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  1. I took advantage of T-Mobile's free OnePlus 8T+ and was quite surprised at what T-Mobile has been able to do with n41. My speeds went from 20-60 Mbps on LTE during the day (depending on the band) to a solid 200+ Mbps on 5G indoors. T-Mobile just became a real threat to Verizon. Comparing n41 to mmWave is fair game IMO. It's quite sad to see what a competent company has been able to do with the BRS/EBS band. I'm a lot closer to a Sprint tower and was never able to get B41 indoors as a Sprint sub. Sprint really screwed the pooch by not properly investing in their infrastructure. T-Mobile i
  2. Does anyone know if the current Free Line on Us 4 is available for legacy Sprint customers? This year alone, I've grown my plan from 5 to 8 lines. Getting a 9th line would mean changing my plan...not I want to leave T-Mobile One for Magenta.
  3. Pulling out of mainstream sports and going all in on soccer was a dumb move by Sprint. You could tell Marcelo pushed for this as he loves soccer and had a financial interest in it. It was a move made by someone who is way out of touch with what America likes. This is the US. Not enough people care about soccer. The sport pales in comparison to the big three sports. This was a terrible investment from the very beginning and the fan boys defended it by saying "but soccer is the largest growing sport in the country". Sprint needed the exposure today, not tomorrow.
  4. Has your site been upgraded? Because B4/B66 performs worse on the new Nokia AAFIA Massive MIMO equipment in Texas. Before the upgrades, T-Mobile physically split sectors for B2/4/66 and coverage+performance was pretty impressive. B4/66 coverage was actually very close to that of B2 (even outperforming it in some instances). Now that my local tower has been upgraded, I still receive B12 and B2 from it. But my B4/66 now comes from a different neighboring tower as my home tower's B4/66 is drowned out. As you can imagine, I no longer get the same peak speeds as before since CA doesn't play ni
  5. I usually have this happen whenever I switch from the native T-Mobile 310-260 PLMN to the 311-490 PLMN (and vice versa). Usually toggling airplane mode fixes the issue.
  6. It is a much smaller agreement that keeps getting smaller. Sprint has a larger and more widespread roaming agreement with at&t. Even if your were to stumble into the rare at&t roaming area, your going to be throttled to 128 kbps.
  7. Let's not forget all those free lines they gave away in the summer. I got two of them with no strings attached to my plan. I slipped one SIM in an old phone to use as a car tracker and the other SIM is sitting in a drawer.
  8. Or maybe the demand for data is heavier in these areas, so priority is given. Let's not forget that in low income areas, cellphone data is the only source of internet access for many households.
  9. I've seen B41/n41 upgrades on a tower that was already upgraded with B71. But on both occasions, T-Mobile didn't touch the older 3 sector B2/B4 panels, which is odd since T-Mobile has already gone through two B2/B4 equipment upgrades on most of the market.
  10. So T-Mobile+Sprint only have access to 100 MHz of the BRS/EBS band in Williamson county? That would be disappointing. Were you able to confirm if it was all contiguous?
  11. This story is a huge nothingburger. All three carriers already carry chinese phones with chinese components. Any phone sold under the T-Mobile or Revvl brand will be a Chinese phone. You will still be able to buy your Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.
  12. I think they're talking about the Revvl line of phones (which is currently made by TCL iirc). Not that big of a deal tbh.
  13. It seems that's all they're doing around Houston. Every n41/B41 installation comes with a Nokia AAFIA-MIMO installation. They seem to perform worse in coverage than the equipment they're replacing.
  14. That map has not been updated to show the rapid rate of upgrades in Houston. If I had to guess, this map was last updated in mid to late August.
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