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  1. I'm fine, just disappointed and thinking "seriously Sprint? This is happening again?" I'll just have to "suffer" with my S4 that does get LTE at my workplace and my home.
  2. Huh? How does it work "fine" if it can't get LTE where LTE is available? I wouldn't expect the device to get LTE in a non LTE market, but that's not what we're talking about here.
  3. Not release a device that doesn't work. That's what I would do. Dealing with complaints, returns, bad press/word of mouth would be the least desirable option in my opinion. I've been waiting for this device, and while I'm disappointed I can't get one, I would've been even more disappointed to get one and find out it doesn't work. On a positive note, I am really thankful for this site and all of the knowledgeable people that participate. If it weren't for this site, I would've purchased the Nexus 5, and I would've been pissed.
  4. What is Sprint supposed to do? I don't know, but if releasing a device that doesn't work properly on their network was the best option, then....wow. I understand its complicated, but that's what they're supposed to be experts at and that's why we pay them a good amount of money every month.
  5. Does sprint not test these before they release them? I don't understand how a company can release a phone that doesn't work. Sprint knows what kind of equipment they use in all of their markets, they know the hardware specs of the device. Either they didn't fully test the phone, or they did, knew there was a problem, and released it anyway. I just want to buy a Nexus, its so incredibly frustrating.
  6. Bummer. Why is it that Nexus phones seem to always have signal issues? I've had both Nexus phones on Sprint and both had signal issues. The Galaxy Nexus was so bad it was exchanged after a day for a GS3. I didn't want a Touchwiz phone, but I needed a phone that was functional. I really want a Nexus phone THAT WORKS on Sprint!!! Dammit!!
  7. Anyone having bluetooth issues? Mine won't stay connected to the head unit in my car. My GS3 worked fine.
  8. I've been experiencing great battery life compared to the S3. I don't know if it's because it's actually more efficient, or that it has a fresh battery.
  9. No creaks with mine. Feels like the most solid phone I've owned. Yeah, it's partially plastic, but half of the device is gorilla glass 3.
  10. I dont use multiple batteries, but I do like to put a fresh battery in after a year.
  11. Just picked up a black S4. Really like it. It came down to the S4 and the One. I'm a sucker for amoled screens and didn't want a fixed battery, so S4 it is. The screen is awesome,I really like how they fit a 5 inch screen without making the footprint bigger than the S3 or One...and you absolutely cannot see the pixels so it being pentile doesn't mean anything.
  12. The main reason why I was thinking of trying the windows phone is because the OS is supposed to be more stable and smooth than Android. My GS3 is supposed to be a powerhouse, but it still stutters and lags sometimes just like my old EVO. Sometimes when flipping between screens or closing out of apps it takes a few seconds to load the homescreen. I've played around with Windows phones and they seem fast and very smooth.
  13. Good to know, these are the things you don't know about until you own the phone. I was thinking of changing to something different, but I think I'll just wait and see with the wife's phone. I don't think that stuff would matter to my wife, all she needs it for is facebook, e-mail, messaging, and of course the phone. I really do wish Sprint would offer the Nexus 4. Also waiting to see what Google/Motorola has in store as far as new phones.
  14. Can't believe there isn't a thread posted about this yet. People really must not care about the windows phone. Anyway, the wife has wanted one for a while and we're on Sprint. So, here they are. A mid range HTC phone, and what is basically a Galaxy S3 running windows 8: http://www.wpcentral.com/sprint-htc-tiara-and-samsung-ativ-s-be-first-windows-phones
  15. It's better, the NS4G would intermittently drop wimax. I haven't had any issues yet with the GS3, but I have yet to try it with LTE so who knows? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
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