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  1. Anyone preorder a Samsung Watch 4? I ordered up the Classic for myself and the wife. I got the LTE version, I guess we can add that for $10 a month? Does anyone know how I get that added? Do I have to call in?
  2. Ooooo, Vo5Geez It drives me insane how WiFi-calling always reverts to "cellular preferred" and then I miss every. damn. call. when I'm at work until I switch it back over to "WiFi preferred". Apparently it's the network forcing this as it happens on many phones, not just the S21 line. Just an eternal frustration!!
  3. oh my, I have some Ultra Capacity right up in my area now!
  4. No, mine has not been hot. Best phone I've owned
  5. When you guys gets a voicemail, do you get the notification from the dial-in voicemail AND the visual voice mail. If you deal with the visual voice mail, you STILL have to call into the dial-in voicemail to get rid of the notification? It's happening on both my phone S21 Ultra and my wife's S21+. Super duper annoying. Is there any fix or work around??
  6. yes, sorry, I must have missed this question above. Boots into T-mobile, your Sprint life is long gone. You are all pink now my friend! Our markets (Milwaukee and Madison) are really great for TNX usage. Sprint towers and T-mobile towers mix like you saw on TNA, but the speeds are far better on either towers on TNX than on TNA, in my experience. I'll test out the USCC roaming in Western Wisconsin on June 12th when I make my annual pilgrimage West to pick up our side of beef. I am rarely without a Sprint or T-mobile signal and have picked up ATT when not around Madison otherwise.
  7. Be surprised no more, it's out right now.
  8. However, the T-mobile one let's in a lot of SMS spam that I've seen. The Sprint version was blocking that garbage too, the T-mobile seems to let the SMS through but does catch calls pretty well.
  9. I'm going to throw in a random observation that I can't back up with logs just yet, but maybe others have seen this: Recent trip from St. Louis to Madison, I was using the latest Beta (on S21 Ultra, TNX) with the trail logging on and my Bluetooth would disconnect from my Durango (2020, Uconnect 4) while I was on calls. I would exit SCP and the behavior would stop and no longer disconnect on calls. I was able to replicate this several times over even after restarting my phone and clearing caches. With trail logging on or off, it would still disconnect my bluetooth after some time. Exit SCP, phone calls were fine. SCP also crashed on me several times, but because I was driving, I didn't get the logs sent in, Mike. You can see it happen though on Highway 39 right in the middle of Illinois if you look at the signalcheck map, lots of pins and then nothing once I hit the middle of IL heading north after the crash, lol.
  10. My exact experience with trying to deal with this. It's ridiculous and no one could put the prices back to where they were. I had to give up as to not have an aneurysm. Again, it wasn't because of the "Taxes Included", the total bill is $50-ish more a month and we actually went to cheaper phones this round for payment plan, so it's likely even more, but I just can't deal with this.
  11. I would assume though that any phone through this would be TNX'ed. When I TNX'ed all 5 of my lines, they switched us over to a T-mobile plan that is more expensive than what I was paying when it was the Sprint plan. A frustration that CS was not able to help me with, so we're just stuck into paying $50 more a month in total (and it wasn't because fees were rolled into price, meaning my monthly total is $50 higher). However, if you don't TNX all your lines, then perhaps you keep the Sprint plan?
  12. Beefy at 1 giggle in size. Available on my TNX SIM too.
  13. Yes, I've seen that scam shield rarely works for me as well. I'm on TNX so I don't have call screener app anymore just the reported "superior" scam shield, but it doesn't seem to work very well. I get scam texts and calls quite a bit.
  14. Are there network reset codes for TNX (Tmobile) like there was for Sprint (##72786#)?? One of my lines (S21 5G) in the St. Louis area is dropping calls after 3 mins very consistently. It appears to happen on WiFi-calling and on TMO network. We're all on TNX for my 5 lines. Anyone have any thoughts?
  15. This is market specific. The Milwaukee and Madison market has been updated with the "layer cake" treatment and for me on TNX R15 SIM (Sprint S21 Ultra), I get B25,26,41 from Sprint. I roam on ATT and VZW occasionally. Most time is all T-Mobile for me but frequently Sprint. So those like my markets, TNX is excellent. But sounds like Raleigh is not one of those markets.
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