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  1. shannonbrian

    Network Vision/LTE - Baltimore Market (including Annapolis/East Shore)

    I got check these sites out . Not been in city in awhile.
  2. shannonbrian

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Baseband is new too and Wow this best one ever my dbm drop from -122 to -116 dbm in my bathroom. I tested 3to 4 different spots and it drop up too -5 dbm .
  3. Most likely they will , but band 41 will not blanket all delaware
  4. No way ever place going have band 41 but I say 75 percent sites now have it.
  5. Delaware is starting finish all triband upgrades so your wrong how much it improved last 6 months even going too beach.
  6. shannonbrian

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    My s8 is live with volte
  7. What kind phone do you have and I don't think flag pole has band 26 .
  8. They just put another band 41 panels on 95 tower between north east and elkton. Not live yet
  9. What about it all combine aka gigabit LTE like new Orleans arena last year test.
  10. I used volte in Philly and Baltimore it works very very good. Sound way better then hd voice in my opinion. Bad part I'm in Delaware market so I'm in between areas . Kind of tease .
  11. They tune crap out baltimore and philly market crank up power on tower I'm getting very strong band 26 and 41 were I almost use drop in areas and faster speeds all around volts works great on my s8 plus.