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  1. Teka

    Lumia 920 and 820

    I like the idea of a bright yellow phone but not for two years. Personally I think the slate grey color is the best looking.
  2. Teka

    Lumia 920 and 820

    Even though Sprint hasn't announced any plans for Windows Phone 8 devices I would like to see the Lumia 920. It compares similarly to the other top tier phones http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/5/3293500/nokia-lumia-920-galaxy-s-iii-iphone-iphone-4s-ativ-s-specs-compare but I'm interested in Windows Phone 8 since Android and iOS both seem a bit boring.
  3. I would donate $20 or so to the site and take a look at the interactive maps and plans for NV, then you can decide yourself and not have to rely on other peoples/sites analysis. If you're really curious you can pitch in the extra for premiere status and have more info on NV and LTE deployments in Chicago than most people at Sprint.
  4. My understanding is most old towers have 3 T1s which provide 4.5 mbps up/down so not that fast, but the good part is they're completely dedicated to Sprint unlike a consumer cable connection where the bandwidth is shared. NV sites should have 100 mbps now with the option to more easily upgrade when the need is there. The best part is that the new connections are about the same monthly cost to Sprint so besides the installation labor and one time fees its a free upgrade, thus driving the $ per mpbs down significantly and allowing Sprint to continue offering unlimited data and sell excess
  5. They're talking metro ethernet or MPLS which can be based on copper or fiber cables. Pretty much NV comes down to either having some sort of cable based (copper or fiber) internet connection or microwave, both of which provide an substantial improvement over the T1s in place now.
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