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  1. uecker87

    iPhone XS Thread

    Well good luck guys... I picked up a Max on Verizon and I am seeing definitely worse cell reception. Tried posting photos on Macrumors and I either get ignored or told it is "fake news". What a lovely society we live in now... Ha https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/iphone-xs-and-xs-max-owners-complain-of-wi-fi-and-lte-connectivity-issues.2142500/page-4#post-26562175
  2. uecker87


    Did not know about this... Just signed up for a $0.01 SIM card to continue testing AT&T around here (they are actively expanding in my area). I just can't forget to switch from the free month promo to the free plan before it expires. Thanks for sharing!
  3. uecker87

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    If we got that phone but with a Samsung provided OLED it would've been just about perfect...
  4. uecker87

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I had the 2 XL and ended up returning it and getting a smaller 2. Same performance (better RF on Verizon by 4-8 dBm in a number of low signal places). No issues with the OLED like I had on the 2 XL and a slightly more manageable for factor (yes the bezels are a little much). I like it though. I was able to get it for $550 (Best Buy had a sale) vs the $850 for the XL. The XL is definitely not worth $300 more than the smaller 2. Probably not even worth the $200 premium.
  5. uecker87

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    I have my 2 XL but on Verizon. If anyone has any questions let me know.
  6. uecker87

    LG V30

    No complaints on screen brightness outside yet. Definitely usable out there. I haven't been in direct sunlight a ton though yet. We have had a lot of clouds and rain recently. SCP does show earfcns. It is a Verizon model but there have been reports of some running AT&T or T-Mobile on it since all Verizon phones come unlocked. Might be missing some LTE bands though.
  7. uecker87

    LG V30

    Well guys - I have the LG V30 in hand (but for Verizon - I switched back yesterday). Let me know if any of you have any questions. First impressions are that this is REALLY nice. Torn on whether or not to even keep my Pixel 2 XL pre-order. Might end up keeping this. I only tried it because Verizon was offering no restocking fee for online orders, and I love the look of this compared to the Pixel 2 XL. I thought the urge for pure Android would win over and I would end up keeping my Pixel pre-order, but now I am not so sure. RF (yes for Verizon, and obviously band and provider dependent) has been pretty good. B13 and B2 have been great on this phone (definitely better than my old iPhone and Nexus) - AWS has been pretty average. Battery life has been awesome (very limited, yes I know). Used it all day yesterday from 11AM on with only the 50% that came on the phone when I opened it (and that included all of the installing/setting up apps). Today on my first full charge, I am going on 4 hours off the charger with about 2 hours of screen on time and still rocking 81% (about 35 minutes of which was SignalCheck and Pandora running on my commute).
  8. uecker87

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Hmm. Idk. Weird how B41 has just a little 2 and not a star.
  9. uecker87

    Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    The tech specs on Google's website said 4x4 MIMO on B41. I haven't looked through the FCC docs to know if that's confirmed there. I got my Pixel 2 XL 64GB in Black ordered with a deliver date of Oct 18th or 19th.
  10. uecker87

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    To me it isn't just about data speeds. It is about reliability in the coverage area and the coverage area itself. I get that most of the population lives in bigger cities and don't need true nationwide coverage, but for many it is a really big deal. People travel, people move. You want something that you know will just work pretty much anywhere. I never understood this when I was initially with Sprint. I just assumed that every carrier had large issues like this - but the truth is that both Verizon and AT&T cover so many more square miles with LTE (and usable at that) that it is truly ridiculous. To me, that is where Sprint falls short and their future plans don't adequately address it. Sure they are planning some native expansion, but nothing even remotely close to the other 3's coverage areas. Small cells should help in large metros, but it doesn't solve the problem that many will be roaming or have a useless 1X or 3G signal many times when either commuting, traveling, or playing. I am probably in the minority here... I get that data speeds mean a lot to many wireless enthusiasts, but I want is coverage - reliable coverage. I want to know that I can get reliable calls everywhere. That my texts will go out in a crowded mall or out at the lake. I want adequate data speeds to at least surf the web when something pops in my head that I need to know right then and there - even if I am in the middle of nowhere. I want to be able to stream music on my daily commute without minutes of silence. All of those things are possible with most of the other carriers without any extra thought having to be made. With Sprint, I just can't say that. I know - I know. So why am I with Sprint again? The unlimited year is just too good to pass up for a new family with a young toddler trying to cut costs anywhere they can... I can LIVE with the shortcomings when it is free - but I can't and won't when I am actually paying for it. With that being said - I am neutral on this merger. I think it would put things in better balance overall with the top 2, but I always think less competition is probably a bad thing down the road. /rant over.
  11. uecker87

    4k Televisions

    I would personally stick with OLEDs - I hate LCD/LED. I bought a Samsung KS8000 around Christmas and the picture was horrible in my view. Horrible viewing angles, dirty screen effect, the list goes on. All instances of burn-in on OLEDs, I have found to be temporary and should go away under normal usage (and they have a setting in there somewhere that runs a process for about an hour that *should* remove it). And I heard the 2017 models are a little bit better as well with regards to burn-in. I am still rocking a Panasonic Plasma as our main TV (about 6 1/2 years old and still probably about as good as it gets for sports and action/fast motion films). Still no burn-in, but I know to make sure to never leave it on a static image for too long. I now use an Apple TV on it for DirecTV Now and the default screensaver on the Apple TV lets me relax about it too. I want to make the jump to OLED, but I just don't see enough 4k content out there to justify the price. I have a low-end Vizio 4k TV for my man-cave that I use for gaming due to the extremely low input lag, but I was able to pick that up for about $300. My eye is still on the LG B6 (2016) model. If it gets any lower here within the next few months, I might just make the impulse buy. Edit: I personally use the Rtings website a lot for their reviews on HDTVs. Very good info and a good quick reference to compare models.
  12. uecker87

    Sprint coming soon teaser

    Seeing as there is a Samsung logo on top and many clues that include "Galaxy" and "8", I am willing to guess it will have something to do with the new Samsung Galaxy phone.
  13. uecker87

    HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    I am on Verizon and they only have 1x Engineering, EVDO Engineering, and GPS as options in ##DEBUG#.
  14. uecker87

    HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    So I have only had the device for a couple hours, but so far so good. Good display. Very responsive. Coming from an iPhone 6s plus, I love the size, the feel, and the look of the device. A happy medium in terms of size. I think it is perfect. I'll put it through more later today when I get home from work and type up an update.
  15. uecker87

    HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    Yeah I will. If you really want to get at least a peek into the device and hold it, Verizon stores are supposed to have it there to check out (probably only corporate stores, but maybe authorized retailers too). I might stop by one on my way home from work just to make sure I want to keep the pre-order.