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  1. I would be one of the others sending reports in. Maybe we can trade notes on when the crashes happen. For me the crashes happen about 5-10 seconds after I unlock my phone. The lock screen does not show SCP notification not sure if it is connected. When the crash happens the popup comes up but SCP doesn't seem to care and keeps the notification up. I have started to notice SCP notification starting to disappear but not doing a crash report but that has only happened twice yesterday. No idea how it links to my updating software cycle.
  2. Grumpwagon no one can really answer that question we can only give opinions. My opinion tmobile is still trash where I live/play. Even with great b41 coverage they will push you on tmobile fake 5g B2 lte that doesn't work. They also turned off lte roaming on a us cellular tower when that is the only tower that has usable service. Maybe things will change but I live/play in an area where tmobile never cared not sure why that will change now. Best to ask locals(people in city blocks traveled) was tmobile good in your neighborhood for your friends.
  3. You can use the Band selection link in scp to force nr b71 to see if lte or nr. I haven't connected to real 5g(only the fake lte b2) to see what the s20 shows.
  4. With the new update Samsung Band Test1 brings up "NETWORK" menu(?). I can get into the Band Selection by clicking the menu button in the top left. I have never used Band Selection menu before but that is what it says in the top center. I saw there were 7 different options I just figured I would let you know which seemed to work for me. No 5G in my area so I can't really test that part of the beta.
  5. I quoted because I searched the forums to see if others were having issues that I missed. But that was the only mention of the "Enable Modem Commands" and I found it a little funny history was repeating itself. That quote was directed at me a year ago about having it enabled. I responded by saying I was trying to brake things. I didn't think it would send you alert it was from a different thread. That setting still crashes on Version 4.593b no warning message is shown. May want to put the warning about possible locking(crashing) of SCP until deletion of app data in the long message. Popup view is a feature on Samsung phones that allow you to have windows that float in the foreground. So I would have SCP(windowed) over the *#0011# menu(full screen). It allows me double check SCP and to take 2 screen shots in one. Old example https://dl.dropbox.com/s/bc9m5y3kaiunto7/2015-09-05 09.37.02.png
  6. Yeah sorry clicking options I shouldn't again. But this time it causes the app to just shutdown the app. I was trying to click and unclick to see if I could control 4xCA error without turning show CA off for good. Also when I cleared data to get the app working again. I saw that when you are in "popup view" the display settings don't work. (Ex Show Reset Button or change text color) Not a showstopper because when you go full screen changes come into effect just saw it and thought I would say something. Might be an easy fix but not really worth the time to dig a rabbit hole.
  7. Starting to see CA errors meaning seeing 4xCA 15+20+20+20 or 4xCA 15+20+20+0. Doesn't really matter what band(12, 25, 26, or 41). I also sent a second report in for a strange crash when trying to open SCP. SCP was very faded like turning down the brightness. Not sure what will cause it. I thought I turned on the experimental bypass for stale data but when I looked for it. It was unchecked but Show CA was off I thing. Don't worry about it unless I get more errors like it just thought I should add to the Android feedback report because it kept crashing and could not write anything long.
  8. I think it was a good move by softbank to let oneweb go. SpaceX's starlink cost 1/10 to buy the satellite and send the satellite to orbit. Amazon is also jumping in to the low earth game. The field is getting crowded softbank possibly could still profit with how much is done online but the numbers are not favorable.
  9. I seen an issue similar when the db file was made wrong. Can you send me a link to the exported db. I can look at the db to see if it is still the right setup. When I upgraded my phone the db just transferred over I didn't have to import. Maybe a backup program like helium from clockworkmod might work.
  10. I have seen the ad mmark27 and it is scary because my $200 add on (N700NC M2 headset) hasn't shipped yet. I did not receive the buds with my s8 preorder. Doesn't the S20 have an eSIM so no need for a card?
  11. More likely an s9 upgrade than a market upgrade. Unless you are saying southern part of your market launched Volte years ago and just now detroit is launching.
  12. Still on s8 here so I will probably make the jump to S20 Ultra even though I most likely won't see 5g in a while. But my main question is are the s20 carrier specific or will the unlocked have all lte/5G bands?
  13. https://www.verizon.com/about/news/verizon-customers-record-amounts-data-super-bowl Verizon's numbers are out also with 21.5 TB in and around the stadium. This is the first time in 5 years data has not grown massively. Sprint for example 2015 754GB ,2016 1.6TB, 2017 5TB, 2018 9.7TB, 2019 25TB, and now 2020 7TB.
  14. Have we reached peak data? ATT data usage went down from 11.5 TB to 10.2 TB in stadium and 23.5TB to 14.5TB 2 mile radius. The last couple years it has doubled should be interesting to see the others. https://about.att.com/innovationblog/2020/01/data_network_football_game_2020.html
  15. How far back does the median download number go for Tutela? Averaging the last 2 weeks from their hourly data... Verizon 27.8 Mbps Sprint 19.5 Mbps Att 18.9 Mbps T-Mobile 17.7 Mbps Averaging the last 3 days from their hourly data... Verizon 32.5 Mbps Sprint 24.9 Mbps Att 24.7 Mbps T-Mobile 19.3 Mbps I am not sure why they show sprint at 13 Mbps can't be lack of data Verizon has the fewest data points in the hourly data. Probably just averaging older data pre 5g in with what it is like now. Graphs look fine shows everyone battling. The big thing for me is throughput and if sprint can get 50+TB(25TB last year usually double every year) going through their network I will be amazed.
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