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  1. Still not out for my T-Mobile phone. It's funny that the June update came out super fast and now it'll be August before they push the July update.
  2. Also I wonder when/if AT&T will flip any of their 2nd and 3rd PCS/AWS carriers to NR. In Louisville it's 20x20 and 5x5 for PCS, and 10x10, 10x10, and 5x5 for AWS. South of Louisville PCS goes to 10x10, 5x5, and 5x5. No phone that I know of can aggregate that many carriers at the same time plus all of the other bands.
  3. I can see it if they include N2 and N66 along with N41 in that number. Has N2 or N66 been spotted yet?
  4. Finally got the July update on my AT&T phone this morning. 790 MB. Still waiting for it to hit my T-Mobile phone.
  5. It looks like N5 supports 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz channel widths. I wonder how long they'll wait before they make a change to be able to use more of that spectrum for N5. Possible options I see: Use 15x15 as B26/N5 using DSS (If thats an option, or would it have to match and be N26?) 5x5 as B5 LTE for older phones and that still leaves 5x5 for HSPA. A more aggressive option would be to use 20x20 for N5 exclusively and 5x5 for HSPA. This still leaves 10x10 B12 and 10x10 B14 for older phones for low band. Hopefully they enable SA if they go this route. Since I believe you can't aggregate low band LTE with low band NR in most cases, phones using the N5 carrier would not be touching the B12 and B14 carriers. If they enable SA on the 20x20 N5 carrier it would also help free up their limited midband spectrum for older non-NR phones. That would also prevent falling back to LTE only inside a building just because the mid-band anchor band was too weak. In Daytona AT&T was broadcasting 5x5 B2, 10x10 B66, and 10x10 B30 and that was it for midband.
  6. I've found 2 decommissioned Sprint sites in Louisville, both were sites with both T-Mobile and Sprint. In both cases all Sprint tower equipment including the rack were removed. I haven't had time to dig through our permit site to see if I can find anything, but I'll be surprised if I do.
  7. I'm down in Daytona Beach for vacation this week. AT&T seems to be doing quite well here even with having much less spectrum than they have where I live. Network seems pretty dense and even found several small cells along A1A. N5 at 10x10 seems to be pretty wide spread, though since both 10x10 B5 LTE carriers are still on air I wonder why they don't combine them to be a single 20x20 carrier with DSS instead of 2 10x10 with DSS on I assume only 1 of them. Anyone know?
  8. Has anyone seen the Sprint network shut down in a given area yet? In Louisville today I tried in a couple different spots to force B25 or B26 with the band selector app and for B25 it tried to connect to AT&T and for B26 it tried to connect to Verizon. I'm not sure if this is temporary or not. I am on the T-Mobile side so its possible it's just T-Mobile connections being blocked on the Sprint sites. I'll fire up an old Sprint phone when I get home and see if I can connect to Sprint or not.
  9. I've found a couple more recently tagged Sprint keep sites that are really close to existing T-Mobile sites. It'll be interesting to see when these get converted if they get everything or mid-band frequencies only.
  10. I would caution against making that statement for everywhere. Personally I switched my line from Sprint to T-Mobile right after the merger completed and even then it was already a better experience and has only gotten better since. Also keep in mind that T-Mobile will continue to take from the Sprint network and redeploy on its network. Here they've already trimmed both Sprint's B41 and B25 spectrum. This will vary city to city though, but even if Sprint is still the better of the two networks now it's only a matter of time before that changes.
  11. Smaller towns and cities are harder to find permits if they're even required. Louisville doesn't require permits for most upgrades so there's not much to track up here. T-Mobile should get better down there once they start converting keep sites and hopefully add some new sites as well. The last time I was down there I hit several Sprint's sites broadcasting the 312-250 "keep" PLMN and had quite a bit of AT&T roaming as well, especially on the stretch of 27 from Stanford to just north of Somerset.
  12. May update is out for both AT&T and T-Mobile. About a 500MB update.
  13. Have you gotten a response yet? I'm curious to see what they say as well.
  14. I don't think so, I can see 4 jumpers coming from the Nokia radio and the other four are from the Sprint RRUS31.
  15. So I wonder if this Sprint keep site conversion is the same setup just with different antenna. There's only 1 Nokia radio, so its either 600/700 only or 1900/2100 only + 2500. It wouldn't make sense to be 600/700 with 2500 without SA N41 because it would only be able to do B41 LTE without 1900/2100 to serve as anchor for NSA N41. The Sprint B25 radio was retained and is connected to the antenna and is currently the only technology broadcasting. This is also a very dense area for T-Mobile.
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