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  1. See what happens with quarter 1 2019. It would help with. lte gigabit . But sprints track record I would never hold my breath. But in last 8 months they finally step up improve network 2 times better than year before.
  2. Think sprint should stop at 60 mhz band 41 lte . Start adding band 25 aggregation. Galaxy s 10 be able do 7 carriers .
  3. Mostly all sites upgrade band 26 too.
  4. Lower delaware mostly all sites running band 41 just couple left upgrade.
  5. Yes I had clear line of site , still old samsung clearwire panels. Mostly all clearwire sites were not upgraded with 8t8r panels. Only like 5 sites need upgraded panels.
  6. Wilmington Delaware fastest speed yet.http://imgur.com/gallery/7Jor6az. Turn off 256 qam , and 4 x4 mimo. This the speed .Delaware market not lte advance yet either. Only 3carriers band 41 on Clearwire site. imagine lte advance 😍
  7. shannonbrian

    Network Vision/LTE - Baltimore Market (including Annapolis/East Shore)

    I got check these sites out . Not been in city in awhile.
  8. shannonbrian

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    Baseband is new too and Wow this best one ever my dbm drop from -122 to -116 dbm in my bathroom. I tested 3to 4 different spots and it drop up too -5 dbm .
  9. Most likely they will , but band 41 will not blanket all delaware
  10. No way ever place going have band 41 but I say 75 percent sites now have it.
  11. Delaware is starting finish all triband upgrades so your wrong how much it improved last 6 months even going too beach.
  12. shannonbrian

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    My s8 is live with volte
  13. What kind phone do you have and I don't think flag pole has band 26 .