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  1. belusnecropolis .. I just ordered another LM960 for my PepWave router. I need some MHF4 to U.FL Pigtail Adapters. In the past, I purchased these from LTEFIX and the quality was great. https://ltefix.com/shop/cables/pigtail-cables/mhf4-to-ufl-pigtail-adapter/ I need a quantity of 4. Where's a good place to source these pigtail adapters now?
  2. The Pepwave unit I have does have 2 radios. However, changing out the second radio requires you to totally disassemble the unit to remove it.
  3. The Pepwave unit I have does have 2 radios. However, changing out the second radio requires you to totally dissemble the unit to remove it.
  4. Great.. I'm willing to try the EM20 in the Pepwave. However, I may be waiting my money if it does not work...
  5. What's the best place to purchase the EM12 or EM20?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. It would be curious to see if the Pepwave firmware recognizes the Quectel modem. Specially what model and version would you recommend?
  7. I am tinkering with my Pepwave MAX HD2 with the LM960 modem. I noticed that LTEFix has the build tutorial for the H721 as well. I would love to build one if the H721 is better than the Pepwave build I'm working on right now. The Pepwave OS/firmware is very stable and user friendly. It has lots of features. Not sure which one is the better build (Pepwave or the H721)? https://ltefix.com/shop/routers/m2m-routers/m2m-nexg-h721/
  8. Does LTEFix still sell the H721 router? What is the best 2.4Ghz and 5GHz Atheros WiFi cards (specific model #) out there? What router OS are you using? Do you get most of your parts from LTEFix?
  9. What is this? What LTE modems do you have in this unit?
  10. Ok.. The USB adapter from Amazon will arrive tomorrow. So I will give it a try tomorrow. Thanks
  11. In Putty, I would be using the Serial Connection type right? If yes, I would need to know what the COM port is and the serial port configuration (baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, & flow control).
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