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  1. T-Mobile operates on the Pacific Time Zone. Having said that, I would be surprised if they open up the networks immediately for all users tonight or tomorrow. We'll probably have to wait some time u til after the official announcement. Either way, it's an end of an era. Good bye Sprint.
  2. So I guess this is happening in the next few days then. All that is left is Tunney Act review, which will probably wrap up any moment now.
  3. Same issue with me. Turned the phone on from the box and set every single app up. Unfortunately, site notes were not displaying after successfully importing everything. I never got to troubleshoot the issue entirely because the Android 10 update arrived first and fixed the issue for me. Let us know if you find the issue or solution.
  4. I'm surprised too. There have always been rumors of Sprint HQ being somewhat dysfunctional.
  5. I had a similar issue on my OnePlus after getting a replacement unit. I never figured out the issue because the Android 10 update fixed it. Have you tried resetting the phone? I only had the issue for a week, so I never attempted a hard reset.
  6. I have the same issue. Not sure if this will help you (since I'm a moron who has no business sniffing around app development), but the app seems to work fine if the CellMapper app is also running in the background on my OnePlus 6T running Android 10. Once I close it down, the time stamp refreshes every 3-10 seconds, but the signal info doesn't.
  7. I've been to the state of Guanajuato several times. I realize this post is late, but IMO Telcel is #1, At&t is #2, and then Movistar is moon-moon. Telcel has the best coverage in the region and the least amount of congestion. At&t took a poor Iusacell network and expanded rapidly, making them 2nd best. Movistar is piss poor and definitely awful. I don't think they even have LTE in San Miguel yet (or at least I couldn't roam on it last time I was there...only HSPA). Anyways, how was your experience? Cellphone connectivity is very important now that crime has exploded. There's been carjackings and kidnappings in broad daylight in San Miguel de Allende. Last time I went down there, a severed head was left in a cooler along with a public message under a bridge. I definitely don't recommend anyone go to Guanajuato for leisure at this time. Just 30 miles south of San Miguel is the wild west of Mexican Cartels.
  8. Every phone reviewer I've seen doesn't care to review RF performance. And every blue moon when someone attempts to review RF performance, they do it completely wrong. I have just about given up looking for info myself since there is no way to say which phone is good and which is not. Even FCC data doesn't tell us much (the Note 2 proved that). All I do now is just keep an eye out on forums to see if there are known signal issues on new phones. I've been pretty satisfied with OnePlus. Better than the iPhone series IMO.
  9. I believe the T-Mobile's OnePlus 7t Pro 5G McLaren and Note 10+ 5G support both n71 and n41. Not sure what carrier aggregation configuration they come with, though.
  10. I'm sure it's live now. But it wasn't when I left.
  11. T-Mobile knocks Sprint out when it comes to data in Houston. I was rarely ever on Band 41 and was stuck using one of the two 5 Mhz B25 carriers (No B25 carrier aggregation when I left). Compare that to T-Mobile's 10x10 B2 and 20x20 B4. Day and night difference As far as voice, I'm not sure VoLTE will ever be as reliable as 1xRTT. I've used Verizon and T-Mobile and I've had more issues with calls on both carriers than I ever had with post-NV Sprint. Having said that, VoLTE is the way of the future. While it has it's issues, you really can't beat the voice quality. It's way better than Sprint's version of "HD Voice" and simultaneous Voice + Data is very convenient.
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