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  1. As a T-Mobile user, I've been able to connect to Sprint and use VoLTE. But that only lasts for a few minutes (at most) before I'm shoved back to T-Mobile. It seems that if you have ROAMAHOME, then your line is now being like every T-Mobile line in that you will be shoved into the T-Mobile network as much as possible.
  2. I didn't make a region based claim. I made an overall claim. T-Mobile is just the better network. Both networks have bad areas across the country. Sprint just happens to have more of them.
  3. Probably not many. T-Mobile has an overall better network. There are WAY more Sprint weak spots than there are T-Mobile weak spots. Also, all T-Mobile iPhone users will soon be able to roam on Sprint towers. Most of the west coast and southern T-Mobile users can already use the Sprint network (so far most compatibility issues that have been found are exclusive to android devices)
  4. Your images show up extremely pixelated, but it looks like you were aggregating Band 66 with a couple of Band 46 carriers. That would explain the speeds.
  5. This is so true. The most frustrating thing about being a Sprint customer was seeing their lack of common sense when it came to deploying new technology. In Houston, they refused to upgrade old clearwire equipment for better performing 8t8r equipment and never bothered to do 4x4 MIMO on B25 (which was needed since they only owned the D, E, and G blocks here). Yet every tower in rural Southern Louisiana seemed to have 4x4 mimo enabled and 8t8r equipment.
  6. I doubt T-Mobile would want to run into potential network integration issues during this time. VoLTE works when roaming on Sprint, but it isn't working flawlessly. Sometimes I get no VoLTE and I have to switch the preferred network type to get it working. This seems more like a region by region rollout.
  7. My native T-Mobile line can now roam on Sprint using the 311-490 PLMN here in Houston. So far, it depends on the device you're using. VoLTE and SMS seem to work fine over all three Sprint bands on my unlocked Pixel using my T-Mobile SIM. Oddly enough, roaming isn't working on my tmobile OnePlus device.
  8. T-Mobile's network is all sort of funked out at the moment in Houston. PCS has been widened for T-Mobile, which has pushed out the WCDMA carrier to Sprint's D block. That D block used to house 1x/EVDO. I'm not sure where T-Mobile has moved CDMA to (and I can't check since I don't have a sprint line). They could fit one CDMA carrier alongside a WCDMA carrier in a 5x5 block. But I'm not sure about two (unless 3G EVDO has been shut down for good?). Sprint's two B25 carriers is still online in the same place (E block and G Block). I'll try to see if I can sniff out the CDMA carriers this
  9. Seems like T-Mobile has expanded their Band 2 from 10x10 to 15x15 in the A block. The A block used to be 10x10 for LTE and 5x5 for WCDMA. This likely means that the WCDMA carrier was moved to Sprint's D block or E block. I don't have root to check at the moment. This merger is going faster than I thought.
  10. That's funny considering Verizon went all in on the 700 Mhz auction when they already owned Cellular licenses in most of the country. They gobbled up the upper C Block and several A and B blocks in 2008 (which are now owned by T-Mobile and At&t). Where was the concern then?
  11. Depends on the terrain. But for every tower removed, my guess the nearby vicinity will have indoor coverage issues (1x800 or not). You also run into issues with voice capacity. As more users crowd an enlarged sector, the more calls will fail to go through/drop.
  12. Or is savvy enough to do it or understand the process. Phones without VoLTE are going to be severely handicapped moving forward (which is a massive amount of Sprint users). Decommissioning Sprint towers means removing 1xRTT coverage (specifically, indoor coverage). It's a bold move by T-Mobile. Especially since Verizon is also killing off CDMA in major urban areas, so there isn't any roaming to fallback on.
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