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  1. Ok out of curiosity. How many of us here in the Charlottesville Greater Area have switched over to the T-Mobile R15 (TNX) Sim? How are your experiences and speeds and what not so far? my experiences have been way better since switching over. Better call/data services, better customer service etc. only thing I’ve noticed is loosing sitting Walmart regardless. I’ve always have had my stuff drop inside Walmart on both Sprit and TMO. Only other difference I have noticed is loosing signal a few times on Ivy Road between Ch’ville and Crozet & no service between a little bit after the traffic circle in Gordonsaville where the 7-11 and the other gAs stations are and BBQ Exchange. Not sure how far out after BBQ Exchange the no service area is a no hit is. But definitely a no go in that area.
  2. Yeah let me know last time I went through to BBQ Exchange I don’t think it was added but that was like mid may.
  3. Usually between the 7-Eleven in Gordonsville through BBQ Exchange is where I have trouble with.
  4. So for anyone that has transitioned their sims from Sprint to TMO R15 (TNX). Have any of you noticed any service interruptions anywhere in Central Va.? And on which devices? The only issue I get on my iPhone 12 Pro, is not long after I pass the 7-Eleven/7-Eleven Gas Station in Orange County heading towards BBQ Exchange I loose service. And don’t get it back till about the same area heading back on 33 towards Ruckersville. Other than that I’m happy with my speeds since they are way better than Sprint 5G. Only other thing I may drop service for a few minutes on the way to Crozet or on the way back from Crozet to Charlottesville for a few minutes. But usually minimum.
  5. Unfortunately this late in the game I’m sure Shentel wouldn’t waste money on a new rack for Sprint costumers seeing how the deal should be closing between now and the end of Q2 when the deal will be closing. Would be a total waste of money and assets tbh. Just my opinion.
  6. Yeah it’s the one at Fashion Square Mall. Another update they did put up some antennas on the rack while I was at work today. Pic 1 Pic 2
  7. Yeah I thought T-Mobile was the second rack down but wasn’t 100%. Only other thing I may be able to think about is Dish adding a rack for Boost. But not definite. You have a link for the permit Trip?
  8. In a way I’m kinda right. Stopped at the tower behind my apartment at the mall. Their is new rack being built. Not sure for who yet. But hoping it’s the foundation for both T-MOBILE/Shentel to have a combined rack. Crossing my fingers.
  9. Honestly y the looks of the coverage map. 90% of the areas I’m looking to live and/or go are either 5G or LTE coverage. Hopefully it is as accurate as can be. I’ll definitely find out after moving.
  10. Two technicians I didn’t see at the mall behind my apartment complex on the tower. Of course I was in a hurry to get home to relax. I’m hoping maybe it’s two techs prepping the foundation to the Shentel/T-MO stuff. Especially since both have racks on this tower. Hopefully they will add a new rack with combined network structure and new equipment and then get rid of the old Shentel and T-MOBILE racks.
  11. Anyone visit or live in these area able to give feed back on this. Would be amazing if you could. I’m sure Portland Me area is good to go with TMobile experience. But how is service in the following? Bangor/Brewer/Old Town, Corinth, Hudson, Stetson, Dexter, Diver-Fixceoft & Pesquil Maine?
  12. Ok update with in the last couple days (while I’m isolation) I have noticed while on my home tower (Fashion Square Mall less than 1/4 mile from my apartment) it has gone back to normal with 200+ upload and 60+ upload.
  13. Ok. Quick question. I upgraded my iPhone from the XS Max to a iPhone 12 Pro on Oct. 31st and switched my Sprint sim from Sprint to TNX towards the end of November to beginning of December. At the current moment by the way things are going between Sprint/T-Mobile and me moving back to Bangor Maine area towards the end of August 2021. How well does TMO work in the greater Bangor Me, Dexter, Corinth & Some of the southern and northern parts of Maine?
  14. Belkin MagSafe Pro Car Vent Mount. It does it’s job that’s for sure. For better hold while driving it does a very very excellent job at holding the iPhone 12 Series with the Apple MagSafe Case. I’ve tested it in warm, cold, icy, rainy, snowy conditions. With bumps and pot holes and a slight slide on black ice and holds the iPhone 12 Series excellent. I’m very pleased with it and totally recommend it. This is a review from another customer. Consumer Review
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