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  1. Same but mine are 501. It isn't even numbers that I have used with wifi calling enabled which is weird. What is weird is when I googled some of the numbers they aren't even owned by Sprint.
  2. This sucks. I broke the screen on my phone and was going to upgrade on March 15th when I was eligible for an upgrade but now I can't upgrade till July.
  3. Can't you change it by selecting the option in the same place an AirPlay device is shown? I know I can when my Bluetooth speaker is connected. You would have to manually switch back to the Bluetooth connection every call though.
  4. The problem is it is not going to be cheaper than cable or satellite and in a way it would be more expensive when you factor in the cost of the Internet connection to deliver the content.
  5. It would probably reduce the value of your house. Lots of people don't want to live next to a cell tower. The radiation gives cancer /s
  6. When I was therea month or so ago I had really fast Band 25 while my wife had 1x on Verizon. It was nice for once to have the more usable phone. Sprint has come a long way.
  7. If they can't fix it in store they will usually replace it with a refurbished device. I went through 4 iPhone 5s (not to be confused with the iPhone 5S) and they kept swapping them out with no issue. Last time was past warranty.
  8. Take it to an Apple Store I have had pretty good luck with them swapping it out for free.
  9. I streamed some CNN coverage(from the Xfinity app) a while back for like 15 minutes and was surprised how much data it used . Unrelated note, that typeface is so ugly and hard to read. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Being on ED1500 and having unlimited any mobile any time, we barely use any minutes. With 4 people on the plan we barely ever go over 700 minutes. Unlimited minutes is nice but doesn't really matter for us.
  11. The sidekick was the cool phone to have when the iPhone first came out (and before). The iPhone was too expensive and all the cool kids had sidekicks on T-mobile. This is at least how I remember the end of middle school/ start of high school.
  12. I can't wait for Band 26 to become active here, it will help with coverage and add capacity.
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