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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve been down to Farmville. Nice to see they have massive mimo now since the last time I went down.
  2. I’m heading up to Massaponax Va to do inventory for one of my other stores. Not sure if it was covered under the DC thread or this one. But has anyone bee up their recently? How is service up that way now a days? It’s been a few years since I’ve been through that area.
  3. 55070 out on iOS 12.1 on my iPhone XS Max
  4. New prl is out 55068 on iOS 11.x.x
  5. Def would of been nice to have had Extended LTE when I went to go see family and friends in Maine back at the end of June. Was all roaming LTE and hit my cap of 300mb quick when outside of my coverage area in Maine. At least this is a step in the right direction.
  6. Took about a minute and a half on my iPhone 7+ to download. Got the update at 105 pm est. Just FYI if you have the Hulu app you will loose the ability to cast it to Chrome Cast. Pretty sure it’s just the app. Since I can still cast from YouTube and Netflix. You can regain it for a min or so if you uninstall Hulu and reinstall it but will loose it again.
  7. New PRL's are out. Now running 55064 on my iPhone 7 Plus
  8. I would check but haven't figured out how to check it on the iPhone 7+ yet. But have been wondering if it has changed over though.
  9. It's been a good 4 or 5 months since I've been down to Buckingham. Last time I was down their it was working fine roaming on US Cellular. Hopefully it will get situated around soon.
  10. I've wondered for years who has done the back haul to the former nTelos sites. Never did figure out who did.
  11. Stupid photo uploader is being retarted for me today for some reason. But just did a speedtest on B41 in Abbington Crossings behind Fashion Square Mall and got Ping of 74 Download of 10.95 and Upload of 8.69. Did one on B41 around 2 or 230 this morning and got Ping of 74 Download of 45.67 and Upload of 14.23.
  12. Ya I've always had somewhat slow speeds over that way. Hoping they get everything in that area adjusted soon. I know up at Fashion Square Mall stuff has been improving a lot. 90% of the time at the house I'm connected to Band 41 and call and LTE has improved a lot in the past month.
  13. What part of Ch'ville is this? I might be able to give some in site depending on if I have been in that part of town recently.
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