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  1. These M-MIMO are going to be a huge hit to the backhaul limits. Are there any plans to use a network cache at the sites that get the most used traffic instead of rising the backhaul limits? I know you can make a steam cache on your home LAN. So you only reach out to steam once for the game the first time then everyone else gets redirected to the cache after it is downloaded. I think Netflix has something similar where they deploy something to the ISP a "Netflix Open Connect". Netflix Open Connect looks like it is a 2U NAS with everything Netflix on it. It won't help video chatting but it should be able to take the two data hogs(Netflix and youtube) off the back haul.
  2. Like lilotimz said it is gci and plmn based. Specifically the first 6 of the GCI then the note is passed to along to each sector as it connects. Throw your logs in to a google fusion map then add a filter for gci. That is how I go through sites. You will be able to see clusters from the sites.
  3. We already have M-mimo gear installed and photoed in those 2 markets and many more permitted. My hope is the turn 5G on these sites here even though it may be spotty. Sorry for the delayed resonses but I am in Shentel land so weak coverage.But atleast us cellular is here is spaces.
  4. M-mimo deployment are skipping sites in places like pittsburgh and columbus. This may cause spotty areas if they turn 5g on.
  5. As long as sprint does not announce by name the spotty cities. I am happy they are expanding. Maybe they want to test wider channel shadowing and penetrations in our second and third wave cities.
  6. Not sure how mmWave being blocked is surprising. 60 Ghz wifi is blocked by human hand. That does not mean there is not a place for mmWave. Cars, fixed internet, large open spaces (like stadiums, parking, or parks), or indoor das (like airports or expos).
  7. I don't know what dro1984 is complaining about. B41 all over MI Interstate system which covers most people and Volte is live in samsung markets.
  8. So there is no more cell identity on the iphone anymore? That used to equal gci when converted.
  9. 112.5 Mbps comes from nokia white paper config 2. 112.5Mbps for 2x2 mimo 64 qam 20Mhz. Look at lilotimz image from reddit.
  10. So where does it say the test was limited to 64 QAM? 256 QAM is live on 4G but not in these 5G tests seems strange? Also it is 112.5 Mbps not 100Mbps for 64 qam.
  11. Then what is the max speed of B41 don't forget the increase from qam. Qam is not an exact science it pushes symbol rate until failure based on signal strength
  12. They started to work again yesterday I just waited for them to work again. It may be because of dehydration of the finger in combination of wear on on the tips thing. Not that it matters much I just thought it was interesting that my fingerprints stopped working.
  13. 421 Mbps doesn't say real 5G either. It just looks like there is no one else using it. 2x2 MIMO with 20 MHz is 150 Mbps then times that by 3 for 60 Mhz so the max for lte would be 450 Mbps. The 30 Mbps lost could be qam bouncing. It does not show so any magic 5g yet it just shows there is unused spectrum left to use.
  14. For those asking about qam. Does everyone for that cell sector use 256 qam? (in range of or phone support) If not your the only one going to see the 33% increase. So your old speedtest x 1.33. Examples 1Mbps to 1.33 Mbps or 5Mbps goes to 6.5 Mbps. Another would be 20 Mbps to 26 Mbps all within margin of error with speed test. That gain starts to go away fast as people use more data. Where qam even massive mimo help is large events. Otherwise you have people on the fringe with weak signal weaking their effectiveness.
  15. Does anyone know how much of a change is allowed by the fingerprint scanner? My fingerprints might be wearing off or changing based on wear and tear just curious. I might just reset them or wait to see if the print starts working.
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