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  1. In our situation, the magic box works only as well as an Airave with about a 20Mbit backhaul. But it's not the speed we are worried about. We need coverage at the city-block level. And because Sprint has crippled the functionality by disallowing active data hand-ins, it pretty much ruins every advantage the MagicBox brings to the table, for our situation. I have done the tests - our MagicBox is the strongest Sprint signal on our entire block. It just so happens, it's also the only really usable signal. The good news is that we put it on our top floor, by the window, and it does get good B25 backhaul there (~-105db).
  2. Seeing activity on the old Nextel tower in W College Corner, IN, since TMo put their site low on the totem. Wondering if this is the work of Sprint. Sidemount support structures being added below the Nextel antennae platform on top.
  3. I've experienced mixed results with CallingPlus on my S9+. Much of it is that the person on the other end "loses me" quite often, even though I might hear them fine. Sometimes, driving through the same area doesn't necessarily repeat the bad experience. One time the call is good, the other time it breaks up. We do live a bit out in the country and calls do seem better while connected to WiFi, a MagicBox, or in the city. It's in the country that we have issues (i.e., no cell tower within a mile of the location). Sprint has been bolstering its network with small cells (basically, magic boxes on light poles) in our area, but the problem with that is that they only do this in the city, not out in the country were continuity sites are badly needed.
  4. Interesting. I will have to do some experimentation---while everyone else in the house is asleep (yes--we are data-heavy users as we can only get 3Mbit DSL at our house! 60+/40+/20/10GB average monthly on our 4 phones).
  5. Soooo, could I, by driving home with my S9+, bring B41 to my MB?
  6. MB went down a couple evenings ago -stuck in reboot loop. Checked here and no one had posted about the outage yet, so I performed a factory reset. Back to the reboot loop. It was up and running when I got up to go to work the next morning and seems to have been working ever since. We live out in the country, found a prefect position for the MB. 3 bars at -112dbm connect. Getting up to 20mbps down and up to 8mbps up on devices. The only internet we can get at our house is 3mb/0.6mb DSL, so we rely on this for our phones/data plans. LTE signal is nonexistent otherwise in the basement, 1 bar lower floor, 2 bars upstairs and 2-3 outside. With MB, it's 5 bars on our entire 2 acre lot.
  7. Just received a MB in addition to existing AR3LTE. No request to return yet.
  8. MagicBox doesn't work for phone calls unless you have LTE Calling Plus enabled, which is not yet supported on iPhones and many other phones.
  9. Pixel - great phone but no LTE Calling Plus or WiFi Calling. BIG gotchas...
  10. How many times have I heard that line! Lol. Hope you're right. But... It might not hurt to wait til the cookie is cracked before upgrading, since there might be issues going from 8 to 7 back to 8....
  11. Have you tried joining the beta program? Are they on 8 yet? Could be a drawback for me -- I am currently on 8.1 regular release with my Pixel. Just no Calling Plus or WiFi Calling on Sprint. This might be a reason to go with the Z2Force. Still haven't made the purchase. Won't be before Friday evening.
  12. So, no case needed for the S8 Active? Are the S8's on Android 8 yet?
  13. Just a wild guess... It'll probably be worth considerably more than the Z2 in 18 months as well.
  14. Interesting. I liked the X2 and X1 was ok, for their time, the shake for camera/flashlight features, in particular. I am now leaning back to the S8+, based on a few things, including the fact that I just missed the window for a free Alexa speaker snapon.
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