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Build your own devices, routers, relays, IoT etc.

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So I'm looking at what to do in terms of a router for my Mobile Citizen SIM. My options are to by a prebuilt Cradlepoint, or one of LTEfix's routers, and then a Sierra Wireless modem that I can change the IMEI of. What direction would you guys go? If anyone has a link to how to change the IMEI, I'd also appreciate that. Thanks a lot guys!

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5 hours ago, Plutonium said:

So is the global RM510 good enough for the states? I want to get one but need to know if it is easy to play with imei/ttl. Need ot for verizon/att

It is engineering sample phase and good luck getting some mmWave antennas with accompanying MHF7 to whatever the mmWave antenna connect to. The Dev board they offer is probably key to this but it costs more than the radio itself.

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On 9/11/2020 at 8:57 PM, ZanSai said:

Hello belusnecropolis,

I messaged you on the ROOter forum a week ago I guess you have busy and missed it. So I signed up here to ask if you could help me get the firmwares for LM960 & LM960A18. Could you get this "Telit LM960 Multi Image Firmware Updater V.32.00.0x1 (Generic and AT&T) for Windows host systems" for the old LM960 and the new firmware for new version LM960A18? I have both and the LM960 is missing the generic carrier profile (only has AT&T and Verizon) and LM960A18 only has AT&T config. I had tried to get the sales rep from semiconductor to provide the latest firmware for LM960A18 but he has ghosted me simply because he didn't know where to get them and kept providing me publicly available files and not the files restricted to vendors only. You seem to have all the latest firmwares already. Could you post somewhere for me or others to update? Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have Sprint so my sim isn't working in LM960A18 and only 2CA (B41) on LM960 when I know my tower supports 3CA and confirmed with phone.

 The lm960a18 is now on sprint quick base, however the units are still not able to officially provision. Does telit have sprint firmware now? And if so, have you tried again on the lm960a18?

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@belusnecropolis any recommendations on something I can put together for T-Mobile? I want to come up with something I can plug into the WAN2 port on my UDM Pro and use as WAN backup. I could always go the Cradlepoint route but I thought it might be fun to try to build something. My home T-Mobile site is fully upgraded with Bands 2, 4(66), 12, 41, 66, and 71. Size isn't too much of a concern, I'll likely attach it to the side of my rack. This is in my basement but I'm close enough to the tower to have pretty good signal down here. 


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Hello, is it safe to put a EM20 in a H721 router? I heard some burn modems but LTEfix came out with the V6 version but said they haven’t tested it out. Have y’all had any problems? 

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13 hours ago, DTG said:

Hello, is it safe to put a EM20 in a H721 router? I heard some burn modems but LTEfix came out with the V6 version but said they haven’t tested it out. Have y’all had any problems? 

Hey fren I have an RM510Q-GL in one right now until my mmWave board gets in, it works really well. I was one of those who lost an EM20 in the v1 M2M ;-; I still have that radio in a drawer lol.

The EM20 was an engineering only run so make sure yours is on the a08 firmware, that was the last most stable release.

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    • Edit: Disregard, what I previously posted here was a previously starred bug.  
    • This convert site is funny to me. T-Mobile reserved a pole at this same intersection for a small cell in Dec 2017, finally installed it in July 2020, only for the small cell to be planned for decommissioning a little less than 1 and a half years later thanks to a convert site. It looks like the roof was rebuilt/re-enforced for the new setup too. The roof line is a little higher at the front of the building with new bricks.
    • Or, more simply, have a physical SIM that I can just move from one device to another.  Problem [already] solved.  Carrier doesn't have to be involved at any point in the process. I'll be among many (I'm sure) who will be glad to know if you see it.  Here in the DC area, Dish hasn't really done much yet.  I think I've seen some Dish gear around Richmond, but nothing here. - Trip
    • I like VICE.  They actually report on news no one else is willing to report. A lot of the places they go no sane person would want to be there.  They put their life on the line in many cases to get a story. From stories about the avocado wars in Mexico, being in the front lines against ISIS and Ukraine, to being embedded with terrorist organizations.   FAA might have some conspiracy 5G nut on their team or something.  At work ever year we have some one come in and say "hey, can you turn off the WIFI in my room? I don't want its radiation".  It doesn't make sense and their reasoning is always uneducated conspiracy. I can see someone coming into my office and acting crazy over C band disregarding everything else.
    • I think on esims it depends on how they implement it. If you can freely activate them on one phone while having it loaded on many that would be great.   I will let you know when I see Boost Mobile native 5g live here. So far no sign of even the plmn being active which I figure will be my first indicator. I look at changing networks with the TNX Sim and seem to get a full list of all carriers and their alternate plmns.
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