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  1. Ken Paxton needs to get his head out of his....well, you know. Now is the time to negotiate a deal for better coverage in Texas. The state AGs have what seems to be a losing case.
  2. We're a month and a half away from the start of the trial. My guess is a few more states drop out as we get closer to December 9. I really hope Texas pushes for more rural coverage from T-Mobile and that Dish covers urban areas + interstate highways. There are so many back roads that are crucial to O&G where only At&t has coverage. It's time they get some competition.
  3. I found it funny. You can't help but laugh at the whole process. You'd figure that the DOJ would take precedence over state AGs. Nope. The HSR Act should have given power to AGs to only sue within their own state. Once a company clearly engages in interstate commerce, then any anti-trust issue should be left to the DOJ and DOJ only. For California and New York to decide what a business can and cannot do nationally is absurd.
  4. Mississippi has backed out of the NY-led antitrust suit and has signed on to back the DOJ deal. Looks like they got T-Mobile to agree to certain coverage requirements. I wonder if Texas is next? Republicans control the state because of the rural Texas vote. Striking a similar deal for more rural coverage seems like a no brainier in order to solidify their rural voting base.
  5. I'm going to miss CDMA whenever it sunsets. 1xRTT is a very reliable voice airlink that provides high reliability and coverage. I don't think any technology will ever come close to matching the robustness that CDMA offered us.
  6. Even in 5x5 areas like Texas, the extra bandwidth doesn't help with low band congestion. If you need relief now, then switch carriers.
  7. MOCN is just a stop-gap solution while they figure out how to transfer everyone to the T-Mobile core network. MOCN cannot be used to combine two networks into one, but can be used to allow a group of users access to more than one network. T-Mobile already implements MOCN so Sprint users can roam on their network without any compatibility issues. There is no need to worry about VoLTE compatibility or eCSFB issues with MOCN unlike with traditional roaming. This is the reason why T-Mobile roaming comes back with a Clearwire PLMN instead of a T-Mobile PLMN
  8. This doesn't sound right. Both networks will still be up and running separately. MOCN will just allow Sprint users to access T-Mobile LTE and vice versa.
  9. I don't think anything specific has been said about T-Mobile users being able to use Sprint towers. Why give T-Mobile users extra coverage if you're just going to shut off most of the Sprint towers 3 years later? And since T-Mobile only plans to deploy the EBS/BRS band using the NR airlink from their network, I don't know that your one plus will ever connect to B41. It's possible, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  10. I assume that all MVNO deals transfer over to the new T-Mobile (unless they have specific language in their contracts that state otherwise). Either way all Sprint MVNO users are going to have to make a transition one way or another.
  11. They still have to deal with the AGs lawsuit and California's Public Utilities Commission. They can't close on Monday.
  12. Charles Gasparino just said that the DoJ presser is back on for tomorrow (as of right now). But of course, things can change from tonight to tomorrow morning. My guess is that the DoJ found a state AG (or two) to back down from the lawsuit. The merger has been nuts to follow after the FCC gave their blessing. If Delrahim pulls this off, then he deserves a ton of credit. He just created a 3rd true national carrier (one that can go toe to toe with Verizon/At&t), while ensuring that most Americans have access to 4 carriers in most cities. This is a good outcome for all of America.
  13. The DoJ is just trying to flip a couple of states to walk away from the lawsuit. Their goal is to weaken it as much as possible. I'd be very surprised if the DoJ can convince anti-Trump states like California and New York to walk away. Those AGs are fully locked into a political pissing match.
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