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  1. So I force my sprint note 10 plus on tmobile network. I no longer get cap at 5 mbps down or up. I did speed test 110 mbps now. This great sign of allowing us sprint people first on there network take more advantage. This is in BALTIMORE MARKET.
  2. I can get 385 mbps on my note 10 plus on lte . So those speeds were backhaul very high . I get 200 plus a lot in Delaware. my home tower I get 102 mbps on band 25.
  3. I found sprint converted old wimax sites that been off line for like 5 years?, now they have new panels. So weird they are adding sites still with so called no money.
  4. after 7 years sprint finally add 3rd carrier on band 41. I got 302 mbps now on my note 10 plus.my home tower and surrounding cell towers.
  5. I got say this note10 plus is biggest a big upgrade I seen. I am coming from the s8plus. The camera is so nice and I am still trying figure out all the features. I am so glad im back with the note series. I have miss the note and last one I had was the note 5. The phone so fast , its 40 percent faster on lte compared to s8 plus . I get over 200mbp down at my home most time now. MY S8 plus max at 170 mbps at home and average speeds where at 100mps(40mhz band 41 ). The signal on this phone is so great ,this thing so fine tune now. I got the blue one from best buy . It does 0 to 100 percent in about hour for full charge . Its going take me awhile figure out all features . SO IN MY OPINION , ITS WORTH THE PRICE !!!!! HELL YES
  6. My note 10 plus delayed bestbuy , wanted blue one and no eta .sucks.
  7. Pre order mine tonight. I was playing with it at best . Big upgrade from s8 plus.
  8. S8 plus volte almost 6 months now. Shame 9n Samsung and sprint.
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