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Weird Activity On Sprint Network


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All of my phones have been going nuts today.  Some of them are cycling between 3 and 4g..some loose their registration and won't come back on..and my phone that is in dallas is stuck on 1x no matter what.  Until recently the only phone of mine that seemed unaffected was my nexus 6 and the recently lost 4g and reverted to 1x itself.  I finally called in and the automation was acting like it was running on a 486.  it would take up to two minutes to get through each step with loooooong pauses before the next step in the tree would announce itself.  After about 10 minutes i get through to somebody's station and all i hear is several tech talking about how screwed up things are right now and then about dinner dates..boyfreinds gifts and whatnot..so i hung up and tried again.  After another 10 minutes of the same thing I get answered by a tech with a simple phrase..our system is having major problems.  Please clal back in a few minutes.  


Weirdest thing I have ever seen..:)  It seems they had a major failure somewhere and are working quickly to fix it.  I am not bashing just reporting that if you see your phones acting strange right now...Sprint is having some network issues.

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That sure was an interesting phone tree experience, if not long and ambiguous to your problem needs :o  Location specific maybe? Those do sound like some unique results and related response. I am conducting my standard late night GMO brutality as usual here in ruralish SC. Streaming metal at good quality over a strangely better than usual signal. Let's see if some other users can chime in with their results and if a call helped out. Are you able to try chat support online? 

What a strange set of somethings that someone set in motion whom will probably be reprimanded come tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this.

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Some times that indicates new service coming on line.  Else check here: http://downdetector.com/status/sprint

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Lately, I've been having issues with my Nexus dropping service when I pick up Clearwire B41. Unfortunately, no Sprint Zone app means I have to suck it up or go through the mess of calling them. Not worth it.

I had a similar issue but with band 25 and 26.  for my area it was the tower that serves the upper half of my town was having an EHRPD handoff problem.  Disabling LTE solved it as a workaround.  it took a year but once i told them what the issue was AND which tower it was I got a personal visit from a NOC engineer based out of Virginia(I am in Brunswick, MD).  After a two hour FTF discussion I learned A TON about the internals of the Sprint network and why that particular tower was having issues.  A couple of weeks after said visit the issue was fixed.

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I called. Apparently there is a huge outage in Texas and a lot of the South. Funny, right after hanging up, I suddenly had some data service for the first time in hours.

Noticed that too. 3G was down as well. Did you get bill credit? Sprint reps (the ones located in the US and not India) are fast to offer bill credit for the inconvenience when they admit it's their fault.
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    • Added and modified them all! I took a trip through the L train tunnel between 1st Avenue and Bedford Avenue recently and found n41 live in the tunnel. It's 80 MHz, speeds were 250-300, and I didn't have time to check if n71 is there. Some stations speeds slow wayyyy down when a train pulls in now, even the ones with B2 at 15 or 20 MHz, so any upgrade is great sight to see.
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