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  1. Another update this morning ATFD. Still June patch.
  2. But you'd have to assume that T-mobile would be using _some_ of the Sprint towers? In Madison, T-mobile is terrible for signal and if they integrated a few of Sprint's towers, they'd blanket this city very well. I know of a few T-mobile tower locations that I can check on my drive to and from work. (I am keeping up with the thread loosely on the merger) Edit: we have the faux "5G" indicator on B66 LTE here in Madison, so the tower is at least broadcasting the 5G for the signal icon, but no actual NR connections that I've seen.
  3. How will we know if they're testing it? Will B41 go off line for Sprint LTE?? Do they need more/new equipment on the Sprint towers? (feel free to point me to any article explaining this) I have to keep my phone in LTE/CDMA only mode (no 5G) to get any decent signal, but if/when they start testing 5G off Sprint towers I'm not really going to know in this mode. right? I fear Madison will be the last market to get any improvements anytime soon.
  4. hmmmm, not available for my Sprint locked S20+
  5. ##72786# from dialer will reprovision and remove that. Safe to do.
  6. Huh, weird. Mine still work just fine. Sorry to hear about yours.
  7. 😂 Actually DO NOT enable LTE roaming otherwise it hops right back over to T-mobile. Man, this isn't a tenable solution long term. Wisconsin has a lot of huge holes in coverage that uscc lte filled.
  8. Okay, yes, that's great. Just thought I was missing something. We're all good. And thank you!
  9. I'm not sure I follow the toggling roaming situation?? None of my roaming has changed and nothing needed to be toggled? Also, you said "enabled CA profiles" as in just checked them all?? BUT I went back to the Band Selection App and set the priorities back for B41, B25, B26, rebooted, RCS seems to be working now thankfully. The Roaming status is still "not roaming" in SIM card status in settings. I did go into the ##3282# menu and enabled the LTE Roaming, which was the only thing that was "off". Band selection seems to stick fine after reboots, so I'll keep with this for a while and see what's up. Then I'll have to do all this on my wife's phone....yikes. But she'll be pissed if she tries to use her phone outside home, fortunately that hasn't been the case for her. Friggin' nightmare at a time when I (and probably many of us) don't particularly need something else like this to have to deal with.
  10. So they (Sprint) can't turn your phone back to priority for Sprint bands? Over on reddit they were saying that it was a line-by-line activation and that it could be reversed by calling tech support. I'm debating trying that, but thought others might find out first if that works without me wasting tons of time on the phone. My phone is pretty worthless outside WiFi now on the B66....it's new trick has been to latch on to the B4^2 signal, which has a little higher RSRP value but it is just as slow as B66 (1-3 Mbps down, failed uploads). I've tested the Samsung Band Selection app switching over to B41, B25, B26, but then I lose my RCS in Google Messages app. Consistent loss on testing flipping back and forth. I also went into the ##data# edit menu for the band priority and B66 isn't even listed in there. The phone is still listening to B25 priority 1, B26 priority 2, and B41 priority 3, then down on the list, but again, no B66 listed at all. This seems to be truly a cluster F of the highest order reading the comments on Reddit as well.
  11. RCS seems to not like this setup at all. Says "connecting......." in chat settings in Google Messages. Sucks!
  12. So I did this with the Band Selection app and my phone's on B41, and status is "not roaming", so 🤷‍♂️. Cell mapper data for T-mobile towers is not great for Madison. I'll monitor any adverse effects. I selected B41, B25, and B26. On the flip side, I did get like 6 phone calls today on B66 which at least 4 of those would have went to voicemail directly on Sprint's network. So I guess I have to pick data or phone calls?
  13. Had to run into work early this morning and ran some SCP and Speedtests along the way. Highest I was able to pull anywhere in Madison was 12 Mbps down 10 Mbps up nearer to downtown Madison, but MOST of it was in the 1-3 Mbps range. All stuck on B66 AWS LTE with 5 + 5 CA reported. This performance is abysmal. I was hoping that it was just my local area/tower that was weak. At least off B41 on Sprint I was getting 90+ in most all locations, but even in the slowest areas it would be 5-10. I also assumed that the tower across the street (maybe 400 yards) from me was a stack of Verizon, T-mobile, and Sprint equipment, but it's showing the T-mobile signal coming from a lot further away. My B66 RSRP is steady here at home around -113 to -122 dBm. My B41 was in the -60 dBm range. Overall this is very displeasing. In a situation like I had here last Friday when the morons doing road work cut the cable lines and my whole neighborhood lost WiFi, I was at least able to keep working tethering to my Sprint hotspot from my phone. That won't work at all with this shit B66 signal. I always thought that everyone (ATT, VZW, Tmob, USCC) MUST be better than Sprint around here.....careful what you wish for I guess.
  14. Oooo, baby. This 0.25 Mbps 5G is clearly the future! Can't wait for my email to download a single message.
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