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  1. I was wondering because it actually shows the CA info in SCP. I haven't seen that in either of my S9+ yet. I was hoping that would come with Android 10.
  2. I also found some new iDAS sectors at Rupp Arena. DAS typically has 3 sectors, but I only hit one each for the B30 and secordary B4/B66. Looking at various stadiums and arenas around CellMapper I've found B30 DAS using A3-A8. If I go back to Rupp Arena any time soon I'll lock my phone to B30 and see what I find.
  3. Yeah, 31 corresponds with 23 sector, 4D corresponds with the 3F sector, and 73 corresponds with the 63 sector. For the B2 second carrier part, I've only seen that while looking through New York. Around here and everywhere I've seen it is a Macro ID. I've noticed with AT&T that 2nd carriers and any of the newer spectrum seems to use different GCI patterns in each market.
  4. Has anybody that's not on the beta received the January security update? My Sprint S9+ is on the December 1st update and my AT&T S9+ is on the November 1st update. Both say they are up to date. I wonder if they're waiting on the official Android 10 release now instead of testing and approving more Pie updates.
  5. Looking at CellMapper GCI ending 31 is the 3rd B4/B66 small cell sector. Looking around New York their small cells also have a 2nd B2 carrier thats B2, B3, and B4.
  6. Yeah, I started noticing it around Thanksgiving. I did a 300 mile round trip for work last week and my AT&T phone had 2000 points and my Sprint phone had 200. I have the minimum recording interval set to 1 second on both. Before both would have had about 15,000-20,000 for that trip. I think Mike has said some of the recent android updates are restricting background processes. I wonder if that is affecting the app. On my trip to Baltimore I've keep Cellmapper open with screen on but haven't seen much of a difference that way either.
  7. Has anyone else that uses CellMapper noticed recently that its not mapping nearly as many points as it used to? Both of my phones seem to only be recording about 1/4 the amount of points of what I had been up until recently. All of the app permissions look right and it's not getting killed in background. I tried uninstalling from one phone and deleting all data and reinstalling but it didnt make a difference.
  8. I found some B2,B4/B66 small cells around Baltimore, the B2 is identified but the B4/B66 is not. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. I'll be headed up to Baltimore this weekend for the Raven's game. Looks like the stadium has DAS so I'll see how that performs in the stadium and how the Macro network holds up outside. We'll be driving up Friday from Louisville and heading back Sunday. This will be my first trip to Baltimore, should be a fun trip!
  10. I can report both screen padding and negative SNR are working. Padding set to 100 to test. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  11. This site went live Dec 17th, here's the GCI/PCI data I've gathered so far. Not sure why all of the AT&T sites in this area are so all over the place with PCIs. Hardly any sites line up across different bands on the same sector.
  12. Hey Mike, I noticed recently that SCP is showing positive SNR even if Service Mode and engineering screen is showing negative SNR. I sent a couple of diagnostic reports yesterday. I've also noticed when I'm near my MB at my office and SNR is reported as 30 dBm in service mode SCP does not show SNR. Once it drops to 29.9 and lower it will show it. Not sure if that is by design or not.
  13. So with my Spectrum internet outage tonight (getting to be a regular weekly occurrence) it got me thinking about adding a hotspot as WAN backup to my home router. I know I'll need to get a new router as all I have currently is a basic router/AP setup. My cable modem is separate from my router, so no issues with switching routers. What I'd like to do is have a router setup to use my Spectrum connection as primary, and failover to a hot spot that will likely be connected via ethernet to a 2nd WAN port. I haven't had time to do much research yet, but does anybody have a setup similar to this? I haven't even researched hotspots or hotspot plans yet. Ideally I want the hotspot to still be able to be mobile so I can take it with me when I travel, then plug it back into my router when I'm home.
  14. Interesting. Here I'd say they're 80-85% complete with upgrading sites in the Louisville Metro area, and 50-60% with the suburban and rural sites. Most of the remaining non-upgraded sites around me have had the 2nd GCI added which usually means the physical upgrades are coming soon. They've also been adding small cells like crazy in town and adding new macro sites in rural areas. Louisville does have AT&T's millimeter 5G+ live as well as 5G on 850 MHz. I just came across a new permit for a new AT&T macro site in south Louisville, not sure why we're getting so much love here.
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