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  1. Well, just like that we now have 400Mbit Cable Internet in our area. Unfortunately, the ping times/latency seems rather high at 50+ms, but the speed is 100+x what we had before. I would consider hooking the Airave3LTE back up if it were able to do live handover of active data sessions, at least on the LTE side. The MagicBox doesn't even do that.
  2. 3Mbit/0.6Mbit DSL is my only option, so let us say that, for now, WiFi backhaul would be preferable, but it is unavailable.
  3. Having some pushback from Sprint on this: "It's only being offered for business partners." Hmmm.
  4. So, to get it correctly for Sprint cell users, all devices are currently roaming onto TMo towers via the MOCN. At some point, they will issue a firmware update so that capable devices will use TMo natively? When this happens, will the old Sprint network not be accessible any longer, be considered roaming, or become integrated fully (i.e., active data handovers)?
  5. So I put in the filter and unfortunately, it did not stop it from connecting up to LTE on reboot. Just for kicks, I did try blocking 68.31.0.* and 68.31.*.*, but that only stopped the CDMA side from establishing a connection :/. Guess I am going to have to do a packet capture and see where the heck it is getting its info on boot. Or maybe better yet, see if I can get Sprint to send me an MB Gold with the 1xRTT boost module... I am getting 60mbit/5mbit consistently now on my MB3.
  6. Looks like we may have fallen into the "Have magic box, used to work well when it would get B26 backhaul, but now has intermittent issues as it has been forced to connect to B41 backhaul, and we are now also in the coverage black hole for MB support (where it is 'available for subscribers' via the MB address website)." We are 2.24 mi from the donor site, and as I understand it, Sprint reduced the radius to within 2 miles of the donor site for elegibility for a MB. Additionally, we do not have complete line of sight to the donor site. We have NOT received any requests from Sprint aski
  7. Was told that Google may be the one who is to blame, although Pixel has June's already...
  8. Sad state of affairs - these are just supposed to be security patches to prevent hackers...
  9. What firewall rule will disable the LTE on the AR3? I have a magicbox and only have need for 1x from the Airave (We have 3 iPhones and 1 S9) If you know a way to disable 3G, that would also be nice, if possible.
  10. Sprint LTE/TMO AWS native (non-roaming-indicated) coverage confirmed in Oxford, OH. Has anyone verified that active data sessions, including VoLTE and/or Calling+ will soft-handover to and from TMO AWS?
  11. In our situation, the magic box works only as well as an Airave with about a 20Mbit backhaul. But it's not the speed we are worried about. We need coverage at the city-block level. And because Sprint has crippled the functionality by disallowing active data hand-ins, it pretty much ruins every advantage the MagicBox brings to the table, for our situation. I have done the tests - our MagicBox is the strongest Sprint signal on our entire block. It just so happens, it's also the only really usable signal. The good news is that we put it on our top floor, by the window, and it does g
  12. Seeing activity on the old Nextel tower in W College Corner, IN, since TMo put their site low on the totem. Wondering if this is the work of Sprint. Sidemount support structures being added below the Nextel antennae platform on top.
  13. I've experienced mixed results with CallingPlus on my S9+. Much of it is that the person on the other end "loses me" quite often, even though I might hear them fine. Sometimes, driving through the same area doesn't necessarily repeat the bad experience. One time the call is good, the other time it breaks up. We do live a bit out in the country and calls do seem better while connected to WiFi, a MagicBox, or in the city. It's in the country that we have issues (i.e., no cell tower within a mile of the location). Sprint has been bolstering its network with small cells (basically, m
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