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  1. HD calling is annoying for me. i do not get HD calling if someone calls me. if i call them, even calling them right back, HD calling will happen. this happening mostly when the other user is verizon.
  2. Wait, chicken and the egg here but maybe GCI was the first to offer 5G nationwide?
  3. what sort of speeds (actual numbers) are we talking here?
  4. i was on that as well until i tried to update yesterday and it got replaced with the one being talked about now.
  5. I had to disable the 1x icon completely because it wouldnt stop alerting. that worked for about a week or so and then the other day when i got up signal check was constantly notifying me of something, i just dont know what. i was just connected to band 71. i dont really know what else i can disable because at that point i lose the icons atthe top left of the screen. will send you a report now since it happens any time i launch signal check and stops once i exit it.
  6. anyone have issues with signal check constantly giving an audible notification? Started out of the blue this morning and the only way to stop it is exit out of SC for good.
  7. I cant figure out what is going on with SC and the S20. Back when i first got the device, i had to disable 1x connection from showing completely because SC would just keep giving an alert over and over every time it connected to 1x. I could not find any alert setting that handled this. Okay no big deal just leave it disabled i guess. I get up this morning and un-silence the phone and it just keeps beeping and beeping and come to find out its signal check, all out of the blue. I dont know what it is notifying me about because 1x is disabled from showing. To stop it i had to exit out of SC completely and leave it closed. Any idea what it up? FWIW, i have no alerts configured for SC and regardless of that, even if i did why would it just start happening out of the blue over and over.
  8. One thing i just noticed today on my S20. It shows the 5G icon but if data is otherwise unused / idle...NR is missing from the service menu screens. Once I start passing traffic it will populate. maybe that is the issue for you?
  9. yes from sprint. i had no native Sprint 5G around me prior to this so once they sent out the update last week it was like a switch was flipped. im sure there was plenty of others around the country who had the same experience.
  10. im not really sure as tmo seems to be playing fast and loose with how they do 5G (or reflect it on device). i have the 5G icon showing right now but it always seems to show now even if i am just connected to band 2 (with no NR). if i go down the street NR will show. those of us who got the initial S20 update had the Sprint | SPRINT display so unless they changed something, that is how a lot of us knew we got the update.
  11. it was the case for the group of us last week in the initial run.
  12. Btw, that means you got the tmo update for 5G.
  13. If the merger failed, where would that have put TMO going forward? Absolutely no viable way forward for 5G and beyond? Hope to the spectrum gods that further spectrum would be opened up for sale?
  14. you know, i wasnt even going to mention it because i thought it was a fluke but i have the same thing happening to me. left to a 5G area this afternoon (none at home since the update last night) and since i got home the device has been showing 5G now unless it is on band 71 (it will just show LTE in that case). i was not necessarily expecting 5G coverage at home since the coverage maps has me in this weird area where 5G is everywhere else except the middle of town. Maybe once the phone finally gets a taste of 5G (and uses the icon) everything is essentially 5G. Seems Tmo likes to play fast and loose.
  15. Didnt we sort of know tmo 5G was not anything to write home about? I remember that being a big thing about the merger. Without sprint, tmo was not going to be able to provide a decent 5G service as time went on. They just were not in a good position spectrum wise.
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