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How to Identify T-Mobile network equipment (Nokia Networks)


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T-mobile Nokia Flexi 10 Equipment


Standard NSN Setup


Note that NSN setups for T-mobile utilizes 4x2 MIMO hence the number of antennas per sector (typically 3 with 2 fat one skinny). There are two options for NSN setups and the below is in a pole mounted configuration where the NSN FRIGs (Nokia Remote Radio Units) are attached to the pole behind the antennas. 


Option 1





If you look close enough you'll notice T-mobile has L700 equipment on this water tower..



Nokia setup with everything within enclosures


Option 2





Closeup of an Antenna






Closeup of a Nokia FRIG






Credit for the photographs belong to whoever took it. You know who you are! :)

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Nice post! Here is my related post from another thread:



I have generally observed 3 types of NSN T-Mobile cell sites:

3 panel: quad 2x AWS LTE, quad PCS GSM/HSPA+, legacy dual AWS HSPA+

2 panel: quad 2x AWS LTE, hex with PCS GSM/HSPA+ and AWS HSPA+ or hex 2x AWS LTE and PCS GSM/HSPA+, quad PCS GSM/HSPA+ and AWS HSPA+

1 panel: hex with diplexer for 2x AWS LTE, PCS GSM/HSPA+, AWS HSPA+


Therefore, the options for low-band deployment is swap out the legacy panel on the 3 panel site, swap out a low-band hex panel for the 2-panel site, or add a low-band panel to any of the site configurations.

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