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  1. My exact experience with trying to deal with this. It's ridiculous and no one could put the prices back to where they were. I had to give up as to not have an aneurysm. Again, it wasn't because of the "Taxes Included", the total bill is $50-ish more a month and we actually went to cheaper phones this round for payment plan, so it's likely even more, but I just can't deal with this.
  2. I would assume though that any phone through this would be TNX'ed. When I TNX'ed all 5 of my lines, they switched us over to a T-mobile plan that is more expensive than what I was paying when it was the Sprint plan. A frustration that CS was not able to help me with, so we're just stuck into paying $50 more a month in total (and it wasn't because fees were rolled into price, meaning my monthly total is $50 higher). However, if you don't TNX all your lines, then perhaps you keep the Sprint plan?
  3. Beefy at 1 giggle in size. Available on my TNX SIM too.
  4. Yes, I've seen that scam shield rarely works for me as well. I'm on TNX so I don't have call screener app anymore just the reported "superior" scam shield, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I get scam texts and calls quite a bit.
  5. Are there network reset codes for TNX (Tmobile) like there was for Sprint (##72786#)?? One of my lines (S21 5G) in the St. Louis area is dropping calls after 3 mins very consistently. It appears to happen on WiFi-calling and on TMO network. We're all on TNX for my 5 lines. Anyone have any thoughts?
  6. This is market specific. The Milwaukee and Madison market has been updated with the "layer cake" treatment and for me on TNX R15 SIM (Sprint S21 Ultra), I get B25,26,41 from Sprint. I roam on ATT and VZW occasionally. Most time is all T-Mobile for me but frequently Sprint. So those like my markets, TNX is excellent. But sounds like Raleigh is not one of those markets.
  7. I believe all towers at least that was my experience with TNA here in my market (Madison, WI), but could be market by market? Of course, it'll use the TMO towers first and fallback on Sprint when TMO is the weaker or absent signal. I found in my usage on TNA I would pop on and off TMO and Sprint towers but had great "coverage" however, the speeds weren't always the best. (they are better on TNX on the same towers for my market)
  8. lol, the one morning I didn't check! S21 Ultra on TNX also downloading same update ending xxxxAUAG
  9. TNA just moves your tower priority to TMO first, then Sprint fallback (roaming, but native). Can't really go too wrong in that case, IMO. TNA vs TNX is another story based on your market. My market uses Sprint B41, 25, 26 just fine on TNX so it's been a glorious improvement of service and speeds, but TNA seems like a no brainer. TNX is super nice though for many other reasons I've found -> I actually get phone calls and texts in a timely manner, the WiFi-calling actually works to send MMS messages, and the HD voice seems more stable. YMMV
  10. My S21 Ultra has been doing just fine. I do know that the Optimize Battery Usage (Settings > Apps > three dots > Special Access > Optimize Battery Usage) is very aggressive on the newer One UI on my S20+ previously. SCP was dying on me frequently until I prevented it from Optimizing Battery Usage on the app. Not sure if this is related or helps anyone, but helped my issues.
  11. I'll admit, I'm not sure where I find the "stand alone" information? Is it when it's connected to 5G-NR and that's the only signal shown in SCP??? I notice that in the areas where I had "5G" with my Sprint SIM through B66 now has "5G-NR" as the only thing (or section) reported in SCP. There's no LTE-AWS reported or any other type of signal.
  12. Got this case today and it's exactly what I'm looking for. Very thin polycarbonate material, cut out for buttons. Not big on large drop protection, but much thinner in the pocket. If anyone else needs a minimalist case for cheap. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08PV565DT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Yes, I learned this by trial.....went TNX and I get all Sprint LTE bands just fine. My 5G NR is very fast, far faster than with my Sprint SIM. When on strong Sprint signal, I get Sprint bands. Very pleased with this S21 Ultra on TNX!
  14. So the TNX SIM had me connecting to B25, B26, B41 on Sprint just fine. Roamed on ATT, VZW, and my T-mobile NR 5G speeds were well over 100 mbps down, 25ish up. On these same 5G signals with Sprint SIM, the speeds were abysmal. Very happy thus far with my TNX plunge! This S21 Ultra is pretty awesome and really not that much bigger than my S20+ in the hand, really. Clearly heavier, but really solid performance thus far.
  15. I bit the bullet and put the T-Mobile SIM card in my s21 ultra. I am connecting to Sprint b41 just fine.
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