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  1. what is this called and who do you think it is for? surely this cant be considered a "small cell" as its the size of some humans. wouldnt surprise me if its tomobile. right in this section there is a thousand or so feet of road where tmobile absolutely drops out and at least for me, I get put on to sprint band 25. very heavily traveled area too. one of the only areas i have found where i roam over on to sprint. kind of funny to cause just up the road is a tmobile store.
  2. can you share the dialer codes so i can see this info on my s20+? the ones i used to use for sprint dont work since i swapped SIMs. no way for you to enable n2 and n66 yourself in the menus?
  3. Only the plus and ultra support N2 and N66 right? Actually, i wasnt even aware these were disabled right now. has there been chatter that these would be enabled sometime soon or just wishful thinking?
  4. This infuriates me to no end, i dont necessarily have no signal but it jumps on bands that are absolutely useless and stays there. why hold a -121 signal reading on band 2 with 5G when n71 is there? Also goes through fits of seemingly no data access despite the phone showing no problems (usually when on n71).
  5. Interesting this doesnt work for you. ive been able to lock to just n71 and make calls just fine and have been able to since I TNXed back in the early spring. quality is sometimes poor since there is supposedly no QoS but its VoNR none the less.
  6. just as a refresher....what does the phone (galaxy s20+ in my case) and signal check show when connected to 5G ultra capacity?
  7. thats the thing, I do not have RCS. Textra (and third party sms apps) do not have the ability for it anyways. When TNX was enabled, I started seeing Sent >> Delivered for SMS..i dont get read/ typing indicators so this is different than RCS. i have just casually wondered what is going on on the network level for this to happen.
  8. i guess maybe i forgot what TNA is. When tmobile first took over is TNA what they put all capable devices on, which made the devices prefer tmobile over sprint network? If so, yes, i had "5G" from the start but it required the anchor band. I never saw n71 (5G-BR 600 in signal check). You have seen n71 from the start, with no anchor band needed? As soon as i made the switch to TNX at the store and got in my car to play around, I started seeing n71 with no anchor band needed so unless they enabled n71 in the 10 minutes i was in the store swapping, i did not have this on TNA. I remembered something else that came with TNX....SMS messages now show Sent >> Delivered in Textra where as before they only showed Sent which has made me wonder what is happening on the network level that tmobile knows this and why sprint could never do it. I do not have RCS.
  9. You get access to 5G-NR which is not (or was not) available on TNA.
  10. my S20+ is still on the january update, any idea what gives? possibly because i am on TNX? i thought tmobile was pretty quick with updates.
  11. i live in southern maine and tmobile coverage is amazing. while i know that doesnt exactly help you, their coverage maps are pretty darn accurate so i would feel confident with whatever they show you for the area you are going to.
  12. is VoNR a thing yet? when connected to n71, if a call happens, the device drops over to band 71 LTE to make the call and then switches back to 5G n71. If I use samsung band selector and lock the device to n71 and do a call, the phone does not switch away from 5G and continues to reflect n71 but i dont have a way to know if that is just the phone not knowing what to show since it is band locked.
  13. is there a way to enable 5G SA on the device in one of the various screens?
  14. well, it does not show them as read. wild guess is that tmobile simply has agreements with the other carriers to give them this info (since it would all be done at the network level, the network knows if the device has received it) which apps like textra is able to utilize, completely independent on RCS?
  15. I just did the swap this evening to TNX just for funsies, at a third party tmobile store. For what its worth, my mobile hotspot still works and running fast speedtest, doesnt seem to show any throttle. not sure if both of those will die overnight. I was disappointed to not see any 5G SA (yet) but what i do see a lot of now is n71 / 5G-NR 600....wtf is that? On the surface it just looks like band 71 is configured to show as 5G now, is this the faux 5G tmobile BS? Before TNX, the phone / signal check would just show Band 71 LTE but again, it seems like they have it configured now to show 5G which is silly. Speeds between the two are about the same which is why I am sort of calling shenanigans on this. Also, with TNX, Textra (which i have used for years) now shows SMS messages as "sent > delivered" prior to this and always on sprint, textra would just show them as sent. What does TNX do here to give the phone this insight now that apparently was never available before?
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