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  1. So there is no more cell identity on the iphone anymore? That used to equal gci when converted.
  2. 112.5 Mbps comes from nokia white paper config 2. 112.5Mbps for 2x2 mimo 64 qam 20Mhz. Look at lilotimz image from reddit.
  3. So where does it say the test was limited to 64 QAM? 256 QAM is live on 4G but not in these 5G tests seems strange? Also it is 112.5 Mbps not 100Mbps for 64 qam.
  4. Then what is the max speed of B41 don't forget the increase from qam. Qam is not an exact science it pushes symbol rate until failure based on signal strength
  5. They started to work again yesterday I just waited for them to work again. It may be because of dehydration of the finger in combination of wear on on the tips thing. Not that it matters much I just thought it was interesting that my fingerprints stopped working.
  6. 421 Mbps doesn't say real 5G either. It just looks like there is no one else using it. 2x2 MIMO with 20 MHz is 150 Mbps then times that by 3 for 60 Mhz so the max for lte would be 450 Mbps. The 30 Mbps lost could be qam bouncing. It does not show so any magic 5g yet it just shows there is unused spectrum left to use.
  7. For those asking about qam. Does everyone for that cell sector use 256 qam? (in range of or phone support) If not your the only one going to see the 33% increase. So your old speedtest x 1.33. Examples 1Mbps to 1.33 Mbps or 5Mbps goes to 6.5 Mbps. Another would be 20 Mbps to 26 Mbps all within margin of error with speed test. That gain starts to go away fast as people use more data. Where qam even massive mimo help is large events. Otherwise you have people on the fringe with weak signal weaking their effectiveness.
  8. Does anyone know how much of a change is allowed by the fingerprint scanner? My fingerprints might be wearing off or changing based on wear and tear just curious. I might just reset them or wait to see if the print starts working.
  9. Looking at the Wifi usage of 492MB per user that makes tmobiles 129 MB per user look very very bad. I thought the 129MB looked strange before but when we comparing it to what was done on wifi. No wonder tmobile never shows total data used number. They most likely were able to send the fewest amount of data through their pipes.
  10. So data usage is starting to roll out. Tmobile up 38% (which is starting to turn useless. Because they haven't released a real number for years. https://www.t-mobile.com/news/super-bowl-53-network-stats Att 11.5TB in and around the stadium. They also have lots of other numbers with different sets. Like 2 mile radius and weekend data usage. https://about.att.com/newsroom/2019/touchdown_data.html
  11. Has anyone gone there and log data with SCP or signal detector? I don't see anything new in cellmapper. I know of 2 people that from here that live in the region. But I have not seen any gci/pci data yet.
  12. 15km or 9 miles is outside line of site best case. Airspan is sprints small cell with a range of only like 1-1.5 miles. But they are small and can be on a telephone pole or school roofs. You would need a few of them. Nokia/ Samsung gear can go the distance needed but shadowing from buildings will be a problem. Probably best choice is to get a few airspan. I don't remember the ue limit for those but it would be something to ask airspan about. Airspan just recently bought a wisp manufacturer so they may have something to support wifi deployment.
  13. Changing sounds doesn't change the sound played it is just my normal notification sound.
  14. Sent another dianostic report. At first I could not reproduce the multipane then I exited the app. After that I reopened app and opened 5 panes before sending the report.
  15. Just trying to break your app. But only 2 toast messages on start up. But I will turn it off and restart phone to give you a clean log. I did not think it would fill the cat file with errors.
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