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  1. i like the voice band mode selection feature and to me, should be #1 on the above list of changes. testing for adding LTE band selection in the next release?
  2. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    does this become the airave replacement as well?
  3. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    i suppose with the wifi backhaul option this will finally work in places like Maine where the relay stuff was not possible?
  4. swintec

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Does VoLTE even need Essential help to get working? I was under the assumption it was simply a sprint network / provisioning thing. I mean, it already supports Voice call continuity and has for awhile. Shouldnt be that big of a hurdle for full on VoLTE.
  5. T-Mobile roaming active for me, started today, in Maine. Fwiw, it wouldnt be a sprint change / enhancement if it didnt cause me some minor annoyance that I need to deal with. In this case, when connected to t-mobile lte, it seems to be running on GMT for time so the phone rolls ahead 4 hours causing issues with texting (and probably other stuff). Progress I suppose. lol EDIT- I did see some quick connections to band 12 as well.
  6. As ive been told, the IMS core will verify if a VoLTE call is allowed to complete or not. If you are in a non-VOLTE market you will just be on a call on the legacy network.
  7. ive been seeing the same lately but with USCC. I got to thinking maybe this isnt that huge of a deal though in the grand scheme of things. They have voice agreements with these networks already so maybe VoLTE falls into those agreements and we just didnt realize it?
  8. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    one day i hope to be blessed to see an announcement about a MB that works in Maine in some way shape or form.
  9. Which portion of a cell site could go down so band 26 no longer works but band 25 does? My local site that has some problem every few months (usually voice / evdo) went completely down a couple of weeks ago. Using the sprint app i reported it and either coincidentally or not, they got voice and evdo working once again as well as band 25 10x10. Band 26 has been dead since. I report it every day / every other day. Middle of this past week band 26 popped up back online mid-day only to die again within a half hour and it has been offline since then. Tech probably got it working and high tailed it out of there. So...which band 26 only part could possibly break which doesnt effect anything else, including band 25?
  10. swintec

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    A digital camera with a POS cell phone embedded in it is not a viable choice.
  11. that is possible. last 4 of the GCI used to be FC01-03 for band 25 and now it appears it was changed to FC11-13.
  12. No, not yet. However, on a walk around town this evening, my "home" site now has the 2nd band 25 carrier as 10x10. this is a fairly recent change. Same frequencies as my above screenshot. up until now, my two most used sites had the first band 25 carrier at 10x10 and that happened within the last 3-4 weeks and now i am seeing this change above. So...they either undid their previous work, changed the 1st carrier back to 5x5 and then launched this 2nd carrier today and made it 10x10 or we just have two band 25 carriers at 10x10 each. I wont know for sure until i can some how get placed on the 1st band 25 carrier when i am out in my travels this week. do the resources exist up here for two 10x10 carriers? is this significant and out of their norm?
  13. i knew that, just never seen the 2nd carrier as 10x10. they had a big push here in the last month or so where the first (or only) band 25 carrier is now 10x10 so i only assumed in this case they did a 2nd 10x10 for a total of 10x10+10x10 and i thought that wasnt possible.
  14. this is all that i grabbed. im only down that way on the weekends. i even exited Signal Check in case it was a bug but it persisted even through the relaunch of it. no chance they would make a second carrier 10x10 while the first is 5x5?