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  1. Nice. Sprint LTE is great when consistently connected in one spot, but I still experience the "swiss cheese" network of dropping to 3G or really low speed, low response 4G if I step inside various restaurants/bars in a city or go out into the still dense suburbs not too far from urban centers.
  2. Agreed. Unfortunately, I feel Sprint 4G LTE has been underinvested in the past two years as they focused on the TMobile merger and now want to skip ahead to 5G.
  3. Any update the future of Sprint 3G now that 5G begins going live in May?
  4. JimBob

    LG G7 ThinQ

    LG G7 is still my primary phone. LG G8 looks like a minor update to it; will wait for the next 5G phone.
  5. The $$$ will be paid out as a bonus to Sprint executives for achieving "cost savings and efficiencies."
  6. I will be in the 5G zone of coverage starting this June... had previously thought getting a 5G phone would be useless until 2020. 🤔
  7. Cool. If I am reading correctly: Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington DC will start getting 5G shortly after the next month in June?
  8. I will drive down to Fayetteville for next week.
  9. Let's not forget the liar Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. Paid $100 million+ to make Sprint drop from #3 carrier to #4 carrier and get sold to someone else. The new Sprint CEO (Coombes who?) was given $15 million last year and gets a bonus $26 million if the merger occurs. (Claure gets an additional $61 million) https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2018/06/27/new-sprint-ceo-compensation-golden-parachute-plans.html
  10. Executive Customer Service number still exists, but now it is only for executives. 😛
  11. What the heck is a "Customer Experience Center". Anybody here been in one? I have never sought technical support or sales service from a physical store.
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