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  1. They tune crap out baltimore and philly market crank up power on tower I'm getting very strong band 26 and 41 were I almost use drop in areas and faster speeds all around volts works great on my s8 plus.
  2. shannonbrian

    S10 family rumors and news

    well they get finger print sensor in the display 3 cameras I be stoke .
  3. Went to philly last night for concert. volte work great and most of the clear site are now Triband carriers of band 41 .Average speeds were 45 to 60 mbps 6pm. and at 1130 pm speeds just up to 80 to 100 mbps . Philly improved alot last 6 months.
  4. shannonbrian

    Network Vision/LTE - Baltimore Market (including Annapolis/East Shore)

    Drop call city in baltimore today
  5. shannonbrian

    Network Vision/LTE - Baltimore Market (including Annapolis/East Shore)

    hand offs are terrible today lot drops of lte and 3g , network all over place today. Not stable at all.
  6. shannonbrian

    Network Vision/LTE - Baltimore Market (including Annapolis/East Shore)

    Volte live today in Baltimore market.
  7. shannonbrian

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I say this is best baseband yet , i hold on to band 41 way longer and get it more spots then before. maybe 4x4 mimo helping too.
  8. im getting uploads in my area baltimore and delaware market just turned on. no volte on.http://imgur.com/gallery/cUqwAgi
  9. It was strange because it was show clearwire site last week.
  10. Is rhis 3 carrier band 41 small cell ?http://imgur.com/gallery/i4Cyhxz. http://imgur.com/a/Kan2Y6T
  11. trust me they will not complete all triband by then , the pace of some markets are way slower then others and gmo land prime area for no upgrade to band 41.
  12. i know that , mean icon when getting volte call
  13. any body know what icon looks like ? on s8
  14. shannonbrian

    [PSA] Sprint Soft Launches VoLTE

    go figure