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  1. Updating rolling out now. 5% get it today, more tomorrow and Sunday.
  2. Not sure how more of yous guys aren't having GPS problems, my wife's phone finally updated and immediately started to fail and her dot was wandering around on Google Maps...... but as an update, I heard from Samsung. They know about the GPS dropouts and failed locks. It's almost isolated only on T-mobile's software build. It's an issue with Qualcomm's 5G chip and the GPS component. It will be fixed in ~2 weeks in the next update. I hope your data issues are fixed on the next update too. I always have these kinds of issues with my data dropping out or locking on to a shitty signal.
  3. Something still isn't great with my GPS. It's locking most of the time, but often if I access Maps directions by just using the Assistant like "hey google navigate home" it'll lose signal lock and freeze up. Most other times, it's completely fine. It's very strange. I haven't tried it running this week because it's too dark in the AM and it's been raining, so I've been relegated to the treadmill and my stories. The Boys season 2 is quite good and darker than the first. A very nice thing that I can report is that The New T-Mobile has flip flopped on the LTE and "5G" speeds around me. Befo
  4. Stupid phone. I factory reset again and then again, and now I get a 3Deez nuts GPS fix.
  5. Having issues with GPS on my runs now, it'll track me for a bit, then lose me, pick me up, lose me, etc. Tested with GPS Test and Fix, found out I'm not really getting a solid GPS lock. Finally bit the bullet and did a factory reset and still can't get a solid lock. What do you get when you run GPS Test and Fix? I know geographically we're all in different areas seeing different satellites. I feel like I'm using the Galaxy S2 all over again. http://imgur.com/a/REAJVG1 I've used this phone for runs all summer long, nearly every day, and never had an issue until the August 29th update
  6. Battery life has been horrid. I've cleared caches and eeeraythang. Terrible update for battery.
  7. lol, I haven't changed the device list in a while. I'll go fix that meow
  8. I need tower updates, not phone updates!
  9. Another update this morning ATFD. Still June patch.
  10. But you'd have to assume that T-mobile would be using _some_ of the Sprint towers? In Madison, T-mobile is terrible for signal and if they integrated a few of Sprint's towers, they'd blanket this city very well. I know of a few T-mobile tower locations that I can check on my drive to and from work. (I am keeping up with the thread loosely on the merger) Edit: we have the faux "5G" indicator on B66 LTE here in Madison, so the tower is at least broadcasting the 5G for the signal icon, but no actual NR connections that I've seen.
  11. How will we know if they're testing it? Will B41 go off line for Sprint LTE?? Do they need more/new equipment on the Sprint towers? (feel free to point me to any article explaining this) I have to keep my phone in LTE/CDMA only mode (no 5G) to get any decent signal, but if/when they start testing 5G off Sprint towers I'm not really going to know in this mode. right? I fear Madison will be the last market to get any improvements anytime soon.
  12. hmmmm, not available for my Sprint locked S20+
  13. ##72786# from dialer will reprovision and remove that. Safe to do.
  14. Huh, weird. Mine still work just fine. Sorry to hear about yours.
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