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  1. Thanks. I tried using the Samsung App to force N41,not sure if that will work with 5G, but it appears Sprint 5G might be blocked now.
  2. Does anyone know if the Sprint 5G coverage has been shutdown in waves or the update blocked access completely?
  3. Anyone having problem with text messages on this phone, specifically with viewing pictures? I am using Google Message and when I receive a text with a picture, my phone shows the text, but only shows "picture" instead of the actual picture. I remember when I first got this phone, this wasn't an issue, so not sure if a Samsung or google update caused this problem.
  4. Are these the same CA profiles you have enabled?
  5. I used the Samsung Band Selection app. Just make sure roaming is turned on or you won't get a connection to a Sprint band. Now if we get charged for roaming, I can't say, I don't wanna assume anything at this point.
  6. I was able to force my phone to stay on B41. Looks like the Sprint bands are coded as native "roaming". The speeds are night and day, I am able to get close to 200Mbps on B41 compared to 15Mbps on Band 66.
  7. My phone is now on band B66, speeds are no where close to what I was getting on band 41. No T-Mobile 5G in my immediate area, but there are several areas with Sprint 5G available. Volte is greyed out. I have the unlocked version.
  8. I was able to find some 5G while driving around Oak Ridge and downtown Knoxville.
  9. Maybe I am blind, but is download booster missing on the unlocked version?
  10. So I got my S20+ today, but Samsung never sent tracking information. The app still shows "in progress". Guess its a good thing I had it scheduled to deliver at my job.
  11. Thanks for the information. It appears the kit is out of stock at Best Buy. For those needing this kit, I was able to find it on Amazon.
  12. I have the S9+. Would the sim in this phone work in the S20 or will I need to get a new one?
  13. i downloaded the update and can report I have VOLTE. I did notice that VOLTE toggled off on its own, but so far it has remained on.
  14. Hopefully VOLTE will be included in that update if not earlier.
  15. For those of you with the unlocked version , are you able to use RCS features with the Samsung Message app? I know with the unlocked S9 this option was not available unless you used the Android Message app.
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