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  1. Well, assuming this goes through I can't wait for a bunch of non-redundant Sprint sites to be decomm'ed Nextel/clearwire style ?
  2. For discussion of the upcoming Moto G6/Plus/Play. FCC IDs IHDT56XA1, IHDT56XB1, IHDT56XD1 Models XT1924, XT1922, and XT1925 respectively. Batteries 5000(?!)mah, 4000mah, 3000mah respectively. I predict Plus/Play/Regular respectively. Based on dimensions the G6 Plus is XT1924 (it's a few mm longer than the other two). Based on battery mAh the XT1922 is the Play and XT1925 is the regular one. Actually the battery numbers are making me second-guess everything. We will probably know tomorrow. No device photos in the FCC docs as far as I can tell, but it looks like all three support all of the Sprint bands. Yay! Looks like XT1925 is certified for 41-25 and 41-26 aggregation but the other two aren't.
  3. The problem with this repeal is that the ISP industry simply does not function as a free market in current form. Google, with near-infinite (and certainly more than many existing ISPs) financial and legal resources, has had so much trouble getting a foot in the door in this market that they've suspended expansion. On top of that, our economy is so heavily dependent on the internet that any drastic change in pricing from all ISPs could have a real impact on the entire country. Now, I know that sort of thing won't happen any time soon because at that point the ISPs would incur the wrath of Congress, but all other things being equal the cost of using and doing business over the internet can (and likely will, though gradually) substantially increase without net neutrality regulation in place. You can nitpick industry market details, but there would definitely be a macro impact on productivity if every business had to handle the added overhead of paying for separate internet packages and data traffic. (Productivity is a determinant of SRAS...) You can argue that the problem is at a local level, but then why the need to repeal net neutrality RIGHT THIS SECOND before you solve those local issues? (Or look into the blatantly obvious fraud in the public comment system.) I completely understand the ISP viewpoint here, but we really shouldn't give them complete power over the entire Internet-dependent economy. Especially when there is essentially no invisible hand in place to correct the market. I can't think of another industry that everyone (individuals, firms, the government, etc) depends on as much as we do the Internet that isn't regulated like a public utility. And net neutrality is a far cry from actual utility-style regulation. As I said, if legitimate competition can be introduced to the market then my points are moot. But I don't see that ever happening. Tldr deregulation is great except when you're putting a massive economic growth medium on the line to protect the profits and growth of an industry that makes up a tiny slice of GDP compared to E-Commerce and digital services when there are plenty of alternatives to help out the ISPs available. And I have looked those numbers up before; it really is a small fraction.
  4. Yes. Verizon may have more at the moment, but Sprint's relative lack of infinite investment cash is really making them get creative and they're cooking up some really neat stuff with the relays, magic boxes, and the Altice plans.
  5. Good point. It wouldn't make sense to try and blanket as much of the country as possible, which does seem to be the goal for T-Mobile. But I still think they have room to improve in sub/exurbs and small-ish towns. And those places are best served by old fashioned macro tower additions, so it's nice to see Sprint indicate they are renewing focus on that type of investment.
  6. I'm guessing now that the merger is off they realize they're gonna have to match T-Mobile's huge-ish rural-ish buildout over the last year.
  7. Yeah I don't really see how they can continue to be relevant as a national carrier without adding 41 to all of the non-top-25 metros and hundreds (thousands?) of college towns that don't have it. Every time I visit friends at UNC Wilmington or App State I'm confused that Sprint expects a single carrier of B25 to properly serve 15,000 college students and faculty compacted into a campus space.
  8. Sorry to interrupt the merger discussion, but I can't find the thread where we were originally discussing this and I figured this thread is a fine place to drop this. I don't know if y'all remember the 1million thing that got announced a while back (http://www.1millionproject.org/ qualifying students without home internet can get free mobile hotspots) but my school district is participating and we've all been hearing about it from teachers. Here's the application https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SIEp5CFiujRarcKds8InCrej4ub8XMaN The hotspots are limited to 3GB a month (:/) and you have to certify that the hotspot is your only home internet source. And I think our district is doing this in conjunction with a free laptop program for disadvantaged students unrelated to the 1million project but I don't have any info on that.
  9. Unfortunately as far as I can tell there is no CA.
  10. Welcome to the 5x bootloop club. Our member count is approaching the total number of 5xs sold. Funny how a lot of us move on to moto handsets for some reason.
  11. Another update: radio performance isn't quite at the level of my old 5X, but it isn't a massive difference. There are a few places where my 5X would cling to pretty weak LTE and still work; the G5+ drops to 3G in these areas. Also a huge perk of getting the unlocked variant is the presence of an FM radio app.
  12. Just wanna say this has been one of the best purchasing decisions I've ever made. Equal or better specs than my broken 5X for the most part at literally half the cost, and I'm confident it won't self-brick in the middle of an all night high school parking pass registration stakeout. ( @ my dead 5X) The camera does suck. I can get decent shots out of it in pro mode but that requires adjusting a bunch of little sliders and it's a pain when you just want a photo. Pretty much the only drawback. (Unless you rely heavily on NFC. Don't buy this phone if you need NFC.) Battery life is phenomenal. I can go 2 days. It charges as fast or faster than my 5X with quickcharge. No noticeable speed difference from the 5X. And I use the flashlight wave gesture all the time. Very convenient.
  13. So I leave for a few weeks because AP calculus runs my schedule now, and... this happened? Huh. It looks pretty good. I'll get used to it.
  14. My G5+ got here early. I can access the radio menus from the dialer and from signalcheck (and they're persistent in the recent apps list!) but there's no mention of CA or a SCC anywhere so I'd assume this thing isn't capable of aggregation.
  15. IHDT56VE1 https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=6G6eUdHO92H6pn2f83hfMw%3D%3D&fcc_id=IHDT56VE1 (Got super lucky with the license search; this was the first result for motorola in 2016. I put the imei visible in the external photos into swappa's checker and they say it's a g5 plus unlocked varient.) I don't see anything about CA but it's late and I don't have time to look through the documents. Maybe tomorrow.
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