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  1. What is the question? The only thing missing is qam increases. But qam and MIMO kind of fight each other. QAM like strong clean signal and MIMO needs things to bounce off of(spacial defersity). Spacial defersity is why it will probably only be a 8x increase with 32x32 MIMO and not the 16x. (But that is real world vs true capacity.)
  2. There is a community database with a couple markets. If you shared your market data (Site note with GCI) I could add it. It would give me a reason to update the database. Which is amazing that it has been 8 months since last update. I don't care if you use any of the data and I don't think any of the other market mangers would care. But if shared the data is premier data and the same rules apply with how the data is shared.
  3. The argument put forth before I posted was that sprint needed (merger even with DISH) spectrum because of uploads speeds. So how did your phone request the data at 200Mbps if it was upload limited? "faster overall experience" to whom? Which is my point of the white papers most people will notice they can't watch a video more so than my iCloud/google photos won't back up in the background. Professional IRL streamers are less than 1 in 100,000 and they should be using a bonded connection that is using multiple carriers and wifi point 2 point for coverage reasons besides walking between good and bad areas for each carrier. Skype like I said only needs ~.2 Mbps. Downloads are multiplied many times over by MIMO and qam. When adjusting the Config timing so how is zero download excess and have excess uplink and how is that helpful? But without going into "technical stuff" I don't know how to show with "feelings". Used download/upload data and comparing that to capacity the different config capacity with MIMO and QAM included.
  4. There are more devices are on 4g than 5g meaning more noise and chance some one is on the edge of signal using up the RS Blocks. More noise then they have to lower the qam to pass the data. The more RS Blocks used on the edge is less RS Blocks OK that is between you and the white papers I have read. But sorry I believe white papers by Cisco and others over you unless you have white papers showing that upload is used more than downloads. Personally I think it is funny you must believe carriers limit downloaded video to 720p but uploaded videos there is not limit on that. What ever leave your 3 word respond proving me wrong. Complaints have nothing to do with average data usage and where that data is used. Sorry to brake your bubble but people measure this stuff and write reports on this. But I guess the new mantra is to say something enough times or loud enough then it is the truth.
  5. Not if qam is the reason no matter how much B41 thrown at upload it won't matter. It would only go from .1 to .2 Mbps. As long as downloads are working then there is enough uploads. Or you would not be able to request data packets. If someone needs upload that bad they should be forced off the band(load balancing) like they do for downloads. If someone is skyping that is only .1 to .5Mbps upload. If live streaming that is only ~1Mbps. There is no big demand for upload unless you run p2p server on phone.
  6. I think SeanK was looking to see what the blavk ethernet cord plugged into the netgear not the bottom. If your switch does not have enough ports you may need a bigger one. lilotimz i think is guessing the black wire goes to the airave is plugged into the netgear. But the netgear you have to pay for a new ip on each port. So if you pay one ip then it will go to the white wire until it is off then go to the black wire.(guessing white ethernet wire eero and black ethernet wire airave plugged into netgear)
  7. Max Speed would not change you are still limited by the phone design not the tower. More capacity is needed right now on the 4G side. 4x4 phone on 40Mhz is still 600+Mbps but they still need more right.
  8. Why they don't have the back haul for all that bandwidth? 64x64 MIMO with 100 Mhz is around 24 Gbps per sector with no phones on it. Give it 2-3 years before you have enough devices. Just leave it 32x32 with 60Hz(7Gbps) of 4G and 32x32 with 40+Mhz(5+Gbps) of 5G. Which is still 12 Gbps per sector for the massive MIMO if you have the backhaul and signal strength. Then as you watch people use more 5G move more spectrum over.
  9. Google maps may not work out because of limitations. The limit seems to be 10,000 pins and 2000 pins per layer. Do you know how many monthly views the maps get on a busy month? Just to work out how much it may cost but google does give credits for "news media". https://developers.google.com/maps/billing/understanding-public-programs Not sure if that is on top of the already $200 per month or how that would work. Maybe there is a way to detect if you have went through the free usage then shut it down so there would be no out of pocket cost. That is probably one of a few questions for google that could be asked.
  10. The first post contains a few maps and how they would look embed in the forum.
  11. Kml work with maps also but network links don't work. They import with the pin colors that are in fusion if you download the kml from fusion. So you just need to build it similar to how that kml is structured. Click the top left go down to "Your places" it should be found there where to import cvs or kml.
  12. You can import a CSV into google maps I believe it is done that way in Charlotte Market. You can also import a kml not sure if it would be easier to do a kml which is just pretty much xml. Creating a script to generate a kml from google sheets should not be to hard. The problem with creating a script google gives a scary message about giving access to your files to run a script that reads from a sheet you have access. Not sure of the limitations of maps (number of pins) or the security of stopping leaked maps.
  13. This year+ old post has a link to the sec.gov agreement lists pretty much the same thing stated above by PythonFanPA. The only thing I see that it adds is the new Tmobile would have to help with debt financing if Shentel decides to buy the subscribers. I don't understand the last paragraph of 8 it looks like the Acquired Entity(new Tmobile) has to sell of it's brand to a third party not related to sprint if no decision is made within 2 years. Maybe that it used to keep a fire under them to make a decision on what to do with Shentel.
  14. OneWeb will cover the same area. Starlink will also cover the same area which already has ~55 LEO satellites in orbit.
  15. There are 41 small cells and at least 40 blue dots. So I am going to go out on a limb and say blue is small cells and red are the other 285 upgrades.
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