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  1. Just got the October update and it's still missing...
  2. I've noticed around here that AT&T is no longer broadcasting their 5x5 secondary AWS1 carrier here on some sites, instead putting the 10x10 AWS3 carrier in its GCI pattern. I'm noticing it on new sites and recent rip and replace rebuilds so far. Wondering if it's just a cost cutting move or if they are positioning to trade that license or move that carrier to NR only. Most sites are still broadcasting all 3 AWS carriers though.
  3. My T-Mobile phone got the update yesterday. SA N41 is still missing for now.
  4. Got the Sept 1st update on my AT&T phone today. Let's see how long it takes T-Mobile this time around.
  5. T-Mobile has widened N41 to 100MHz now in the Louisville, KY area. Looks like they took the Sprint network down to a single 20MHz B41 carrier at EARFCN 41490 and they've changed the GCI pattern to 31, 32, and 33, this was previously the 3rd carrier using 41, 42, and 43 GCI endings. I noticed a decent speed boost at my house from the increase, I used to get 500-550 down about a mile from the site, now I've hit 700 a couple times. I haven't been about to test next to the site yet to see if backhaul has been increased yet, the best I've ever gotten from this particular site at 80MHz N41 was 730 down sitting right in front of it at 4am.
  6. I just noticed, after the update SA N41 is missing now. It's just NSA N41 and SA/NSA N71. Wonder why they removed it. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Got it on mine today as well. Still no N2/N66 enabled.
  8. I'm thinking the constant band switching issue some are seeing may be more of a Samsung issue. Ever since my AT&T S20 Ultra received the August update yesterday its been doing the same thing. Constantly switching bands and even to different towers every 2-3 seconds, occasionally even showing no signal for up to 5 seconds as well.
  9. As I expected my AT&T S20 ultra got the August update this morning. My T-Mobile S20+ is still happy with the June update. Whatever the holdup is it's only affecting T-Mobile as far as I can tell. I wonder if they'll still push the July update and then the August update separately or just roll them together at this point. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Funnily enough I was about to post the same thing. My Tab S6 updated today. Honestly at this point I feel like whoever is in charge of pushing the update out either forgot about it or missed it. I expect the August update any day on my AT&T S20 Ultra.
  11. Looks like T-Mobile is starting to negotiate spectrum swaps. https://www.lightreading.com/5g/t-mobiles-spectrum-swap-with-verizon-hints-at-merger-progress/d/d-id/771617?
  12. I might have answered my question about the radios. And I found a 4th permit tonight, and this one is a current Sprint tower.
  13. I just checked again on my T-Mobile S20+, it's still saying up to date with the June 1st update.
  14. Just found 3 Dish Wireless permits in Louisville! Anyone know much about these radios? I'm curious what they will be broadcasting here. The full site plans are attached to the permit if anyone wants to see them, you'll have to create an account then just search cell tower permits under building permits here: https://aca-prod.accela.com/LJCMG/Login.aspx
  15. On a T-Mobile sim you can use *#2263# to get into that menu. There used to be a workaround on xda that worked to let you enable bands the phone was capable of but were firmware disabled, but that quit working with one UI 3.0. All I see on my S20+ are what I mentioned above.
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