to a very rural site here in KY between Bardstown and Springfield. I was shocked when I caught that live.
  3. Strange, I was just down there a couple weeks before Christmas and had no issues. Found quite a bit of N71 & N41 too.
  4. Stopped by next to this site on my way in tonight to see how this site performed with minimal load, I was not disappointed. This is my fastest test on T-Mobile so far.
  5. Thats where the two remaining here are as well, EARFCNs 41292 & 41490. N41 was still at 60 MHz this morning here, I wonder how long before they adjust it. Honestly I'm not sure why they moved so fast if that is what they are doing, almost all of the sites I've tested don't have adequate backhaul to even max out 60 MHz, much less 80 MHz.
  6. I'm 99.9% sure that the lower Sprint B41 carrier has been turned off here. I can still get the middle and upper carrier but nothing I try will even see the lower one in neighbor cells or connect to it. This carrier was adjacent to T-Mobile's 60 MHz N41 carrier, so I wonder if they will be widening that to 80 MHz soon, they haven't yet. I also noticed today that I no longer get CA on the 312-250 PLMN, either on B25 or B41. I used to get B25+B25 or B41x3, not sure when or why that stopped.
  7. @mikejeep I noticed a Samsung/Android bug today and wanted to point it out incase someone else notices it too. Since both my S20 ultra and S20+ updated to Android 11 HSPA signal strength is reported as -24 dBm. Cellmapper reports it as -24dBm also so it looks like that's what the OS is passing through to SCP and cellmapper. Service mode screen shows proper signal strength. I sent a diagnostic report just incase there's anything useful.
  8. Looks like AT&T has pushed out the Android 11 update too. My s20 Ultra is currently downloading a 2507.95MB update.
  9. Yes, I see AT&T aggregate multiple B2 and/or B66 carriers. One can be primary or both can be aggregated. T-Mobile is starting to add their AWS-3 to CA with PCS and AWS-1 around here now that it is widespread. I've not seen more than 2 carriers on the same FDD band in CA together.
  10. Hey @mikejeep does this send anything to you when I hit send feedback? I keep having this pop up on my AT&T S20 Ultra but its been pretty much stable on my T-Mobile S20+, not sure what the difference would be. I've been using it more on the S20+ lately as I'm hunting down T-Mobile B(N)41. I'm thinking about doing a clean uninstall and reinstall on my AT&T phone and see if that helps.
  11. I hit quite a bit of AT&T roaming around the Somerset KY area. Was definitely throttled, the bottom speedtest is from my AT&T phone.
  12. I'm hoping so, I've found several 312250 sites around here but some that I would have thought would be kept haven't been broadcasting it. Ill keep checking those sites.
  13. I know there's at least 3 in Lexington, New Circle and Newtown Pike, New Circle and Nicholasville rd, and Man o War and Harrodsburg rd. Likely more than that but those are the ones I noticed in my brief trip through there earlier this week.
  14. And today I noticed this tower is now getting 2500 M-MIMO added. I can't tell if they are removing that crooked antenna or just relocating but all 3 sectors are sitting like that, that's what caught my eye as I was driving by. They are deploying in clusters here, wherever you find one of these there's likely more nearby. Here is a quick look at sites I've found so far in south Louisville with 2500 M-MIMO installed. There's another cluster in the northeast part of Louisville, and I found a couple of these over in southern Indiana this week as well. At least 2 of these got both 600 a
  15. Not too shabby now that they are aggregating the two B41 carriers. This will definitely benefit older non 5G phones as this gets more wide spread. The network pushed me to B41 for the first time today also, usually I have to force my phone to connect to T-Mobile B41.
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