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  1. Finally out for Sprint TNA this morning
  2. I don't have the "hearing me" problem, but I bet it's network related..... I just rarely get calls and texts when people call me or text me. Telemarketers seem to always get through but never the important calls. The New T-mobile sucks just as hard as the Old Sprint.
  3. Right, my area was far better for Sprint than T-mobile, but now when I'm connected to a Sprint tower, the LTE is unusable. So they're in the process of conversion here, I'm guessing. Might as well bite the bullet now. Thank you for the help!
  4. But the future is just the TNX, right? As Sprint towers are sunset and converted? So we'll have to do this eventually.
  5. I'm trying to understand this TNX deal as I got the email saying we should get new SIMs. We have Sprint phones and Sprint SIMs right now and are part of the ROAMAHOME as I understand it. Should we get the new SIMs? When I travel outside of Madison, WI I tend to roam quite a bit, some on USCC, will that not happen?
  6. What's the TNX thing? I got an email saying that we need to get new SIMs for our phones (Sprint phones with Sprint SIMs). Should we do this?? First I'm hearing of us needing new SIMs. EDIT: I figured this out on another thread and ordered the TNX SIMs.
  7. Sorry, can't remember are you Sprint, T-mobile, or unlocked? Were you on the beta?
  8. My S20+ (Sprint version) has been toggling back to Sprint B41 lately around my house, which is typically a good thing as the B41 gave speeds near or at 100 down compared to the 2 down with "5G" on T-mobile.....however, now the B41 is useless and it needs to snap back over to "5G" to do anything. I wonder if these means tower conversion is happening?? I know that the Milwaukee market got the mid-band 5G switch thrown, perhaps Madison, WI area will soon too? They usually are the same market, but Milwaukee was in the last T-mobile presser but not Madison. I sure hope so, it would make a worl
  9. October security update out for Sprint variants this morning
  10. Have you guys been seeing the network (either 5G or LTE) being displayed even when on WiFi? I haven't been able to narrow it down to a specific app and it's not from a weak WiFi signal or the wifi switching setting. Not sure if it's adversely affecting anything. So I have currently my WiFi symbol, the WiFi-calling icon, and "5G", the signal bars and battery icon. Started for me after the last update that fixed GPS.
  11. Updating rolling out now. 5% get it today, more tomorrow and Sunday.
  12. Not sure how more of yous guys aren't having GPS problems, my wife's phone finally updated and immediately started to fail and her dot was wandering around on Google Maps...... but as an update, I heard from Samsung. They know about the GPS dropouts and failed locks. It's almost isolated only on T-mobile's software build. It's an issue with Qualcomm's 5G chip and the GPS component. It will be fixed in ~2 weeks in the next update. I hope your data issues are fixed on the next update too. I always have these kinds of issues with my data dropping out or locking on to a shitty signal.
  13. Something still isn't great with my GPS. It's locking most of the time, but often if I access Maps directions by just using the Assistant like "hey google navigate home" it'll lose signal lock and freeze up. Most other times, it's completely fine. It's very strange. I haven't tried it running this week because it's too dark in the AM and it's been raining, so I've been relegated to the treadmill and my stories. The Boys season 2 is quite good and darker than the first. A very nice thing that I can report is that The New T-Mobile has flip flopped on the LTE and "5G" speeds around me. Befo
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