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  1. I am afraid because it will then make sprints choice to change B25 and B26 sectors real. The changes are only confirmed on less than 10% of Pittsburgh sites. It just screws those of us that use scripts to sort our logs. It almost eliminates phones that don't show EARFCN from contributing data because of the mixed (old/new) sectors. I also lose the ability to have a continuous log that I can just dump data into then keep the best data when it gets to big because because of the changes.
  2. With all these comments I thought they were going to be about the GCI sector changes in Samsung markets. But I guess we are all afraid to bring it to Mikes attention then it will make the changes we are seeing real.
  3. With 260000+ magic boxs you can't be too suprised to run into a few. With a pace of 65k last quarter your only going to see more. These are a great way to slide small cells into nimby places.
  4. Flompholph

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Because you don't get a better network everywhere. Look at rootmetric WV map are you telling me tmobile gives a shift about where I live and play. Tmobile doesn't care about rural areas how will the merger help it won't it will hurt.
  5. Same for me in rural GA. Turning off roaming did not help. Everytime I see this I am going ro report it as a network issue. Roaming data went quick.
  6. Sounds like congestion. Do you pick up B41 in the house late at night or early morning? I think there is already 3 carriers live. I know 41276 and 41474 are live in the area 41078 is live in Ann Arbor but I didn't see it around north Detroit. I also saw 40270 which I think is a small cell. Can you go to L'Anse Creuse High School to see where the small cell is located? That is near where I saw 40270.
  7. Flompholph

    Network Vision/LTE - Chicago Market

    These are the earfcn that I have seen in chicago. 8290/8665/8763/41374/41176/40978/41111/40913 8290 should be 10x10 which has 1875 Mhz uplink. But that is just from my logs need in person to be sure.
  8. Flompholph

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I just don't want to be on t-mobile's network. If I go too deep it would go way off topic. If all big three are evil and no little guy to hope to for. I might as well go to the one that works the most in my house even though I only use wifi at home.
  9. Flompholph

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I know one way to covince me that the merger will be good for me. Call me unreasonable, stupid, really stupid, and lazy. If the merger goes through I will be jumping to ATT.
  10. 1Gbps is 128 MB per secound. 1 byte is 8 bits. Transfer speeds are in bits storage are in bytes. Confusing the two causes some outsiders to also be confused by what speeds you are talking about due to the 8x difference.
  11. Flompholph

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I believe SC lite does not know MB GCI yet. Signal check uses the gci to guess which band it is connected to.
  12. Flompholph

    Sprint & T-Mobile Roaming Agreement

    You will pretty much never see Tmobile lte unless you are in MT, SD, or ND. That is the only large difference I see. Like stated above you don't compare sprint LTE to T-Mobile LTE. You compare Sprint 1x(including 800) to T-Mobile LTE. The only way to force roam is to block the signal until roaming scan starts. Once it starts to roam then it will stay roaming for while.You could try LTE only mode but sprint likes to grip onto it's signal as long as it can even if that means no data throughput.
  13. Triband. Triband antenas have been found where sprint puts what we guess could be their 4th carrier GCI ending.
  14. Here is a pic to show my sprint covrage for southern eastcoast US. Some of the dots disappear as you zoom out but it gives a good idea where coverage is.
  15. SC is probably 8 of the 10% that is still bad. GA is probably 1 to 1.5%. Were you in Charleston before or after B41 launched there? It is very spotty on I 95 most of the way until Florance,SC. North of that if you lose lte on the Interstate you just have to toggle airplane to get it back. Sprint still has work to do in SC, AL, and GA. The only other big hole on I95 other than SC/GA is eastern CT/RI