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  1. swintec

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I agree consistent upload is important but 40 mbits is not needed to stream.
  2. swintec

    Pixel 4/4XL

    I understand, that's why I was asking what your NEED was for the consistently high upload. You must be doing something with 40 mbits upload on a mobile device...certainly you just arent running speed / latency tests all day?
  3. swintec

    Pixel 4/4XL

    there have been several pages at this point over you going back and forth over this device due to possible upload speed issues and not being able to hit 30-40+ mbps . i have to ask...what do you need a consistent 40 mbits of upload on a mobile device for?
  4. swintec

    Pixel 4/4XL

    nobody has any opinions /comments on the face unlock?
  5. swintec

    Pixel 4/4XL

    can anyone comment on the unlocking of the device? the face unlock makes me a bit nervous. With fingerprint, i can quickly unlock it with one hand close to my lap, while driving and not even be looking down at the device. i have a hard time believing the face unlock stuff can be as quick and easy as a fingerprint...am i wrong?
  6. Essential phone received the same android update at about the same time yesterday. Funny enough, there has been a time or two in the last year that essential beat even googles update for the various monthly security updates.
  7. my essential phone had the volte toggle in the radio menu completely disabled at some point. not sure if it was the may update or they did it through a profile update.
  8. now these are the nexus / pixel prices that i remember and love. So...how bad do these suck compared to the regular pixel 3? What did they do to get the price so low? Seems like the only difference is the processor but will anyone really notice in day to day use? Right now I have an essential phone.
  9. Good to know. I just cant figure out why when I try to initiate the call on WC to Verizon, HD voice will not appear but the reverse it will (she calls me instead). Everything else is the same.
  10. Within the last week I started getting HD voice, while connected to wifi calling, when a Verizon user calls me. However if i initiate the call instead HD voice is not there. What gives? Also, if i disconnect from wifi and use the cellular network (1x800), no HD voice no matter what. its been so long so i can not remember but is there no HD voice on 1x?
  11. this calling behavior went live on the essential phone a few weeks back, there are prior posts about it which sounds like you have found at this point. However, starting about a week and a half ago, my essential no longer has this available so i am not sure if they disabled it for my area or what.
  12. " VoLTE is able to use a dedicated, guaranteed airlink to ensure that congestion on the network (LTE or WiFi) won’t adversely affect the call." Dont know if adding wifi to that statement was in error but if not, how would sprint handle call affecting congestion on someones wifi network or ISP which is completely out of their hands?
  13. when viewing the IMS status from the Phone Info menu, and it shows IMS Registration: Registered and then Voice Over LTE: Available, will it show available even for just calling plus? https://imgur.com/a/jPQrNkH#yyfuCJY
  14. Fwiw, the essential has the volte toggle enabled but i cant remember if it always has. maybe it always was since it had the ability to roam off wifi calling onto LTE (and back again)?
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