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How to Spot Sprint Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna Nodes (CAN)


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Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna Node

The following consists of Alpha Wireless Concealed Antenna Node (CAN) small cell sites. 

This is a type of stealth setup for small cells where the small cell enodeB and relay antenna is located within the stealth enclosure which also acts as the antenna. This type of site is under beta trials with positive results and is likely to expand in deployment scope nationally to fulfill municipality requests for "good looking" small cells that they would approve. 


The finished build.


Note the utilities attached to the pole and routed directly into the concealed antenna node where the small cell eNB and Relay backhaul antenna are located. In traditional small cell deployments, like such they are mounted on the exterior with visible wires

The following is an additional example of an Alpha Wireless CAN setup. Notice the CAN's position relative to the utility pole which is at an angle. 


Here is another one that is a standalone metal pole install. 


Photo Credits to dkyeager and the rest of the Ohio sponsor group that helped locate these small cells. 

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No. It's an alpha wireless specific setup not yet out of field testing.


Not the same as other stealth setups.


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So the entire setup is confined to the weird white thing on top plus the power meter? Stealthy.

Small cell, relay, and the antenna is all in that enclosure.


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Any thoughts on which vendor is supplying this variant and is this a Sprint site and which city/state location?


The post you quoted isn't of the type that this thread is about... but that is a Sprint B25 small cell. The location is linked. 

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2 hours ago, ejlwireless said:


Is there a different thread about other concealed solutions on this site? Is the rectangular box the B25 small cell halfway down the pole and not inside the antenna radome for the non-Alpha site???

Thank you.


I don't think there is. The antenna is on top, the B25 small cell is the box on the side as far as I could tell.

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They will work with a community (electric company) by agreement or by local regulations, to install the units on existing poles.  If negotiation/diplomacy fails, then they will see where they can get right-of-way to install their own poles. 


Some communities and utilities are hostile to them being installed, aesthetic reasons being one.  Quite often, electric companies run a lightning wire on the top of their telephone poles and therefore cannot support the CANs.

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