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  1. Well I tried it out in my parking lot and even took it home and tried it in my basement and both times it connected to GPS fine. Must be something in this building that's blocking everything outside from getting in. That's the reason I wanted a MB in the first place is because cell service is terrible in this building. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. As far as I know they still don't allow unlocked phones to use VoLTE among other things. My mom's factory unlocked S9+ can't use VoLTE, Wifi calling, or advanced messaging.
  3. Yeah, I checked that before I requested one. It worked great for a day or two. I'm wondering if I have a defective GPS radio or something. If it quits raining here later I'm going to take it outside to my truck and use my power inverter to see if it will connect outside. If it still fails then it has to be defective hardware. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. When I saw it was over 400 MB update I though for sure it was this one. Negative, still just calling plus.
  5. Yep. I'm surprised I got it that fast, usually it's a week or two after an update is released before my unlocked phone can download it. I've been checking everyday.
  6. Just got an update for my S9+. Downloading now. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. I might have spoken too soon. Apparently it rebooted overnight and lost its GPS fix. Now it will not get a GPS lock no matter where I put it, I have it pressed up against a glass window right now. I'm wondering if there is an issue with my MB, our T Mobile cellspot came right up and locked gps with no issue sitting away from the window. MB just keeps saying "No GPS Signal (Error Code: 1101)". Anybody else had GPS issues with a Magic Box?
  8. Looking at the status of transition spreadsheet, I see 6 entries for Army UAS in KY. Army Ft Knox is just south of Louisville, and is pretty much centered in the dead zone on the cellmapper map data. Transition due date is 4/30/2020. I wonder if they'll complete early and release the spectrum before that date or drag it out to the end? I haven't seen TMO fire up any of their AWS-3 here either, I'm guessing they're stuck waiting also.
  9. Does anybody know what previously was using AWS-3 spectrum before it was opened up for cellular traffic? AT&T owns 10x10 J block around here but In Louisville it is still only used as SCC in CA. Its been active as SCC since I switched to AT&T in April of 2018. Once you get away from Louisville it is active as PCC as well. I'm wondering if something is still being migrated off of the UL 1770-1780 MHz range. Here is a map of cellmapper data filtered to AWS-3, I circled Louisville in red as its hard to make it out on the map. Anybody have any ideas?
  10. I received a Magic Box Gold for my office this week. Macro Network speedtest on B26: Connected to MB using LTE backhaul: Connected to MB using Ethernet backhaul: The only issue I've had using Ethernet backhaul is that it still has to get a GPS fix to fully configure when it boots up. It would be nice to be able to move it more centrally in the building to better cover my 2 floor office building, but I had to have it pressed up against a window for it to get a GPS lock. Other than that I've been extremely happy with it so far. Setup was super easy.
  11. Site is finally finished up. Lighting wasn't the best this afternoon but I was able to get some decent pictures. I'm pretty sure the two outer antennas are Commscope NNH4-65A-R6s, 12 ports each, plus 4 ports on the middle antenna. This site is south of Louisville in Bullitt county so the spectrum portfolio is slightly different. When this site is fully up and running it should have: B2 10x10 B2 5x5 B2 5x5 B4 10x10 B4 5x5 B5 5x5 B12 10x10 B14 10x10 B30 5x5 B66 10x10 And possibly 5x0 B29 Commscope NNH4-65A-R6: https://www.commscope.com/catalog/antennas/product_details.aspx?id=46331
  12. I noticed that an additional antenna was added to this site as the last thing the contractors did. I'm not sure if its for 5G, CBRS, or what. Verizon is fairly spectrum constrained here, they're sitting at 90 Mhz deployed right now.
  13. I noticed over the weekend that one of my local AT&T sites is getting all new antennas and radios as part of the ongoing upgrades. Most sites are just getting an additional antenna added and some radio upgrades, I'm not sure why this one is getting the rip and replace treatment. Those are old Nextel antennas still mounted on the top rack. The new pictures were taken from about 1/8 away as the crew was still working in the yard tonight. Once they finish up and move on I'll get some better pictures. This looks to be using a new or at least different Ericsson radio model that in use else where around here currently. Old Setup: https://imgur.com/U0ydQeP https://imgur.com/Zf7AEpR https://imgur.com/rHxL5rY https://imgur.com/q5TQrMj https://imgur.com/eu539cY New Setup: https://imgur.com/Dovlp2n https://imgur.com/PJ96vhZ https://imgur.com/E1NDqu9
  14. They'd never allow it on the corporate network. Luckily we have a Spectrum 200mbps circuit for a guest network. Basically guest wifi and anything that we don't want on the corporate network. We got the tmobile cellspot working pretty easily.
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