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  1. I would imagine you need to since the RM510Q-GL is just the modem. May I ask where you got the RM510Q as it is out of stock everywhere and have been looking for them for months.
  2. How many sites would you guess and how far is each node from another? Any more pictures? This is an Airspan Airstrand 1300 small cell. There should be close to 15k of these nodes around the US in addition to the pole mounted nodes from Mobilitie. Not sure who is contracted to install these on the strands.
  3. @Dkoellerwx Is there a different thread about other concealed solutions on this site? Is the rectangular box the B25 small cell halfway down the pole and not inside the antenna radome for the non-Alpha site??? Thank you.
  4. Any thoughts on which vendor is supplying this variant and is this a Sprint site and which city/state location?
  5. I was wondering where people are seeing new sites from Mobilitie to transfer existing sites to the newer ones. They have claimed over 1,000 sites acquired but this is BS. At CTIA in September, it was all marketing BS but the rumors were they only have inked less than 200 sites, mostly in KS. At the clip they are going, Sprint will be screwed and will not be able to leave their current tower leases and may end up paying 3x-4x what their current lease prices are. Any feedback would be appreciated as Softbank has already essentially cut off Sprint with any additional funding. A huge spike in
  6. Tim, really good article. I have talked with AirSpan and others within the industry about the relay strategy, One of the major issues is relocating all of the macro sites to lower rent leases in addition to finding sites for the relay nodes. I had assumed they would use the AirSpan small cells and not Nokia's but makes sense if you want more capacity to use the Nokia unit. Given Sprint has a messed up backhaul network strategy and microwave//mmwave radios would be expensive initially to deploy, using one 20MHz channel for backhaul until the requirement goes up to expand the coverage footpr
  7. Appreciate the feedback on this. Do you have any guesses on the number of Huawei sites in total that need to be swapped or which markets (including those in Samsung region) they had deployed equipment? Thanks.
  8. Is the 4T4R/2T4R upgrade only happening for B25 sites? any idea how many got upgraded in 2014 vs projections for 2015? The RRUS31 from Ericsson is 4x40W vs a 2x40W RRUS11 it is replacing. So you end up swapping two RRUS11s for one RRUS31 unit. The heat fins on the RRUS31 are huge compared with the RRUS11.
  9. @Ascertion When you say they will probably replace with Nokia panels starting Nov 6, is this within a specfic region that was awarded to Nokia [see below] or potential within the Samsung or ALU portion of the Network? Also given the Nokia-ALU acquisition, any ideas for the forum moderator/membership community on if Sprint will decide to lean more on the Nokia side for equipment instead of ALU equipment? This would have an impact on the antenna suppliers I think. Or will they give more to Samsung to even it out between the future two vendors? From what I know, there were 36,000 site
  10. @chris2420 Thanks for the info and about the dual band antennas at the NV sites for 1900/800MHz. I know since Spark @ 2600MHz is 8x8 MIMO that you can't use the dula band antennas for 1900/800MHz and make them tripleband because of the 8x8 MIMO.
  11. It is great to see the details posted for each market. Are there also details regarding how many sites are in each market? Also, apologize if already noted, are all sites that are being upgraded also being installed with new dual band antennas for NV or are they reusing existing antennas at these sites? Thanks!
  12. Sorry been a hectic week of writing and analyzing global bands. Meant Band 26 devices for 800MHz. Thank you.
  13. AJ Thank you for the clarification. Is there more than one 5MHz channel for 800MHz band and how many 5Mhz channels of 1900Mhz would Sprint have on average? The G block is 5MHz for FDD. I don't think they have talked about using the A-F blocks yet for 1900MHz for LTE or have they? A slide from T-Mobile regarding the 700Mhz purchase from Verizon Wireless says it has 40Mhz in top 25 markets for AWS. I tried to post image but got an error saying the image extension was not allowed. What types of images are allowed on this forum? Is this pure marketing BS? I agree on TDD LTE spectrum of 20MHz
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