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  1. NanoVirus

    Sprint Drive

    I couldn't find a forum discussing this device, if there is one, please move my post. Has anyone had any experience using this device? https://www.sprint.com/en/landings/drive/sprint-drive.html
  2. I noticed that also, I kinda like it.
  3. Yea, I have 450 anytime minutes.
  4. I actually have a very old plan that does not include hotspot
  5. Has anyone gotten Shortcut Master(Lite) to work with the beta build?
  6. Well I performed the update, did the dialer code reset and now I have lost the option for voice networks. Was hoping to take advantage of calling plus.
  7. With this new update, do we still have the ability to toggle on/off the camera shutter sound?
  8. Don't know if I am losing my mind or not, but I am not able to receive a text notification while on the phone. I am using Android Messages and can receive an audible notification along with vibration, but the minute I am on a call, all of that stops. I do continue to receive a notification in the notification bar. Is anyone else having this issue?
  9. I was reading the reviews on the Samsung app store
  10. Reviews about the update to the phone app are not positive.
  11. This was the only update I received.
  12. Update for S9+ Unlocked is out.Wonder why this update is larger than the Sprint version.
  13. True, I just like the aspect of Samsung Messages retaining shared media files.
  14. Has anyone using the unlocked s9+ been able to get RCS messaging to work on the Samsung app?
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